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  1. First I would like to know what this "unique profile" really is. I mean what is this uniqueness, what are the differences between profiles. Is it the number of fish in current location, the fish bait prefferences...etc.
  2. Errrm what ?? So two people fishing at the exact same location, using exact same equipment/fishing methods etc... have different chances of catching fish due to their "unique profile" ???? Aha....so what does it have to do with realism that you often reffer to ? Does it mean that for example for me on Achtuba sturgeon can be at 101:57 and for some else it can be at 44:55 ?? Or what do you mean by "unique profile" ?
  3. Very, very well said my friend ! 100% on point. Couldn't say it better. Other thing is that a big part of RF4 players are adults with families ( like myself ) and they simply have no time to play for few hours a day. And with this constant thing that devs call "balancing" ( we all know what it really is ) you will make people leave the game. Endless grinding, endless nerfing, endless attempts of "slowing us down" will only result in people getting angry. And no game should cause such feeling...Devs please understand that. If you want to keep players for longer with RF4 than maybe insted of nerfing why don't you give i.e. new content, (waterbodies, fish ), tasks, challenges, equipment, attractions. Or simply eliminate bugs and read your suggestion list. This is the way of keeping your players not constantly trying to make it harder for them. P.S. Sorry to see you go mate, your posts were always very helpful and appriciated.
  4. Seriously that's a big slap in the face. In almost every single update you can find some sort of nerfing or making grinding silver even more difficult. It's like the developers instead of actualy developing this game think of new ways to discourage us from playing and making earning silver harder and harder. Let me quote a bit of recent "Letter to the community" by @jhendrix61978 "There are still many aspects of the game that we would like to add and in the process of development, but our direction will always be providing most realistic fishing game on the market. We will stay true to this concept." So how's this decision to drasticaly change weight of bleaks and gudgeons which can be used as livebait any step into realism ???? Am I only allowed to use 60g bleaks as livebait in real life ? No ! I can use whatever fish I like. Hell, here in Poland we use even 1kg carps to hunt for big catfish.... I'm ver very disappointed....again...because it is yet another decision that makes earning silver harder... Devs believe me...this is not the right way.
  5. Marcoz

    Volkhov River

    Descent area for salmon. Trolling E5-F5 and back (between two islands ). Be carefull, big pikes in the same area. All salmon were caught with Snatchers. 003 was the most active. At night you can park at 108:92 to get some burbot. GL
  6. 102:57 - not very active spot but if you're lucky you can get such nice ones 40min fight on venga 10k PVA: Flaxseed - flaxseed + dried crustaceans + zebra mussels + chopped worm + caviar smell Besides sturgeon you can get wild carp and sterlet on NC or crab&mussels 18. GL
  7. Marcoz


    Heh I thought the same for a second or two but as you see Rendo explained it so it was not a sarcasm.
  8. Marcoz


    So in my opinion the damage system is one of the absolutely worst features of the game. In real life you can use tackle for years without any problems and here you get damage on reel, line etc, after one fish. soo...yeaaa thanks, but no thanks
  9. No offence mate but no info about place, bait, setup....so what's the point of your post ?
  10. Winding Rivulet 86:103, bloodworm or fly
  11. Marcoz


    Oh come on guys why are you so cruel ?? I reaaaally want this PVA, have some mercy....
  12. Marcoz


    I have a qusetion.... Why is the area in screenshot blocked ?? I lost a very big fish due to the fact that I couldn't follow it... It doesn't make sense...
  13. Marcoz

    Volkhov River

    4 trophy bleaks in 10 minutes...nice RNG Caught from the Pier. bloodworm and fly, hooks 20
  14. I had two of those ( 6kg and 4kg ) from the very smal island in H8 square casting towards deeper area. Also had there 1 russian sturgeon and 1 stellate sturgeon + 2 big perches. All in about 1hr 30min so kinda slow but worth taking a closer look
  15. Marcoz


    Why would we get free premium ??
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