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  1. That is normal RiftQuakeNZL. On 2018-09-27 patch clipping was introduced for spinning reels so it doesn't matter if you have float, feeder or spinning rod. The only thing that matters is if you are using a spinning reel or not.
  2. IGN: Gytautelis Wish me luck in this one. Also how are you going to evaluate this one? Are you going to sum up the weights or what?
  3. IGN: Gytautelis I'm in and I will try to win!
  4. Akhtuba River Coordinates: 89:96 Clip: 21m Throphy mostly bit during the night when temperature was around 18-25 degrees. All other info in screenshots down below. PVA in text for easier translation: Sunflower seed - Chopped worm - Biscuit - Cookies - Pellets - Black pepper Trophies that I have caught in this spot so far: Setups: PVA:
  5. So let's do a first ever Short-headed Barbel post. I have posted all info about it on discord but let me post it here, too. Akhtuba River Coordinates: 89:96 Clip: 21m All other info in screenshots down below. PVA in text for easier translation: Sunflower seed - Chopped worm - Biscuit - Cookies - Pellets - Black pepper Fish screenshot: Fish info screenshot: Spot: Setup: PVA: I was fishing for Wild carps that is why I was using this PVA.
  6. Hello Tompasticni, Yes those skills apply to that rod if you hold it in your hand and when you are trolling and when it isn't in your hand. But remember that it only applies to that rod. Other rods don't get a bonus to skills from that rod. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  7. RF4 Gold/Premium comp, Volkhov River 2h, Gytautelis, 8/11/2019
  8. RF4 Gold/Premium comp, Volkhov 2hr, Gytasas, 8/4/2019
  9. Gytautelis


    Hello slashaway, Like Jvan said you had a good run when they were bitting. Recently some players caught eels at 47:20 while going after tench. One more thing, eels seem to bite better on a simple bottom rig. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  10. RF4 Low level comp, Winding Rivulet, Gytautelis, 07/29/2019 Cancelled due to lack of players.
  11. RF4 Gold/Prem Comp, Volkhov, M3dic (covered by Gytautelis), 07/28/2019
  12. Hello Alimrees1, You can look for a team here: or on our discord under team-recruitments. Also you don't need premium to be a part of a team. There is no way to create a team in game but players get together on their discords, private chat room and act like a team that way. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  13. RF4 Gold/Premium Comp, Ladoga, Ludoga Whitefish, Valaam Whitefish, Vuoska Whitefish, Max Weight, Float only, 105kg_radosti (covered by Gytautelis), 6/26/2019
  14. Hello Badfish1, No the quoted statement is no longer accurate, in the past when there was "luck" attribute in the game it was correct that alcohol helped with skill increase, but after "luck" got changed to "health" and removed from the game it stopped helping. Now alcohol only gives tipsy bonus and that is extra experience to your caught fish. Now only happy hour and premium helps to speed up your skill increase. And happy hour and premium works on all skills not just fishing related skills. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  15. Hello Badfish1, You are doing good with choosing your newest unlocked base to level up your groundbait making and at that level it is just that hard to get skill increase. Things that might help you out would be. Make groundbait during your happy hour, alternate between different bases don't stick to one base even if you have to use a lower skill base. Best regards, Gytautelis.
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