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  1. I’m having a problem with carp rods in the pond at Akhtuba. I have had 6 fish out of 7 come right off my hook a couple even before being able to set the hook. I have been doing this for awhile and never had this issue. Can you look into this? Not much fun if I can’t catch any fish. Thanks update is continued on every fish.
  2. I agree with you. I have been playing this game for some time and Aktuba used to be a great fishing place but it has dropped off something terrible. I make more silver and XP at Volkhov but that is not as good as it used to be either. I believe that to be true across the game. The fish have slowed down across the board. That is unfortunate. It’s getting boring. Sorry but I can’t help with live spots.
  3. BrianC


    Thanks Crucian! I will have to check that out.
  4. BrianC


    Curious on how I get to use double baits. I have looked around and can’t figure it out. Can someone guide me? Thanks for any assistance.
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