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  1. Cod Eyes


    Sura 95:37 Clip 45m Meet Diane
  2. So you created a reply on this forum, just to laugh at me? I thank you for your helpful contribution to RF4. Perhaps I should also mention, that if a kept fish is 6 hours old, it does not necessarily mean the angler has fished for 6 hours!
  3. @lajoskiralytv 87:169 - clip 20m 45:83 - clip 18m 57:138 - (small pond) clip 20m 62:108 - (small pond) clip 25 to 30 meters.
  4. I have to disagree with your opinion!
  5. From the Dairy Shop at Kuori lake, you can also purchase cottage cheese to make the cottage cheese dough.
  6. Cod Eyes


    rape seed 油菜种子 pellets 颗粒 nut mixture 坚果混合物 biscuit 饼干 coriander 香菜
  7. Cod Eyes


    Volkhov. Vimba. Co-ords: 128:90. Clip 17m, direction N/E (towards dock/ buildings).
  8. When you have some spare silver, invest in a landing net, it makes landing large fish a lot easier.
  9. Cod Eyes


    Amber Lake (small pond). Coords: 40:133 Fish Species: Common Carp Bait: Honey dough Groundbait: Helen Van Zandt. Base - semolina Addative - peas Attractant - vanilla
  10. The hair rig is applied automatically when you use boilies as bait, no need to adjust or add anything in settings. The loop rig is applied/changed in your rod settings.
  11. I tried the 61:40 spot just after bart86pl broadcast it, and had poor results. No disrespect to bart86pl as any info regarding new spots/areas and tactics are welcome.
  12. A nice unexpected surprise, not sure what I did?
  13. Tenzen, your float fishing skill appears to be 78.5%, "Sbirolino with soft lure" and "Sbirolino with lure" in "float fishing" do not unlock until float fishing is 100%. Maybe that is the problem.
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