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  1. When you say 'cancel', do you mean the area and GB is deleted? Or simply that where they overlap the original one is canceled? This only occurs when there is any difference in recipes? THat is what seems to be implies here. So if they recipes are identical, even if different sources i.e. Drymix, method and thrown GB, the effects will stack?
  2. When the news came up about the 7 days prem for those who have it active, I thought great, as I already had premium active. Logged in today to see I had no extension on my premium?
  3. Thanks. I'm still a bit unsure about how this overlapping works: E.g. 1: If I throw in a 5 portion spod, and then later throw in another 5, and the circles are touching but not completely in the same spot - does the first circle get 'deleted' by the new gb because of the overlap, or is it simply 'redundant' in the area where the two circles overlap. In other words, outside of the overlap, is the 1st load of GB still active until the timer runs out? 2: If I have an area of dry mix from spomb/spod, and then throw in a method feeder, will the circle of drymix be deleted or simply not applied to the method rig? Can I throw multiple different rigs into the circle of dry mix without worrying about method/feeder rigs cancelling out the dry mix? 3: If two feeders are close together, do they also produce active circles with overlap and a cancelling effect? Trying to work this out so that I'm not labouring under false pretences and wasting a lot of GB.
  4. As long as I just fish, the game connection seems stable. Whenever I try to open the tackle store, it just gets stuck loading and eventually disconnects. Same log and stuff as I sent before.
  5. I have already tried everything in that post. It's obvious there are more users playing than normal, steam stats make that very easy to see. I'm not conflating anything. Is there nothing in the diagnostic logs that reveal what the issue is? I already made it clear that this time it's different to the other times that I, and many other players have had issues. Normally we can tell through the player names not loading. This is a different issue. I have followed the process as requested and uploaded the logs, what do they reveal?
  6. That's pretty much the only solution yeah.
  7. Ok some more detail. In the past when there have been network issues, I noticed it straight away because player names wouldn't load quickly enough, taking gear out would lag etc. This time it's different. Player names are there from the start, but the stores especially the tackle shop wont load and will invariably make me lose connection to the server. WHen I catch a fish, it takes ages to load, and swapping parts out on my rig also has a lot of lag.
  8. I have sent the results of the diagnosis and the log via email. Should I upload it here too?
  9. Most of the time, the game works flawlessly, but sometimes, seemingly when many people are playing because of covid or on a busy weekend, I have connection issues. I am located in Vietnam (at the moment). I have all the latest windows updates and made sure that my network adapter is using the latest drivers too. I haven't made any recent hardware changes, the problem just seems to appear out of nowhere sometimes. Sometimes it takes a long time to load profile, and then when it does load I lose connection to server after a few mins, especially when I open the tackle shop or anything else that has a lot of data. I do not experience any crashes. It's purely a network issue I think. Should I be using a particular DNS server? I think I am on the google public server right now. I tried the basic troubleshooting steps, cleared DNS cache, checked that my wifi router has the latest firmware (I use a LAN cable anyway), and renewed the IP address (not sure it was successful but I followed the steps correctly). I'm using the Steam version. I downloaded the diagnostic tool and put it in the root folder of the RF4 in the steam apps folder, and ran as administrator. I will update this post as needed.
  10. The later maps are larger, so there's a lot more stuff for your PC to draw and process. That seems the most likely issue. What are your laptop specs?
  11. Nice, what coords and clip? I tried the pond but seemed dead.
  12. Nice, what coords and clip? I tried the pond but seemed dead.
  13. So, does this mean that if you have two similar groundbaits in the same spot i.e. carp drymix with corn base and carp drymix with ground peas base, and some of the other ingredients (corn, maggots) aren't in the same slot - the two GB's don't compliment each other at all? The one that was used most recently replaces/cancels out the former? Or just that the same ingredients in different slots miss out on a bonus cumulative effect? What would be more effective - 10 units of the same type of GB, or 5 units each of 2 different types, for the same target species? A few more questions about GB. Are there any differences in mechanics between thrown GB, GB in a feeder, and drymix in a rocket feeder? I have over 1200 hours in game, and I still don't honestly know whether my GB is working correctly half the time - does the 'active zone' of feeder GB move actively when the feeder moves? i.e. if I reel in a bit, will the GB zone also move? Or does it activate in a static area as soon as it hits the water? If the GB does activate when it hits the water, does this include 'accidental' hits i.e. when you draw the rod back for casting, and there is water behind you, sometimes you hear the splash of the tackle connecting with the water behind you before you release LMB to cast. For spod drymix, does it just activate as soon as it hits the water, or does the rocket have to reach the bottom? Do you have to leave it in the water or can you retrieve it immediately? I've heard that there is an 'overfeeding' mechanic, that if you throw more than 10 units of any GB into one spot, the bite rate will drop. Is this limit of 10 map-wide i.e. I can only ever have up to 10 units of GB in the water, no matter how widely they are distributed? If no, is it possible to create 3 different gb spots with 10 units each, for different rods with different rigs and baits etc? Finally, to what extent does 'flavour matching' boost your fishing, how much overlap/freedom is there i.e. do I have to include the exact boilie size in my GB as my hookbait, or will having the same flavour but a different size also be effective? How much overlap is there between flavours? i.e. will cream pellets boost a sweet cream boilie hookbait? Or would I need to find 'sweet cream' pellets? etc Would including corn feed pellets boost artificial corn baits? Real corn baits? Neither? TIA
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