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  1. They have just added the shipping fees.
  2. It's a 20-25m cast towards the bridge
  3. 3 hours, and a broken Fortuna FD420...
  4. Thabid

    Sura River

    Thanks! I'll have more time tonight and will give it another try. I'm level 28, and only 90% bottom fishing. Also have no gold/gold bait. Will try with NC again.
  5. Thabid

    Sura River

    Any live spots for sterlet or sturgeon? Tried the 8m hole, but sadly can't use PVA or mix any decent groundbait so cought nothing. Tried NC and krill 20.
  6. Thabid

    Bear Lake

    I had pretty decent bite rate on potato 2 days ago but mostly small ones, 2-5kg.
  7. Thabid


    Any good spots and method on Ladoga? Looking for a decent catch :)
  8. Thabid

    Bear Lake

    this is my new most risky catch 44:51 and thats a 19.1kg tackle
  9. I said low gear, and not new players. And by low gear I didn't mean your starter Sorento set. I am using tackle you see on my screenshots. It's low, but a 13.5kg, 4.2m feeder should be enough with your favourite Sabre or literally anything as a reel. just don't forget to use smaller leader... I prefer pure FC ~11kg Also snag will rarely happen as you can't snag with fish on the hook, and most of the times there will be fish on the hook. sadly no trophy yet, my biggest was that carp so far, 18+ kg with that 16ish tackle, but as you can see my gear is very low... much lower than my level
  10. atm we are experimenting with baits and groundbaits, but getting way too much roaches for the moment is think 39:45 Mosq is better... i can easily get 100 fish in 1 hour, with in-line i get trophies too, and anything over 1kg is worth it... for me a 700+ WB is 700-ish xp... but its rare now. a decent crucian gives you 400+... and you get like 4-7 in 2 minutes using the best bait... PER ROD im not good with math, but hit up a windows calc or go there and see for yourself @thbd Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it. Regards, Butcherâ„¢
  11. 17:68 aim for the sunken tree on the other side (around 70% with Mesh 20g, using in-line rig)... I rarely clip, so I don't have exact ranges. Used the same setup: 17.4kg Simmons Pure FC, Bloody Series 1, Diced Potatoes on all 3 rods I know these aren't trophies, but some good catch with low gear... The groundbait as you can see is: Feed, Corn, Cookies, Eggs, Banana (I know lol...) Weather was cloudy/sunny, mostly morning and late afternoon. With this setup i got a few 9+ kg Black Carps, some 10+ kg Carps, and some Grass Carps too (easy ones, you gotta learn how to deal with them). ps.: Gibels and Crucians caught with Forest Strawberry 15 and Hot Cherry 16, Bloody 4, groundbait doesn't really matter
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