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  1. Hello, What I am suggesting is basically adding a queue system like you have in World Of Warcraft. Reason behind this is that we currently have problems to login due to amount of players attempting to login and so on (atleast that's what I understood) I think that having a queue system where you would get into queue if the server is full and then you would for example know "Your spot in queue is 30" meaning that there are 29 players infront of you waiting to log into the game. As people leave the queue or enter the game, this would change your number and so on. As an example, game that does this prety cool is WoW. I think that this is way better than now, currently we have to wait a long time, not knowing when we will login or why we are waiting. Some people wont even bother to come and check the forums why they cannot login, they will simply stop playing...
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