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  1. Tried to fish with float, one problem is that sinker twice heavier then float, so we have to use ''bottom fishing'' with float. Other thing happened twice: after fish hooked, stress bar filled about 10-15% (tagara, 32 kg line), for me seemed like 1-2 kg fish, but it spooling the reel with 29 friction and then fish got away but without anouncing that in chat.
  2. You don't get better chance to catch fish, however with making groundbait higher lvl you will save much more silver. For example: with lvl 0 from 10 crafts you get about 5 x 1/10, 2 x 2/10, 1 x 3/10, 1 x 5/10 and 1 x 7-10/10 (where ~/10 quality of gb) and with lvl 5 from 10 crafts you get about 3 x 8/10, 3 x 9/10 and 4 x 10/10 I have lvl 4 which is enough to get good quality, about 5 x 8/10, 3 x 9/10 and 2 x 10/10 p.s. of course you can use 1/10 quality but with good quality 8/10 you will have better chance to catch a fish.
  3. Sometimes is so frustrating when every second fish got away, it should be written when logging to the game that is harmful to your health there was one sturgeon and two cats who got away.
  4. Sunday evening, server went down just now, nice...
  5. bandau

    Bear Lake

    Yesterday night got some luck on bear lake. 59:62, clip 32m, float 2.8m. Forest Strawberry 20, old pal Strawberries 20 , Juicy Lemon 18 and Banana 20. And the prices for grass carp went down by ~15%. Was 1.88s/kg now 1.57s/kg.
  6. bandau

    Bear Lake

    Yes, bear was dead all this week but last 2 days is different. I checked 8 known spots and 3 working quite good. Even guys with bottom rods was getting good catch today. I know few players who always saying that the bear is not the same like earlier and they can't farm there anymore. I farming on bear everyday since march 2019 and there was very few days when I left bear frustrated because no fish.
  7. bandau

    Bear Lake

    Seems that Bear lake alive again. Today got full fishnet in 3h 30min. Spots : first -74:86 (22m ,3m), second - 55:63 (22m, 2m), third - 44:50 (24m, 2.4m), and again 74:86. Forest Strawberry 20, old pal Strawberries 20 , Juicy Lemon 18. Happy Hour was extremely happy.
  8. bandau

    Bear Lake

    Got Twins one after another. 49:13, 24m, 1.9m
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