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  1. Great job ! Just a question, what's the meaning of the red background of some cells ?
  2. Good spot indeed; I got 10 pikes (max 4.5kg) in 1/2 hour, trolling around the 3m hole in sunny conditions. But that was a dangeous exercice as I got snagged several times in the reeds with only Alt F4 for rescue. Is this normal that it is not possible to unsnag as usual (RMB after opening the reel) ?
  3. Map of Ladoga Lake with coordinates. A tricky one, nothing matches with the original A1-J10 grid.
  4. Thanks for your kind assistance; I will start by modifying my hooks on the commercial wobblers and check the impact. Regarding the XP/Level influence, I guess that it is of an utmost importance: if the size of the fishes you catch would not increase with the Level, one could never afford those expensive equipment. I would even say that this progression is the very engine of the game. It's just that, when you are a beginner and you see these amazing posts, you may believe that you just have to place yourself in the same conditions to get the same results. And many on this forum already explained that it is not the case. Pushing a bit more on this line, it might be possible to evaluate the average income/hour vs Level built in the game (regardless of all the randomness) : something like 75 silver/hour for Lev 5, 180 for Level 28, 400 for level 33 ... and deduct how many hours you will have to fish to get this nice reel you dream of
  5. I'm impressed by the "at least 300-600 silver per hour" of Xoxixo as I'm steadily trolling Akhtouba for at least 20 hours by now and I've never made more than 200/h, including café orders. My bite rate seems satisfactory to me, so it must be the weight of the fishes I pull out. My level is 28 and trolling experience 75%, with 2/3 in wobblers. So, in your opinion, is the gap coming from the game mechanics or is there something wrong with my fishing technique?
  6. Largonaute


    Some questions about boat rental ticket duration: 1) when I am far away with my boat and decide to quit the game (Alt F4), is the time that would be required to return to the boat station deducted ? 2) when I park at one of those quays, signaled by an anchor and available on some maps, is the time I spend fishing onshore deducted ? I guess the answers are No and Yes but just want to be sure.
  7. Largonaute


    I tried it and my finding is that the whole line is not used; just 1 meter per leader. The rest of the reel can still be used. So it's not too expensive and worth buying the tool.
  8. Largonaute


    Great stuff, thanks a lot. And thanks to those who spent time making it.
  9. Largonaute


    I noticed people writing they were just about reaching the trophy weight by 1kg or so. Where can I find the trophy weight threshold for each fish species ?
  10. Largonaute


    Thanks a lot. So, assuming I will craft 5 leaders of 22.8kg, the cost for each one would be: - tool: 386.8$ / 5=77$ + SW lock 27.1kg at 9$ + a 100m line of 22.8kg that is fully used (I guess) 141$ = 360$ That's quite an investment! Pls confirm my understanding before I launch the operation.
  11. Largonaute


    Where can I find or craft those strong FC leaders that are above the 17.4kg from the shop ?
  12. If bleach can help instead I just found a spot at 64:132, on fly/maggot, 17cm depht. From 12:00h to 23:00h, got 5 pieces from 22 to 34g and 3 pieces from 47 to 53g. There was an ongoing order for 6x20g at 31$. Byproducts were 1frog of 32g and a 600g sichel.
  13. Just reached level 28 and discovering Akhtuba; could'nt find any map with coordinates on the Net. So, I made one. It appears in fact that the squares (A1 to J8) limits correspond to the even coordinates lines, except that the N/S axis is reversed. I also did my home work and read with interest all yours posts; thank you for them. Made an overlay of all the mentionned spots.
  14. I'm struggling to find my first bleach in Sura; they must be there as there are café orders, but where ? Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. If I throw a GB in the water and I leave the game just after that action, is the GB still effective when I resume the game 2 days later ? In other words, is the duration of GB expressed in real time or game time ?
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