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  1. Not a trophy but my first. From 7.5m hole on Donets on rhino larvae. Fight really hard too.
  2. I had one sturgeon from the 7.5m hole but I'd say other rivers are a better bet. Did sneak a Black Sea Kutum from the same hole also on rhino beetle larvae. But I really rate this river very highly for Bolognese float fishing and UL spinning. You'll get loads of fish of all species doing that. Best baits are maggot and worm on the main river and the 3-4 gr spinners on an UL setup. It's great for levelling up your floatfishing skills. So far managed a couple of trophy roach in one session too on float rig.
  3. Hello my first meaningful post. I rate this game as the most realistic fishing game there is - I love it! I can honestly say that because it's not easy and things can go wrong just like in real life, it gives you that same sense of elation when you catch something special as you'd get in real life. I don't get that sense of achievement in any other fishing game. When I recently caught a long sought after 30 kgs mirror carp I actually celebrated as if I'd really caught it... My question is when should I start thinking about repairing my reels? Currently they are at 12% wear, should I repair them now or wait longer? Thanks.
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