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  1. Thanks. I always try to use the lightest float that gets the distance required. I have started to take more notice of the line movement with a submerged float, that may increase my success rate by a few %.
  2. could someone with experience give me advice on the definitive method for striking (and connecting!) when waggler fishing? I don't have a problem with large fish such as carp, rod is in the rod rest and you just wait til the rod bends, but out in a boat at Ladoga for whitefish for example, it's a different matter. Just seems a total lottery to me when you strike as to whether you connect with the fish. IRL it's just a powerful sideways or upwards movement of the rod when the float goes under, in game it's 50/50 if this works, although using a pole it seems to be a reliable method. Someone mentioned using ctrl and rmb together, which seems a perverse added complication vs IRL. I tried the latter, again it rarely seems to work, in fact the rod often doesn't move. What am i doing wrong? Clearly you can't expect to connect with every bite but at the moment it's ridiculous...and frustrating.
  3. Cap_L

    Forum Structure

    Not sure I like the water bodies fixed in order of unlocking. In order of latest post as it used to be was better imho but with them as subforums showing on the main forum index, I guess they may have to be fixed....and there's definitely something positive to be said for having each water body forum being directly accessible on the main page.
  4. according to Russian rf4 admin, this is a DOS attack on the server, not the usual dc issues. If that's the case, I'll cut them some slack on this one.
  5. we're like passengers on a stricken ship with a missing crew. A couple of well meaning stewards try to placate us but they have little or no info, and deep down maybe little or no hope.
  6. Since rtcp was made the default protocol, it's been a nightmare for me with dc's ... before it was just a dc once or twice a week, no real issue but now it's every day multiple times. Don't have any issues with games like WoT and others.
  7. Just curious, but is there a reason why the xp needed to go from level 40 to 41 is totally out of step with previous levels and even next levels?
  8. Catching new fish species and using new baits always seemed to help me. Even catching on a different boilie flavour could raise the skill.
  9. "nerf" is the word we're looking for here
  10. the energy bar in your screenshot looks to be around 70%, it need to be a bit higher for the shovel or bloodworm scoop to work, somewhere around 80%
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