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  1. Marcoz

    Beloribitsa Whitefish

    I had two of those ( 6kg and 4kg ) from the very smal island in H8 square casting towards deeper area. Also had there 1 russian sturgeon and 1 stellate sturgeon + 2 big perches. All in about 1hr 30min so kinda slow but worth taking a closer look
  2. Marcoz


    Why would we get free premium ??
  3. Marcoz


    From top to bottom. Flaxseed Clay Chopped worm Pumpkin seeds Pellets Black Pepper
  4. Marcoz


    399 xp for a blue flag ( no matter it's a small species ) is a joke
  5. Marcoz

    Akhtuba River

    Enzo have you already figured it out where the sturgeon hide ?
  6. Marcoz

    Baits Q&A

    Hmmm that actually should be the title of this game Not Russian Fishing 4 but "Massive grind for no reward"....yup
  7. Marcoz


    What did you do ??
  8. Marcoz

    Volkhov River

    107:92 is currently coming back to life. Here's my net after 90 real life minutes. Pea porridge is working nicely with caster and pearl barely also giving decent numbers. Bites seem slower while raining. Additional about 20 "underage" breams were cut into fish pieces Enjoy while it's quite active.
  9. Marcoz


    FFS guys it's not about the definition of migration it's about the fish simply DISAPPEAR when so called migration occurs so I'm 100% with Azorees on this one !
  10. Marcoz

    Cooking Q&A

    I'd like to ask one question: How come coffe has "quality" factor ?? I open a bag with instant coffe, put desired amount into thermos ( or whatever container I use) boil some water, pour the water to thermos with coffe and that's it. Coffe is the same no matter what. How come coffe from the same bag can be of different quality ?? Is my character retarded and sometimes adds salt there or uses carrots instead of water that sometimes my coffe from one bag is of 8 quality and sometimes 1 ????
  11. Marcoz


    -Fish in sura now change their habitat and prefered bait/lure -russian sturgeon is worth 10% less I'm disgusted by this....seriously...few guys ( especially reyder9999 ) were catching nice number of fish, earning really good silver and what do you devs do ?? You nerf the spot and you nerf the price...bravo for you BRAVO So one simple conclusion: if you catch fish and earn silver it's wrong and it needs to be changed. What's the point of this game ? Because surely having fun is not the point as you devs simply take all the fun.
  12. Marcoz

    Lake Ladoga

    Errmmm....what ?
  13. Marcoz


    You're completely wrong. You can use spod rod as your 4th rod. It has never been said that carp rods can be used as 4th
  14. Marcoz


    I don't want to put this in Report Bug section because maybe ther's a logical explanation. So here's my question: Let's say I've got 350m of line....my reel can only hold for expample 200m. So I've got still 150m. I know that I can't use the remaining 150m...ok... But if the 150m part of my line is not used then why all 350m get damage ?? It's kind of unfair.
  15. Marcoz

    Report a Bug

    Volkhov river - 140:150 - trap...can't get out...only way alt + f4 and I'm wasting time in my happy hour
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