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  1. Winding Rivulet - Going for baitfish Gudgeon This guide was written to show players of Russian fishing 4 how to catch Gudgeon in Winding Rivulet. Please remember that in our game fish might change spots and lures/baits over time. The spots that I will show you in this guide might not work in the future and the same goes for lures and baits that I used in this guide. Introduction: The Gudgeon is a fish of the Cyprinidae family. It is not a game fish, yet it is a widespread species. Its native range includes the whole of Europe, except its northern and southern parts (up to the upper course of the Lena). It occurs in the Amur River basin. There are several subspecies of gudgeon. Southern ones are distinguished by bigger scales, those living in rapid rivers have protective scaling on the throat. Gudgeon usually lives in big shoals in rivers with moderate or weak currents and sandy or pebble ground, as well as in brooks and ponds with flowing water. Normally it stays in the deep water. It is known for being diurnal, normally it doesn’t move at night. Gudgeon is a typical bentophagous fish. Its diet is based on small invertebrates living on the bottom of the water body. Gudgeon also feeds on roe of other fish species. And it is preyed on by predatory fish. Its appearance is specific. The body is spindle-like, slightly flattened on the side of the belly. The scales are big. Its dorsal surface is tawny greenish, the flanks are silvery with bluish or blackish spots. The abdomen is silvery. The head is flat, eyes are turned upwards. There are dark points on dorsal and caudal fins. Such coloring enables gudgeon to disguise itself on the ground. Its snout is elongated, its lower jaw is shorter, than the upper one, there are barbels on the corners of its mouth. Gudgeon, swimming in the water, may be easily recognized by its pectoral fins spread side-wards, endowing its outline with a triangular shape. The gudgeon is a small fish, its size seldom exceeds 15 cm. Trophy gudgeon caught by me 2018-12-21 Spots: Spots that I used while collecting data for this guide. Spot No.1: (73:85) Red Spot No.2: (86:103) Green Spot No.3: (90:103) Yellow Spot No.4: (101:109) Orange Gear: My setups that I used in this guide. Setup No.1: Setup No.2: Setup No.3: Baits: These are the baits that I used for this guide. Guide: So after giving you all this information through screenshots we need to talk about what I did and how I used everything shown above. Firstly let's talk about my gear, setups and rigs that I used. I used fixed line and slider rigs on my telescopic rods. Both of these rigs works just fine for catching gudgeons. The hooks that I used ranged from size 24 to size 20 hooks. I didn't use bigger hooks than that. The depth that I was going for were ranging from 20cm to 50cm depending on the bite rate. Every session I started with one rod with 20cm depth, one with 35cm and the last one at 50cm. I used the same bait for all rods at start. I was looking for a specific depth where my bite rate would be the best. Most of the time I managed to narrow down my depth to 25-30cm or 35-40cm and then I started playing around with my baits. Secondly let's talk about the spots that I used. In every screenshot of my spots you can see a red circle. That's an area where I was casting my floats and allowed them to drift with the current until they reached their end of line. Once it reached that point I recasted that rod if it didn't get a bite. And I just repeated that cicle over and over. Best spot with the best bite rate for me was Spot No.2 (86:103) Thirdly let's talk about baits. The most common baits that I used in this guide were worms and bloodworms. Every fishing session I started using one of them until I found my desired fishing depth. After that I switched my baits. I had best bite rates while using worms, bloodworms and maggots. Garlic dough and Honey dough produced a decent bite rate with bigger gudgeons. Bite rate on casters wasn't that good for me personally. Bite rate on caddisfly was too slow for my liking and it didn't bring the results that I wanted. Redworms were a great choice for getting trophy gudgeon but that also brought me quite a few other species to the table. Time of the day and weather. Most of the bites that I got were during the day from 6am to 10pm in game time. Bite rate died down during the night since they don't really move during the night. As for weather I was getting best bite rates for me on sunny days. While gathering data for this guide I managed to catch over 200 baitfish sized gudgeon and 11 trophy gudgeons. Baits that got me those trophies were worms, redworms and garlic dough. All my trophies came in in early morning (6AM - 10AM) and in the evening (6PM - 10PM). I hope that this guide will help players that are fishing for gudgeon to use as livebait for other species or those that are still trying to get a trophy gudgeon for their collection. Good luck fishing and tight lines - Gytautelis
  2. Gytautelis

    Grass Carp

    Lake: Bear lake Coordinates: 44:50 Setup: Depth: 1.9m Clip: 32
  3. Gytautelis


    Hello AaronXtr, PB stands for "personal best". -Gytautelis
  4. Gytautelis

    Skill tree discussions

    Hello Goregrinder and Morlach, No skills "Using a slider rig" and "Using a rig with waggler" don't share skill points. Yes both of those rigs are sliding but rig with waggler uses a specific float that add an ability to cast much further than using regular float. Hope that answers your question and explains why these rigs don't share points. - Gytautelis
  5. Gytautelis

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Hello Krispy908, Have you tried changing the hook on your Old Spinner Lure? Hook that is used on that spinner lure is of a poor quality and it can't handle a lot of pressure that your setup is able to put on it when you have fish on. Try using higher quality hooks or a different lure that has better hooks.
  6. Gytautelis

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Hello Krispy908, The problem on your setup that is causing this is your leader. Your rod, reel and line can handle double the pressure your leader can handle. So if you change your leader to something closer to your line your friction brake setting will go up. If nothing changes then please add a screenshot of your setup with lures that you are using. Cheaper lures have cheaper and weaker hooks that can't handle a lot of pressure and might cause the same issue. I hope this answered your question. Have fun fishing if this fixed your issue.
  7. Gytautelis


    Hello Thndrhwk and Gxg, You can craft diced potatoes at 0% bait harvesting skill. You just need to buy potatoes from farmer's market in Winding Rivulet or Sura river.
  8. Gytautelis

    Baits Q&A

    Hello Gxg, Filleting knives are used in bait harvesting to make pieces of fish and carving knives are used in lure making. So if you want to make fish pieces you need fillet knife and for lure making you need carving knife. When you are buying items that you don't have required skills to use you should get a warning before completing the purchase. Your in game level isn't the only limitation on what you can do. For example to make certain baits you need to have % in you bait harvesting skill. For example to make pieces of fish you need 50% in bait harvesting.
  9. Gytautelis

    Kuori Lake

    Hello Ichthyophobia, Can you provide us with your in game name of the account you used to make those screenshots? This account that you are using to post on forums is only level 12 so it can't go to Kuori lake. As for your problem. Try using different lures, different retrieval methods or try fishing in different spot. As for your setup I would use thinner line and thinner leader.
  10. Gytautelis

    Baits Q&A

    Hello Digger1, If you want to buy a shovel you need to go to a workshop and go to the store in there.
  11. Gytautelis

    Float Fishing Q&A

    Hello Cla1061, You can use standard and bolognese floats on match rods depending on the rig you are using. If you are using a "Fixed float" rig, then you will be able to use standard and bolognese floats on a match rods. If you are using "Slider float rig" on match rod, then you will be able to use standard floats only. Also you can't use "Bolognese rig" on a match road since that rig is only usable on bolognese rods. By the way if you have a match rod that gives "+5% to "Float fishing" skill" then you will be able to use it at 55% float fishing skill and use wagglers on that rod at 65% float fishing skill. Hope this answers your question.
  12. Gytautelis

    Kuori Lake

    It's alright but since it's useful information for other players I didn't want it to disappear in that topic.
  13. Gytautelis

    Kuori Lake

    @Yoman2822 and @Tenzen moved your posts to correct topic so that it doesn't get lost in campfire stories.
  14. Gytautelis

    Skill tree discussions

    Hello Jinxter, Sorry for the delay on answering your question. It's a grind when it comes to increasing your fishing skills. The higher your percentage is the harder it is to get skill increase, but changing your rigs to the newest unlocked rigs, baits, locations help to increase your skill. Since you will be catching different fish when you change your baits and locations and catching different species and different size fish helps with increasing your skills.
  15. Gytautelis

    Baits Q&A

    Hello Pobsta, There is no difference between filleting knives when it comes to cutting up fish. There is weight limit on fish filleting and it is from 500g to 15kg. And there are different knives for making lures and knives used for bait harvesting don't make a mistake when buying them.
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