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  1. Cap_L


    Tunguska. Trolling 7.5m hole during the night
  2. Levo has a repair guide here
  3. Cap_L


    Thanks, first attempt jigging at this spot, trophy within 20 minutes Mosquito Lake -Perch Spot: 97:84 Casting West Texas Rig
  4. it gets progressively harder to increase your skill levels, sitting in one spot catching the same species on the same set-up and bait and the skill rises will dry up. The key is to change maps/species/baits/methods.... i found even changing hook size could squeeze out a few more points. That said, you always need a spot giving a good bite rate.
  5. Although the search system is a major improvement we still spend a long time scanning through almost identical looking items in our inventory, rods, leaders and hooks spring to mind. My suggestion is having the ability to colour code items so it is easily visible at a glance what is what.
  6. it's usually caused by having a game controller plugged in.... do you have a joystick, gamepad or similar plugged in to your pc?
  7. Cap_L


    The players have been crying out for a Perch bait, thanks RF4 To be fair I've been trying it for whitefish at Ladoga as well.
  8. Cannot put trophy card awards on fireplace: I'm guessing this is a bug as these are genuine awards that show in your awards page.
  9. I'd be amazed if there's a 20kg blue pike in Mosquito as records show that the largest Pike ever caught at Mosquito was 10.8kg, which isn't even current trophy size for Pike. Just look at the all time records for Mosquito, if a blue tag for the species hasn't been caught yet, it's probably not going to happen unless the devs step in to change it.
  10. Although I can't be 100% certain as I'm not a dev, I'll say 99.999% certain blue tags are unavailable on some maps... take a look at Ruffe on mosquito, the records all max out 1g below blue tag size, which indicates thats the size limit on mosquito... or at least has been.
  11. No, its only available when the blue tag weight is over 10kg.... so don't expect to be naming a blue tag tench for example, but you can name a blue tag barbel
  12. Cap_L


    Good regularly changed captcha devices, forum software linked to SFS database and active mods covering various timezones will effectively remove 99% of it.
  13. Its a fabulous waterway, have travelled upon it numerous times.... if RF4 decide to depart from Russian based locations for maps or Russia develops a dramatic expansionist policy in to Europe I’m sure it would be right up there as a fishing venue in the game.
  14. With so many fish species duplicated across many maps, it can be tricky researching successful baits if you are fishing a particular map. Weekly records for each map would be a great help if, for example, you are trying to target Arctic Char on Kouri when the weekly list is full of Tunguska caught Arctic Char. It only needs to be an option in records when you are at that particular map, as all time records are for a map.
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