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  1. One more question about groundbait: If I fed the spot ant after that got disconect, does groundbait still working after I came back to the same spot, or I have to feed it again as it is new session?
  2. System recognize them as different in inventory, so the same in water. And with identical gb but different quality is the same, they don't stack in inventory, so they don't stack in water.
  3. That makes sense now, groundbait will stack in water if it stack in inventory too. Thanks for all your answers
  4. Thanks again but there is still the most important question about overriding. Throwing first 10 balls tench gb and then 1 ball carp gb. Carp gb override and tench gb disappears. What we will get: 1 ball or 11 ball carp gb ? Throwing first 10 balls tench gb and then 1 ball tench gb. We will get 11 tench gb? That confusing me the most (Lets say we throw everything in the same spot.) It means one of them disappear and that is just waste of groundbait? But if I use the same ingredients on both (feeder and PVA) then groundbait will be double? And last question (i hope it is last ) , if first groundbait has A,B,C,D,E ingredients and second has A,D,B,C,E, are they counts as the same or second will override first? Thanks for your patience
  5. Thanks for answer. There is few more questions about that, please could you get answers for it aswell. If you use feed basket with tench gb + PVA net with carp gb, which one override other? They both throwed at the same time. Normally I use spod for fast feeding, throwing first 10 balls, then after few hours, throwing with hand and sometimes different grounbaits. Does that means the 1 ball throwed by hand can override those 10 balls throwed first with spod?
  6. 1A = 1 ball tench gb (first throwed) 2B = 1ball carp gb (second) 3C = 1 ball bream gb (third) B? = 1ball carp gb? (in that area tench gb dissapears?) C? = 1ball bream gb? also if 1A = 1 ball tench gb 2B = 1 ball tench gb 3C = 1 ball tench gb B? = 1 ball tench gb C? = 1 ball tench gb? am I understood it correct?
  7. Thanks for a bit information but there are one moment that needs to be clarified. At which point is started to count that radius? When ball hitting surface of water or ball hitting the bottom.
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