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  1. Try feeders with pieces of fish.
  2. Thanks for reply everyone. I'll keep experimenting...
  3. How do I put it in GB as attractant? Am I missing something?
  4. I have 100% GB crafting and trying to unlock "Breadwinner of the 2nd level" achievement. What GB should I make to unlock it? Tried different but achievement is still locked. Thank you.
  5. Could you share clip please.
  6. Thank you isean. How far do you cast? Could you please share clip or % how far you cast.
  7. Tried 4th spot. Was OK for 15 mins and then went dead for more than a day. Really disappointing. Hoped this guide will be good for longer than few days. Tight lines everyone and good luck finding trophy Chub.
  8. Great guide Levo. Could you please share your groundbait recepie?
  9. Frogs and baitfish is your best friends. Try to get as many of them and then make bait on the next happy hour.
  10. Could you please share the clip or % how far you cast.
  11. Check Levo repair guide. You should find all the information you need.
  12. I wasted time by asking, you wasted your time by giving me same old "figure it out by yourself" answer. Thanks anyway.
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