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  1. Map: Mosquito Lake Spot: 35:49 Bait: Nature semolina ingame: Shimano.
  2. Shiman0


    Volkhov / Trolling / 3 isalnds / Lure: Snatcher 009
  3. Hello guys I have few questions : 1.I want to ask. For example: If im fishing with 3 rods {loop rig} and im using GB with every cast,does the fish stop work and get fed after 10minutes or more ? Should I use GB with every cast on spot or ? 2.For example: If im fishing with 3 rods [loop rig / hair rig] and im using PVA with every cast.does the fish stop work and get fed after 10 minutes or more ? So when im fishing carp on hair rig + PVA and I want to attract the fishes to stay on that spot,should I cast pva with every cast? Are there Hard and Easy Base/attractans/additives which fish can get fast or slow fed ?
  4. Active spots? -Fish species
  5. for mosquito and rivulet-- basic boom rig,paternoster rig,sometimes loop and in-line rig for bear--clasic hair rig,and sometimes loop rig for volkhov--in-line,paternoster rig for akhtuba-ester breams only loop rig
  6. My bottom skill is at 94.5%.I want to ask how to get this 5.5% fast to reach pva (100%).I like PVA.I tried advices from many players.I was fishing at mosquito small fish and winding rivulet but not luck.I try different baits in hh but not luck 2h.I try one hour on bear lake for carps then 1h on mosquto small fish but not luck.Before 90% i make 1.5% in 2x hh.I try on volkhov with common roach,blue bream.white bream,perch and make 0.1% in 2x hh.I got 0.5% at akhtuba with estern breams but now all spots for breams are dead i dont know why.I made ground bait to 100% and i can make pva but i cant use it on rig.Old players (38level+) told me to catch small fish on mosquito and rivulet but i dont have luck.It dont work now. Any advices how to reach 100% fast? Thanks
  7. Shiman0

    Baits Q&A

    Im 30lvl in game.My harvesting baits skill is 87.4%.I want to ask can alcohol help while harvesting baits like egg dough,honey dough?
  8. wow I had trophy ruffe at sura today and it was like crucian carp
  9. Spot for bottom fishing? Char,whitefish and more?
  10. Shiman0

    Kuori lake

    There are classic leaders and feeder leaders.You need classic leader for spinning
  11. Any spot for white bream after update? ' Thanks
  12. thanks levo always you help a lot. I hope my 75% skill get 100%
  13. Are there any tips how to level up bottom skill? Big fishes,small fishes?
  14. Drinking alcohol gives exp but not Skill % i think or im wrong? @Defyled On Youtube
  15. Yes.i want to know too im stuck at 75%.i caught 500 fishes in rivulet and got only 0.4%
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