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  1. Really need to increase bite rate from great figthing fishes like beluga baltics taimen persian stellate ! thay are great to figth but it's so boring to wait after THE bite
  2. esox2510


    change your hook for better quality one that's the problem
  3. Many people asked me for the trophy baltic spot i told them that i will reveal it on sonday but as i can't be first on leaderboard anymore (working on Week ends). Let's go find the rare one i am counting on you people !! spot is 81.46 clip 110 to 120 m cast to h8 square good luck everyone :
  4. esox2510


    Mono isn't more elastic than fluorocarbon?
  5. Do Something about those fishes getting stuck it's very anoying and time consuming for Nothing i managed to unstuck this one but it takes me 1 hour making that fish figth longer than mine trophy one ...
  6. thanks very hard to find make the bite rate higher XD
  7. After a month of searching for this trophy i finally got one !!! 2h20 of figth but would be a lot less without having to do a slalom between islands
  8. I was on the same mind as the majority of player few months ago but after many figth with big fishes and my figth with the big beluga i have to say that the rod is doing her job but yes there was no announced changes that instead of puting wear on reel mecanism (which is expensive) it put more wear on friction break and ring of rods. So the visual sensation isn't so realistic Indeed but the mecanic seems good just adjust your way to figth big fishes ...
  9. The discord chit chat is unreadable and Incomprehensible so i ask the question here: Why unsponsoring streamers that are promoting the game for years? And if you have a good Reason why doing that without at least a thanking celebration or Something like that? I posted some days ago this and was happy that English side didn't follow the other communities path but i was wrong you were just late ... So let's discuss even if nobody comes here at least this will be readable ….
  10. why being so restrictive for Week of premium in high lvl competions ? top five only is too low in my opinion. And you must still do a difference in rewards between a 30 players and a 300 players competition .
  11. esox2510


    Today was a big figth in Akhtouba 41.108 32m clip live bait fishing a 7 hours figth for a big fish ! Setup: The figth: The Fish: wear on set up after and before! you can see that the rod has done the job
  12. Don't really understand why with the loose of so much players communities still keep to isolate themselves . As example : polish rf4 competions don't reward steam's players ... german rf4 forums put fishing spots topics in private …. every community has there own RF4 tournaments but Don't share the competition Schedule (except the English Community we even wait for them sometimes when they have a their tournament just before … ). All this is just killing the game by building smaller and smaller communities ...
  13. that was the max lvl during a long time they made lvl 40 a "XP Barrier " and Don't remove it when the max lvl was increased.
  14. The second patch solved the problem for me. But before that i had a solution just do some float fishing near the spawn during 20 minuts. If you Don't have any WOD you won't have one until a relog that worked for me before the second patch. Seems you are Lucky or not when conecting to servers so if lowering graphic quality doesn't work you maybe have a solution to avoid the ultra anoying WOD.
  15. Don't think it was a belori to do that on this set up beluga stellate and russian sturgeons love livebaits too ans share spots with beloribitza.
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