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  1. I fish all methods and enjoy the game, I fish for enjoyment, not to chase level or XP or to make fast credit.
  2. Cod Eyes


    Sura River Bighead Carp 99:114 (G3) Clip: 25m. This fish swam/ran over 200 meters down river, then swam/ran up river a long distance, I finally landed/netted it up near the mill wheel ....
  3. Cod Eyes


    Brown Trout Lower Tunguska River 163:140 (G5).
  4. Thank you for the reply, but personally my thoughts go with any of these "classed as" worm baits, I'm sure a mod/admin will clarify?
  5. Caught a few Broad Whitefish over 3 kg. But no stage 2 qualification?
  6. Sorry, I will rephrase my comment, I do not see a reason?
  7. You can purchase food and drink in the stores, so I do not see your problem?
  8. Cod Eyes


    Lower Tunguska River Lake Minnow 83:159 (D4)
  9. This is at Yama River, but same has happened at Akhtuba River, with the same setup. Can place rod down on ground, but not able to put put away, After casting out No line or lure visible after line retrieval Setup
  10. Cod Eyes


    Volkhov Bleak 110:93 (F6). Clip: 15 meters. Depth: 31 cm.
  11. I suggest that you start a topic in the "Customer Support" section
  12. Here in the UK, less than two or three minutes.
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