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  1. Farruko


    Can you give me a list of what hook I need to catch a certain type of fish? I saw on the userguide a little list.What about for the rest of fishes species? Bream: #10 - #6 Crucian carp, common roach, vimba: #16 - #10 Small fish, like bleak, dace, gudgeon: #24 - #18. @FarrukoThere are a large number of species in the game, and an exhaustive list of what works would be hard - what I can give you are some rules of thumb that I use: For smaller cyprinids (carps, bream, tench, etc.) I use somewhere around a size 12. I might adjust it based on the sizes of fish I am catching at a particular spot. For larger cyprinids (carps) I used from a size 8 to a size 4. A big common carp can get over 30kg but it's mouth is still small so going any bigger than a 4 doesn't make a whole lot of sense. For smaller aggressive species (Asp, Pike, Chub, Ide, Smaller salmonids, etc.) I like a size 6 - 4 hook. As the fish get bigger, I adjust the hook sizes eventually going all the way to a size 4/0 hook. These fishes mouths tend to grow in size as the fish grows, so you get alot more upsizing in hooks as you find bigger examples of them. Asp are a great example of a species where matching hook size to the size you want to catch helps a lot. Finally, use google - I have found more rig, bait, and groundbait advice on google than anywhere else. More often than not, the information you find on European fishing enthusiast sites transfers fairly directly into the game. Thank you so much for helping me.Have a nice day.
  2. Farruko


    Hi there. I have a little question. What is the leader for?
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