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  1. Alrighty, thank you! I am sorry if I caused any issues and thank you for your advices, if you have any more advices for me I will be more than happy to hear them Cheers!
  2. I just want to have this question answered , how did I catch Zanders on Winding and then suddenly stopped for atleast an hour or two without even doing/changing anything? I am not trying to provoke you or anything, Im just asking why is this, maybe there was something new added in the game that I don't know about since I was away for a month or so.
  3. Hello, I tried going to other water bodies earlier, I couldn't catch anything. As you can probably see from your logs, I've tried fishing on other water bodies including Old Burg even with a telescopic rod that is literally with thin line and such. I've tried all methods of fishing and so on, earlier on, literally few minutes after I posted this topic I was able to catch my first fish. As I said, its like someone turned the fishing on my account on and off (I am not saying you did). You can't tell me that I am catching fishes and then all of the sudden on the same rod with exactly same setup I stop catching them. I was catching Zander's earlier on, on the winding and once I caught my last Zander its like game stopped giving me fishes, then I tried switching my gear, tried shuffling my rods, still nothing. But as I said, once I posted this topic, like 5 minutes after that I started catching fishes with the exact same setup as I was using before I posted this topic. As I said, I had the feeling that you "turned on" my fishing once I posted this topic. Anyway, thank you for responding, I hope that this was only my account related and this was one time only Cheers Elwo, and thanks for the advice, really appreciate the help Have a nice one bud
  4. Hello, I've been playing this game for a long time, well 240 hours in fact according to steam. I am level 20 - almost 21. Now today, few hours ago, all of the sudden fishes stopped coming. I changed my rod, all baits, all maps, spots, absolutely everything I could to catch a fish but absolutely nothing happens. I tried also all methods of fishing, its like there are no fishes in the game. Dont get me wrong, I know that sometimes there are no fishes but its like I havent seen a fish for a few hours now, I am an experienced player, I know this is a bug or something. My in game name is Tomitza1993
  5. That little pond is a killer on this map. I've caught like 50 carps last night in like an hour or something. Great grinding spot in the beginning.
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