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  1. Hello Badfish1, You are doing good with choosing your newest unlocked base to level up your groundbait making and at that level it is just that hard to get skill increase. Things that might help you out would be. Make groundbait during your happy hour, alternate between different bases don't stick to one base even if you have to use a lower skill base. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  2. Hello bluesman, Try changing from TCP to UDP or the other way around in the game options, lowering your graphic setting in the game or enabling upnp in your router and maybe that will help you. Also you can try following steps in here Best regards, Gytautelis.
  3. Hello Aceq, Well since some players have expressed their opinion about float fishing I have to agree with them but alsp to your opinion aswell. Especially the point you made about float fishing with the telescopic rods. It can be frustrating thinking that you are about to hook a fish but it gets away when you try to strike it. Well the thing is that left click on telescopic rods sometimes isn't enough to hook the fish and you need to add mouse movements to that too. Secondly about your question why bigger fish bites on the weakest setups. Well everyone seems to have the wrong idea that the game is programmed so that big fish bite on the weakest setups. But in reality it isn't like that. The thing why bigger fish are bitting on weaker setups is because on weaker setup you are using thinner line. Players tend to forgot that line can influence their bite rate and just focus on their rods and reels. But if you used the same line and leader on all setups then the bite rate should be about the same on all rods. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  4. Hello Tincan, Also if you go to your inventory and press on this button that is highlighted in red in the spoiler below you get an ability to choose all items in invenotry or multiple items at once just like you can select fish in the fish market. That way it will speed up your cleaning up if you have a lot of items. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  5. Gytautelis


    Hello Largonaute, 1) When you turn your game off the timer stops instantly until you log back in then it starts again. 2) When you get into your boat your boat ticket timer starts and is being reduced while you are online in the game. It doesn't matter if you are in the boat or on the shore or even if you are in a different map. If you started using your boat ticket then it will be counted down while you are online and there is no way to stop it, but the next ticket won't be used if you don't select a new one when the last one runs out. Hope these answers explained everything to you. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  6. Gytautelis


    Hello Largonaute, You can craft stronger leaders yourself, for that you will need flourocarbon line that has more load capacity than 17.4kg, some Swivels and locks from the shop and a fish tool. Line can be found in the shop under line, swivels and locks can be found in the shop under leaders and fish tool can be bought in the hardware shop. After that you go to your crafting menu, find leaders, select what materials you want and craft them. Also make sure that the swivel and lock that you are using has more load capacity than the line you are using since the load capacity will be selected by the lowest load capacity. For example if you use 27.7kg flouro line and 18kg swivel and lock your leader will have only 18kg load capacity. Hope this explains what to do and helps you. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  7. Hello Taggen, That 30g-250g rating is the test of the rod and it shows the range of bait weight that can be used on that rod. Best regards, Gytis.
  8. Hello daggabull, It used to help when there was such thing as "luck" in the game, but after it got removed alcohol only gives experience. Best regards, -Gytis
  9. Hello daggabull, Alcohol in this game only gives experience. It doesn't provide any luck in skill gain. Best regards, -Gytis
  10. Hello RealRolandas69, Try going for different species in other lakes, change your rigs and baits. If you are catching species that you haven't caught as much as the one you are currently catching you will have a better chance to get skill percentage increase. Best regards, -Gytis.
  11. Gytautelis


    Hello DavidHUN, Check this guide It might be useful to you when looking for pikes on Mosquito lake. Best regards, -Gytis.
  12. Old Burg - Going after Pike Introduction: This guide was written to show players how to fish for pikes on Old Burg lake. Fish in this game migrate and change their preferences so keep in mind that spots, baits, lures shown in this guide might not work in the future so just use this guide as a reference what you need to look for when looking for spots or when choosing your baits or lures. Species overview: The Pike, also known as the Northern Pike, has one of the widest native ranges among freshwater fish species (it includes Northern Europe, Asia and America). Pike prefer lakes and rivers with weak currents. It occurs in brackish water (the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga of the Baltic Sea, the Sea of Azov). However, sufficient oxygenation is a mandatory condition. Pike can reach a length of 1.5 m and a weight up to 35 kg. An average specimen weights about 5 to 8 kg. The body is elongated and arrow-shaped. Its long and flat head resembles that of a crocodile. The specific of the species is that pike's teeth change throughout its life. Its coloration is blotchy and ranges from grayish green to tawny grey. There are lighter stripes along and across its body. The main color depends on the surrounding vegetation. The back is dark, the belly is whitish with gray flecks. Dorsal, anal and caudal fins are brownish with black spots. Pectoral and pelvic fins are yellowish red. Habitat: Pike are an ambush predators, hunting in riparian thickets, under snags, near fallen trees on sloping areas on the bottom. It avoids strong currents. Diet: Its diet is based on fish of other species (and sometimes of its own), frogs, crustaceans. Occasional attacks on ducks, mice and squirrels are also known. Setup: Well first of all let's talk about the setups. First setup was a spinning setup equipped with lure rig that I used the most while fishing for pikes. I didn't want to waste a lot of time fighting them because that would cut into my profits when fishing for them. So I went with a heavier setup that wouldn't even have much trouble with a trophy pike. Also steel leader is a must when fishing for pikes othwerwise you are risking of losing your lures/baits to pike since they can easily cut your line/leader if it's not steel leader. Second setup is a float setup equipped with a baitfish rig. Third setup is a bottom feeder setup equipped with a baitfish rig. I choose second and third setups because pikes are predatory fish and they like to bite on live baitfish. First setup (spinning) Second setup (float) Third setup (bottom) Lures: For lures I mostly used spinners, lures, wobblers and topwater lures that have perch pattern or are darker in color, but you can also see that I tried to use lighter color lures. Most of my bites came on topwater lures, second place was taken by shallow wobblers, then spinners and lastly lures. You might be asking why I had the most luck with topwater lures and shallow wobblers. Well that is because pikes like to stay in shallow water closer to the surface hiding around structures in the water like dead trees or boulders or under lilypads where they wait for a good moment to ambush their prey. Baits: Now let's talk about the baits and lures that I choose. For bait I choose perch, gibel and crucian live baitfish, because they are the biggest baitfish that we have in the game and it's a great choice for pikes. But you can also use any other baitfish, because pikes aren't that picky and they will bite on all of them if you just let them. Spots: Why I choose certain spots and what I saw in them that made me try catching pikes in them. On every screenshot you can see circled areas. They show what exactly made me choose those spots. There are reeds, dead trees, boulders, lily pads. If you see something like that in a spot you are in then there is a high possibility that you could catch pikes around there. So don't be afraid to take out your spinning rod and try catching them. Spot No.1: 40:61 (Red) Spot No.2: 17:68 (Orange) Spot No.3: 25:28 (Yellow) Spot No.4: 47:20 (Dark green) Spot No. 5: 60:22 (Light blue) Spot No.6: 70:49 (Dark blue) Spot No.7: From 69:58 to 56:60 (Light green) Map: Guide: Well after giving you all this information it's time to explain what I used and how I used it. What exactly went through my mind when using some of the baits and why I picked certain spots. Fishing methods: When fishing with topwater lures I used speeds from 15-30 and every 1-2 cranks of my reel I pressed right-click to get "Walk the dog" technique. For shallow wobblers I went with 15-25 retrieval speed and every 1-2 cranks of my reel I pressed right-click to get "Twitching" technique. For spinners and lures I used speed 20-30 and every 4-5 cranks I pressed SHIFT to get "Speed up" technique and as soon as it disappeared I stopped reeling for 1-2 seconds. I didn't jig step my lures because I got way more bites while using speed up then jig stepping. For float baitfishing I had my depth set to 50cm. Weather, time and temperature: The best times for fishing pikes for me were from 6AM(6:00) to 11AM(11:00) and from 6PM(18:00) to 10PM(22:00). Those are times when pikes are most active because they are feeding at those times. Best weather for me was Sunny. During sunny mornings I was getting the most bites and the biggest pikes came during sunny weather. Most bites for me came when the temperature was around 8-15 degrees. How I was fishing: So my fishing started early in the morning 6AM (6:00). Weather was sunny, temperature around 9 degrees in a spot No.1. I started fishing by throwing out my float and bottom setups with baitfish close to a dead tree and lily pads. After that I took out my spinning rod with a Hypnotic lure. After a few throws I noticed that I'm not getting many bites so I switched to a shallow wobbler that had perch-like pattern. The result were better than using a lure. After catching 3-4 pikes I tried to use a topwater lure that got me even more bites than a shallow wobbler or a lure. When the time reached afternoon, the bite rate slowed down quite a bit, but that didn't stop me from fishing. So I choose a lighter color spinner and tried to do some speed ups closer to structures in the water. After doing that I managed to get some more pikes until evening time came and I switched to shallow wobblers to get a few more pikes into my net. When the time was around 11PM (23:00) I stopped fishing for pikes since the bite rate just disappeared until the next morning where I repeated everything again but this time I wasn't getting many bites on topwater lures that made me quickly change spots and that was a good decision since I started getting more bites again. All that was being done while the weather was sunny or partially cloudy but when it started raining instead of using a topwater lure in the morning or a shallow wobbler I used spinners and lures. They had better results during rain. So when fishing for pikes I recommend to not forget to use a steel leader. Don't be afraid to play around with your lures and baits. If you are not getting bites just change to a different lure or move to a different spot. You have a lot of choices that you can make when choosing lures and spots. Hope this guide was helpful to you all and good luck catching pikes and earning some silver.
  13. Helo Lauri971, Right now Kuori char's trophy size starts at 15kg and rare trophy at 30kg -Gytautelis
  14. Hello Lauri971, The Kuori chars that you see on the absolute record that are +30kg are all rare trophies. Hope that answers your question. -Gytautelis
  15. Winding Rivulet - Going for baitfish Gudgeon This guide was written to show players of Russian fishing 4 how to catch Gudgeon in Winding Rivulet. Please remember that in our game fish might change spots and lures/baits over time. The spots that I will show you in this guide might not work in the future and the same goes for lures and baits that I used in this guide. Introduction: The Gudgeon is a fish of the Cyprinidae family. It is not a game fish, yet it is a widespread species. Its native range includes the whole of Europe, except its northern and southern parts (up to the upper course of the Lena). It occurs in the Amur River basin. There are several subspecies of gudgeon. Southern ones are distinguished by bigger scales, those living in rapid rivers have protective scaling on the throat. Gudgeon usually lives in big shoals in rivers with moderate or weak currents and sandy or pebble ground, as well as in brooks and ponds with flowing water. Normally it stays in the deep water. It is known for being diurnal, normally it doesn’t move at night. Gudgeon is a typical bentophagous fish. Its diet is based on small invertebrates living on the bottom of the water body. Gudgeon also feeds on roe of other fish species. And it is preyed on by predatory fish. Its appearance is specific. The body is spindle-like, slightly flattened on the side of the belly. The scales are big. Its dorsal surface is tawny greenish, the flanks are silvery with bluish or blackish spots. The abdomen is silvery. The head is flat, eyes are turned upwards. There are dark points on dorsal and caudal fins. Such coloring enables gudgeon to disguise itself on the ground. Its snout is elongated, its lower jaw is shorter, than the upper one, there are barbels on the corners of its mouth. Gudgeon, swimming in the water, may be easily recognized by its pectoral fins spread side-wards, endowing its outline with a triangular shape. The gudgeon is a small fish, its size seldom exceeds 15 cm. Trophy gudgeon caught by me 2018-12-21 Spots: Spots that I used while collecting data for this guide. Spot No.1: (73:85) Red Spot No.2: (86:103) Green Spot No.3: (90:103) Yellow Spot No.4: (101:109) Orange Gear: My setups that I used in this guide. Setup No.1: Setup No.2: Setup No.3: Baits: These are the baits that I used for this guide. Guide: So after giving you all this information through screenshots we need to talk about what I did and how I used everything shown above. Firstly let's talk about my gear, setups and rigs that I used. I used fixed line and slider rigs on my telescopic rods. Both of these rigs works just fine for catching gudgeons. The hooks that I used ranged from size 24 to size 20 hooks. I didn't use bigger hooks than that. The depth that I was going for were ranging from 20cm to 50cm depending on the bite rate. Every session I started with one rod with 20cm depth, one with 35cm and the last one at 50cm. I used the same bait for all rods at start. I was looking for a specific depth where my bite rate would be the best. Most of the time I managed to narrow down my depth to 25-30cm or 35-40cm and then I started playing around with my baits. Secondly let's talk about the spots that I used. In every screenshot of my spots you can see a red circle. That's an area where I was casting my floats and allowed them to drift with the current until they reached their end of line. Once it reached that point I recasted that rod if it didn't get a bite. And I just repeated that cicle over and over. Best spot with the best bite rate for me was Spot No.2 (86:103) Thirdly let's talk about baits. The most common baits that I used in this guide were worms and bloodworms. Every fishing session I started using one of them until I found my desired fishing depth. After that I switched my baits. I had best bite rates while using worms, bloodworms and maggots. Garlic dough and Honey dough produced a decent bite rate with bigger gudgeons. Bite rate on casters wasn't that good for me personally. Bite rate on caddisfly was too slow for my liking and it didn't bring the results that I wanted. Redworms were a great choice for getting trophy gudgeon but that also brought me quite a few other species to the table. Time of the day and weather. Most of the bites that I got were during the day from 6am to 10pm in game time. Bite rate died down during the night since they don't really move during the night. As for weather I was getting best bite rates for me on sunny days. While gathering data for this guide I managed to catch over 200 baitfish sized gudgeon and 11 trophy gudgeons. Baits that got me those trophies were worms, redworms and garlic dough. All my trophies came in in early morning (6AM - 10AM) and in the evening (6PM - 10PM). I hope that this guide will help players that are fishing for gudgeon to use as livebait for other species or those that are still trying to get a trophy gudgeon for their collection. Good luck fishing and tight lines - Gytautelis
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