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  1. Answers as above reply, change your bottom fishing methods, go to other maps/waterways and fish for other species/types of fish, it will help to improve/raise fishing skills.
  2. Cod Eyes


    As above, same spot, bait and tackle. Must be on a run
  3. Cod Eyes


    Akhtuba 120:119 Clip 16, towards N/E After midnight (raining).
  4. Yes, you was clipping at 30 meters
  5. This lighter setup, also worked without problem.
  6. I have used this setup without any problems, not sure how much it affects things, but my float fishing skill is 97%.
  7. Cod Eyes


    Old Burg 47:20 clip 10m others
  8. Cod Eyes


    Sura 95:37 Clip 45m Meet Diane
  9. So you created a reply on this forum, just to laugh at me? I thank you for your helpful contribution to RF4. Perhaps I should also mention, that if a kept fish is 6 hours old, it does not necessarily mean the angler has fished for 6 hours!
  10. @lajoskiralytv 87:169 - clip 20m 45:83 - clip 18m 57:138 - (small pond) clip 20m 62:108 - (small pond) clip 25 to 30 meters.
  11. I have to disagree with your opinion!
  12. From the Dairy Shop at Kuori lake, you can also purchase cottage cheese to make the cottage cheese dough.
  13. Cod Eyes


    rape seed 油菜种子 pellets 颗粒 nut mixture 坚果混合物 biscuit 饼干 coriander 香菜
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