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  1. Hello,

    What I am suggesting is basically adding a queue system like you have in World Of Warcraft. Reason behind this is that we currently have problems to login due to amount of players attempting to login and so on (atleast that's what I understood) 

    I think that having a queue system where you would get into queue if the server is full and then you would for example know

    "Your spot in queue is 30" meaning that there are 29 players infront of you waiting to log into the game. As people leave the queue or enter the game, this would change your number and so on.

    As an example, game that does this prety cool is WoW. 

    I think that this is way better than now, currently we have to wait a long time, not knowing when we will login or why we are waiting. Some people wont even bother to come and check the forums why they cannot login, they will simply stop playing... 😕 


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  2. Just now, Elwoodiath2 said:

    Hello - you caught a single Zander. Additionally, please remember everything is probability based in this game with various factors weighted in. So even with a setup that should not catch fish, you will occasionally get one as in the case of the single Zander. By the way, the lure and hook you were using is better suited for catfish on Akhtuba than Zander on Winding Rivulet. With your setup that you were using you should see exactly the results you were getting. No one was messing with your account, you are just using the incorrect setup for the body of water you are fishing.

    Alrighty, thank you! 🙂

    I am sorry if I caused any issues and thank you for your advices, if you have any more advices for me I will be more than happy to hear them 🙂



  3. 1 hour ago, Elwoodiath2 said:

    Let me be clear - no one can adjust your account. Your steel leaders are absolutely the problem you are having. The major reason your bite rate is low (but still not 0 like you stated) is that your setups are not properly tuned for the bodies of water you are fishing. There is not a whole lot of reason to be using steel leaders on Mosquito, Winding, or Old Burg unless you are pike fishing and even then using flouro and fighting the fish correctly will yield much better results.


    Finally spreading misinformation on the forum is a violation of the rules. Please try to refrain from making false statements and insinuations. This can get you in trouble and potentially cause you to lose the rights to post.

    I just want to have this question answered , how did I catch Zanders on Winding and then suddenly stopped for atleast an hour or two without even doing/changing anything? I am not trying to provoke you or anything, Im just asking why is this, maybe there was something new added in the game that I don't know about since I was away for a month or so.

  4. Hello, I tried going to other water bodies earlier, I couldn't catch anything. As you can probably see from your logs, I've tried fishing on other water bodies including Old Burg even with a telescopic rod that is literally with thin line and such.

    I've tried all methods of fishing and so on, earlier on, literally few minutes after I posted this topic I was able to catch my first fish. As I said, its like someone turned the fishing on my account on and off (I am not saying you did).

    You can't tell me that I am catching fishes and then all of the sudden on the same rod with exactly same setup I stop catching them. I was catching Zander's earlier on, on the winding and once I caught my last Zander its like game stopped giving me fishes, then I tried switching my gear, tried shuffling my rods, still nothing.

    But as I said, once I posted this topic, like 5 minutes after that I started catching fishes with the exact same setup as I was using before I posted this topic. 

    As I said, I had the feeling that you "turned on" my fishing once I posted this topic. 

    Anyway, thank you for responding, I hope that this was only my account related and this was one time only 🙂

    Cheers Elwo, and thanks for the advice, really appreciate the help 🙂

    Have a nice one bud 🙂

  5. Hello, I've been playing this game for a long time, well 240 hours in fact according to steam. I am level 20 - almost 21.

    Now today, few hours ago, all of the sudden fishes stopped coming. I changed my rod, all baits, all maps, spots, absolutely everything I could to catch a fish but absolutely nothing happens.

    I tried also all methods of fishing, its like there are no fishes in the game.

    Dont get me wrong, I know that sometimes there are no fishes but its like I havent seen a fish for a few hours now, I am an experienced player, I know this is a bug or something.

    My in game name is Tomitza1993

  6. Well hello. Ive been trying to catch some large common carps on the winding rivulet, what I've found so far is that that small lake gives me quite a good yield of fish but carp's I've caught there were max up to 3kg. I've tried many setups and still nothing larger than common carp thats 3kg.  Ive mostly used potato to catch it

    Where do you fish Common carp on the WR, what setup do you use & also what bait do you find most interesting?

    PS: I know there are quite a lot of guides and such but I'd prefer to hear it from you guys too.


  7. Alright so, I am getting myself a better spinning configuration setup. Now I can spend around 700. Is it better than I buy the pre-set configuration with (like Spinning universal Pro for 699) or should I make my own? 

    What are the differences with pre-sets and buying item by item?

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