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  1. You do have some valid concerns, and the development team realizes that there are a lot of things that need to be addressed. The feedback is getting passed on. I hope everyone understands that things will change but will take sometime to change, and the work never stops. We don’t want to announce something that is not ready or complete, nor to give the wrong expectations, so keep an eye out for future announcements to be released as they happen. The Team is working on some ideas to address some of the issues and a few big things are in the works as well. It is expected that with current issues streamers have a bit of a hard time producing new content and engaging players with exciting good streams. Viewership of the streams on the other hand is not low currently by any means (based on the stats). When it comes to the player base, we don’t provide numbers, but as was mentioned before steam is only part of those numbers, and those numbers don’t have the same correlation. For example when steam had 4000+ players that had dropped as some of you have pointed out, the total number of players of the game had a much smaller change. Though we don’t announce much at the moment, I hope everyone keeps in mind that part of the reason for this is there were some occasions when we were saying or promising too much, and it had a negative effect when we had some unexpected issues with delivering on those promises or that created delays. So currently we are trying to introduce everything when we know there are no unpredicted problems.
  2. Thank you We actually have a lot more plans in works to fight with cheaters, so we should clean up the game with some time, but yes work is being done in that direction.
  3. I did a check on fish being caught for a long time, total numbers, and how many in relation to those numbers are small, medium and large. There were no changes if anything numbers of medium and large fish went up a bit. You can always ask our team for some advice to see maybe, we can help you catch bigger fish! Sometimes a feeling is a just a feeling and overall previous experience with old management team might have also played a role in this.
  4. It was a terrible joke by Gene, it was not appropriate in this case, since coming from someone in his position, many players heard it out of context and assumed it might be the case. First of all, problems with certain players would not get to the dev team. Second of all, you can imagine how busy dev team is with all the problems that already exist while also working on new features, last thing on their mind would me making something to nerf players. Lastly, someone would need to communicate it to them, and yet again distract them from their busy day on issues with players. I hope you can see what I mean.
  5. The team is under new management, as you have noticed, Gene and Lady, stepped down from this responsibility. They were in charge of setting the course and the direction for the support team and the communication with the community. Changes had to be made to correct some of these issues. And I hope we can all work together to create better game environment to help more new players as well as current players enjoy this game!
  6. We will take a look through the banned accounts to unlock those that were banned for stating their opinion. If you feel that it was undeserved, and we missed your account, you can always get in touch with our team, and we will take care of it. We are taking new direction as a whole team, things previously got out of hand, and we are sorry for this. Our approach did play a part in toxicity that was created, and we admit it. We appreciate our community for supporting the game and hope we can work out the problems that we have working together. We are all human and when things got personal on both sides, it escalated the situation where we didn’t react in appropriate way. We do want to keep things civil, so of course some situations might still require us to take some appropriate actions once in a while to maintain good environment.
  7. We appreciate the feedback, and the changes we are doing should be experienced and noticed by players with some time. We don’t expect everyone to believe us, but we do want to show it, and you will be able to make your own conclusion. One of the fears about being nerfed, I can see where some players might start having such ideas with previous shutting down of discussion and punishing players for speaking out. And game mechanics being random, where some days seem good and than you hit a dry spell. We can assure you, there is no such function in game and we have no control over this. When it comes to competitions, we had recently quite a few bans due to cheating during competition, and we check player, who participate, for illegal activities. We currently doing a lot more work fighting illegal behavior. It will take us a bit of time to catch up with many things that were happening. But the work is being done in this department as well. This game does require a lot of time and patience, we will always try to help with some advice for those who feel like they are struggling and no fish being caught. A lot of the players in the game have a lot of knowledge as well, that could be very helpful to the rest of the community! So I hope they will share it with the rest of the community.
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