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  1. Hello everyone. I am writing to you because i noticed, i think, an inaccuracy in the visualization of the size of the two types of boiles Blaccurant. As you can see from the photos attached in the title the size is 14 but in detail it is 15. And this and so for all other size. While if you watch these Russian videos, ONE , TWO the size in the titles are right.
  2. @Crucian Thank you. I can ask you to give me some examples.
  3. @JaggedRiz Thank you. Rephrase. How come with a fish of 10,416 kg I received 20832 xp point while the player in youtube with a fish of 9,445 kg received 24556 xp point?
  4. Ok. Thanks for the quick reply. So to compare the points earned with the two fish i had to take a picture when i caught my fish and compare it with that of the video? Another question where do I find my ranking points?
  5. Hello everyone. Yesterday with my account in Steam i managed to capture a Common Barbel of 10,416 kg and i gained 3350 experience points as you can see in the attached photo. Today surfing on youtube i saw a video of one who also captured a Common Barbel, but of 9,445 kg but received 24556 experience points plus of course the premium points (see attached photo and link of video). The question is: why?
  6. Same problem here, unable to complete login. The problem for me start at 20:15 CEST. Now 21:30 CEST the problem persist.
  7. Hello everyone. I had to replace my hard drive. Can i reuse the contents of the folder where i installed it on the old hard drive? Or do i have to reinstall and then redownload everything all over again? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi. Sorry but with the new "Releasing snags system" i am unable to release from snags. I have tried even following this "guide" but i am unable to release from snags. My only "solution" is ALT+F4. Is it just my problem? Thank in advance for any suggestions.
  9. Hello everyone. Happy New Year. I saw some videos on youtube and some live on twich and the players could zoom in at least two levels. I searched the forum and found this post: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/39-float-fishing-qa/page/5/&tab=comments#comment-7422 , but pressing the Z key twice i go back to normal view. I don't zoom in twice. Could you suggest to me how to do it? Thank you in advance.
  10. Update. The problem is also present at 47:19 always Old Burg Lake.
  11. Hi. I should have spotted a bug. It's reproducible. In Old Burg Lake at 71:50 point every time i throw the line with the KAMA Comfort FD390 with clips 9,10 or 11 the line itself seems stranded. But if i rewind it, the action goes on indefinitely as if there's a big fish attached to the hook. I don't think it's a problem with the rod but with the ESPRESS FISHING Lacerti 4000s reel because the problem also comes with the SYBERIA Model Two Picker. It looks like the same problem that JesusFazBeckup has. Thank you in advance.
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