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  1. Hi I changed my acc and now when I try to log in I'm getting a blocked ip masage. Plz help
  2. migration is a gr8 idea but without ingame calendar and seasons is pointles.. make it easier to track and we l be fine. Cheers!
  3. Hi all, this can be my last post because I'm not sure if I can deal with this game anymore.. This so called update that was done on servers today made more ROD problems than I had since I started to play rf4... Guys seriously wake up and hire some real programmers and shutdown the game until they make it work right. Until then I'm gone
  4. for me, kuori is the worst optimized map, constant lag and frequently ROD, most often in the evening..
  5. Hi all! Just bought a new rod, zeiman legend and I wonder does that plus skill counts when I troll and rod is not in hand? Thanks in advance.
  6. finaly wakly record no trophy nice fight it was...
  7. Thanks! Now I got idea what to look for. Have a great day!
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