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  1. 2 and a half hours 39 139 depth 150 and i used 10m cast but not necesery if u cast higher then 20% u will get bites and stonefly larva used 2 rods
  2. and if is in that way why u don't make it single player and each fishing in his way is not posible to be the same for 90% and 10% can buy anything and try anything and caught fishesh less then 100silvers on hour where is the fairnes why to buy premium or gold or items on gold if i can't caught fish ? where is the logic? if u check the forums from Russia, Germany they caught 2 3 trpohies in less then a hour with same bite with same setup and all are there even on streams with same bite same setup that what is? pure luck? spot and just repeatedly catch fish. exact that is for 90%
  3. so i'm 100% botoom fishing full chod and pop up fishing....i go in the spot where are 20+ players all caught and i caught in 1h 10 fishes 5kg i use the pva what used all the players and use baits what players use in that spot when today i ask a guy he was 30+ fish in 40 mins my friend came in spot made 300+ silvers in less then a hour with same baits as other i was waste almoss 2k silvers on pop ups relog to remove pva's and still very low bite rate same on all others spots on aktuba for example at stugeon so i don't understand why is this big diference and i was stay today in spot on amver 5 h a guy was before me there and keep have a biger bite rate even now when i was go after 3 h on other lake he was there and keep caught so is not wright some stay in 1 spot farm max and take a lot of profits and others strugle.....i was used almost all pop up combinations and same result
  4. hello guys......i was make a pause and now i started again play...i go to ember aktuba and other lakes/rivers beside tanguska on amber and bear for example i go to spots and have same set up same baits same pva like all on that spot and i caught 1 fish at 10 mins when the other playes caught at list duble if not 3 times more what i'm doing wrong
  5. only when i tarkget pike other fish i go with fluorocarbon
  6. hello guy after this week try to get belo trophy today in happy hour at 51 138 bleak and pike trophy caught on comon roch
  7. 138 23 on gudgeon and all time was tension he was struggled and gone fish got away i was with some friends there an they say the same is inposibble but after last night i know is not =)) and is frustraiting
  8. 84 108 1h sesion bleak, 20 25 cast
  9. so after 1:40 h in real life of fight fish got away i waste almost 2 h and i'm mad
  10. krako21

    Bear Lake

    on 44 50 today on pva from amun24 carp mix standard and cream mango clip 23
  11. krako21

    Sura River

    a catfish 114 43 on that setup took me 2h and 15 mins
  12. krako21

    Bear Lake

    today on bear 44 50 nc clip 25m
  13. this is from today 2.30 h at 92 77
  14. hello guys....92 77 is working well for herings i was caught last evening there kessler herings...trophy of caspian roach and some sichel ...not make a ss cause i was in a hurry.... on mayfly depth 1-1.2m
  15. krako21

    Kuori lake

    today 3 h troll on kuori around island....this is fromn last 3 h i was start the day with 300 silver made 1000 in 4 h and this after trophy caught on hunter 1 010 and and i used crank6 003, veiko25g 009 dp crank6 006 soturi 22g 010
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