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  1. RF4 Gold/Premium comp , Volkhov River, Gytautelis 08/21/2019
  2. Official RF4 Mid level competition, Old Burg, 08/21/2019 Cancelled due to lack of players.
  3. The tip setting covers those three lines in main window and all pop ups in other windows that shows the basic information about the window you are looking into. Also this fix has worked for everyone that had this problem and tried it after we suggested it. That is why we are suggesting it. But since it isn't working for you we will have to look for another fix.
  4. Please try these step: Close your game. Launch your game but don't log in. Then switch "Tip" setting to "Show" and hit apply. Close the game. Then launch it again but don't log in. Then switch "Tip" setting to "Hide" and hit apply. Close the game. Then launch it again, check your settings and make sure that they saved and log in and see if that helped. If not then contact support@rf4game.com
  5. We are aware that settings don't save whem changed while you are logged in and only save in the log in screen. We don't have an ETA when it will be fixed, but right now I'm trying to help you remove those pop ups from game so you don't have to see them constantly while playing. So to fix the problem you will need to change your setting before logging in and it should fix the problem.
  6. If you changed your "Tip" option to "hide" before logging in then it should save that setting and you shouldn't see those pop ups. Also you might need to restart your game after changing those settings before logging in.
  7. Hello BigDrock, Have you tried changing your settings before logging into your account? Launch your game and change your settings before you log into your account. This helped me to save my settings. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  8. Official RF4 Low level competition, Mosquito Lake, 08/19/2019 Seasoned-WaterBeetle - Bottom setup visserman233 - Bottom setup Karakondjul - Bottom setup
  9. Gytautelis


    Hello Roland12, Just like @esox2510 said the problem is your hook. It can't hold that much load as your rod, reel and line can. If you switched to a better quality hook from Berserker hooks you won't have that problem. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  10. Hello Tompasticni, Yes those skills apply to that rod if you hold it in your hand and when you are trolling and when it isn't in your hand. But remember that it only applies to that rod. Other rods don't get a bonus to skills from that rod. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  11. Official RF4 Journeyman level competition, Old Burg Lake, 08/16/2019 Kaizzu64 - Bottom setup nicebh123 - Bottom setup nycujo79 - Spinning
  12. Gytautelis


    Hello DouyuTv4756815, Not entirely every player is unique and same stuff might not work for everyone. This isn't a spreadsheet fishing game so you can't just go and copy other players. You can look what they were using and adjust their setups to work for you. So for example if they were using one bait and were catching fish and at the same time you were using it and you weren't catching fish that means you should have tried another bait. But if you are comparing two different fishing session then you have to remember that you had different weather conditions if your friends fished 1 hour before you and then you started fishing and compared these 2 fishing session then you had different weather conditons that might not been the best for that fish species. Also don't forget about your skills since those have some influence in your fish size. There is a lot to take into account when it comes to getting your bite rate as high as you can. Best regards, Gytautelis.
  13. Official RF4 Mid level competition, Winding Rivulet, 08/14/2019 PangGe-busy - Spinning setup ai0706 - Bottom setup MOD1 - Spinning setup
  14. Official RF4 Low level competition, Mosquito Lake, 08/12/2019 Лелик Алкоголик - Spinning setup trolololex - Hasn't responded yet VanhaLahna - Bottom setup
  15. RF4 Gold/Premium comp, Volkhov River 2h, Gytautelis, 8/11/2019
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