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  1. Cap_L


    Akhtuba Location: hooked around 64:162 in the top 15m hole while drifting. Lure: Huge Minnow 120-001 Sadly I made a minor typo naming the fish, it was late, just had a 150 minute fight and i dare say i was rather excited. Surprisingly RF4 are unable to correct this typo, so please recatch this fish and sell it
  2. The server is back up and players are loggingin but as usual it's not instant for everyone due to the load of thousands trying to log-in at the same time. It is 11:24am CEST as i type this... so 4hrs 24 after the server closed at 7.00am CEST
  3. The server will be restarted and client updated on Tuesday 04/08 at 1:00 am EST / 7:00 am CEST. The process can take up to 4 hours
  4. Hi, Well, only of the current iconless situation ... which I'd guess anyone could emulate. Or do you mean a screenshot of how it used to be?
  5. When using a catapult or throwing stick, you used to get a top left hand corner bait icon (as with a rod in your hand) showing you what was loaded and how many pieces remained. We appear top have lost this since the Tunguska update? Is this a bug or another of those "didn't make it to the patch notes" changes?
  6. it's a cloudflare problem, lots of sites have been impacted.. including mine. RF4 techs are aware
  7. thanks for the clarification. Unhappy that a named fish can be removed... Having it so that named fish stay in circulation irrespective of what a catcher does with it would seem better, we could pretend the fish market or cafe takes pity on such a magnificent fish and puts it back in the water
  8. Having looked at the russian video, seems the zeiman shop could well have been added to the Amber village
  9. Sorry for being a pedantic taxonomist but Leuciscus leuciscus is the nominate species "Common Dace", Siberian Dace should be Leuciscus baicalensis
  10. A Zeiman brand shop has been added to Amber Lake. I suspect the above is a minor error and that the new zeiman brand shop is located at the Tunguska village
  11. And in these exciting moments we tend to pore over every word used by RF4 officialdom the RU forum announcement actually states an update to the game client
  12. We're all wondering, especially after Elwood created the Tunguska forum earlier today ... and traditionally the summer discounts are at the start of July as well
  13. Do you have a game controller of some description plugged in to your pc? joystick, gamepad, wheel? Unplug any controllers and try again.
  14. Sorry to break it to you but you bought the wrong items, the "the westhill blink" versions are visual only, you wanted the westhill "horn" versions that are visual and audible.
  15. well it didn't for me as far as dips and atractants were concerned
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