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  1. oakface

    Live and Baitfish

    Howdy folks, Best place for going after predators w/ bait-fish? And tips on farming bait-fish?
  2. Hey legends - any tips on grinding out Bottom Fishing skill building in the higher %? I'm sitting at 80 % and trying to get to 85 % and it's not budging (I caught 100 fish @ Winding with no results. Sitting on premium but outside of happy hour).
  3. Hey legends - this is what happens when you try to reel in a 12.5kg Black Carp on a 6kg reel https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414252219 I'm still very new to the RF4 streaming community and I have to say, you guys have been a pleasure to stream for. So much generosity with your tips and in-game donations, this experience has been very fun and rewarding. I look forward to continue grow with this community and immerse myself in this beautiful game. The feedback on stream has been so great that I'm exclusively streaming RF4 (on the Twitch schedule) - so I thought I'd put my Twitch out there. I'm an Aussie for like to fish - and especially loves to engage with my chat. You can catch me regularly during the week (schedule is on my Twitch and Twitter) and I adore playing with streamers. My Twitch: oakfacegaming Twitch Hope to see you guys around!
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