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  1. What am I missing, I've got 100% in spin and bottom fishing, now trying to increase my float fishing skill up from 33% since I gave it up months ago, 4 hours again on bear lake again, using worms, maggots, pearl barley and fish pieces, not a single fish!!!, same as pond at Winding Rivulet. I had no problem early on catching fish float fishing, Is there a problem with skills?, this is really pi##ing me off.
  2. I should have mentioned, I play this game on Steam, above name is not my name on Steam, it is "mike.smith99" I have just downloaded the game to see if it is worth starting from scratch.
  3. Hi Guys could anyone help me, ever since I retuned points using 5 gold on bottom fishing about 6 months ago and re-ordered them, I have been unable to catch any decent fish bottom feeding. Before I was catching large Grass Carp, Black Carp, Tench, Sturgeon, just about anything quite reqularly. I used to would be able to fill my net in a few hours quite easily. (not all big fish I must say). Since I re-ordered them I am lucky to catch 10 fish now in a few hours, mostly Roaches or Gibels or Loaches, if I'm lucky, a small Grass or Common Carp. I reported this months ago and it was suggested, there was nothing amiss, and I should try different locations and different times. Well I have tried everything and every where, and 6 months later still catching sod all bottom fishing. Sitting with 3 rods out, seeing all the other players fish appearing in the list, while I get one roach every 30 mins using same bait. (real time not in game time). Its like when I re-arranged my skill points they all went negative. Thankfully my spin fishing is still working OK. There, Rant over. Thanks
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