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  1. I am new to spinning, really having not the patience to learn it, but in order to get the skill up I will have to learn and I do like it I am not good at it and wanting to understand things better when it comes to spinning. The thing i came across and so far no one seems to be able to give me an answer/not able to find a clear anwer for a noob spinner... When buying a spinning rod what does power under the info mean? What does it stand for...It says power followed by Heavy or Medium or Extra Heavy. Maybe I searched wrong but could not find an answer explaining what power means and when to go for a medium spinning power rod or when to go for (extra) heavy power spinning rod. Hopefully someone can help me understand it, so I can learn spinning but also know what to keep in mind when going for a spinning rod, considering the factor power. Thx in advance
  2. Thx Pindobinha will try it. Much appreciated
  3. Trying to find decent/good loach spot, anybody maybe have any suggestions on spots/clips/spin-float-bottom ?
  4. Having the same issue. I actually can not catch any fish when the thunder bug strikes. Have to close client by alt f4 otherwise my thunder wont stop on relaunch. Moving to other lake doesnt stop it for me either and closing it normally by using exit same problem. Very annoying and costly in fish and silver that way. Really hope problem can be found and solved (maybe june hotfix patch?) Will use alt f4 in the meantime but it is not a good workaround or solution
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