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  1. So if Mr. Spammer added 50 new spam posts, would all 50 have to be reported or would one report be enough to cancel all 50?
  2. There is nothing in the rules that states any restriction(s) on the use of groundbait. Good luck.
  3. Cod Eyes


    Thank you Volkhov River Eel 105:92 (F6) Clip: 10 m.
  4. Hello dinosaur1950. Not an answer, but I seem to think that "Wild Carp" could have been added to the waterways after the"fried carp" recipe was introduced? I also seem to remenber that Wild Carp first appeared when Sura River was added in the game, but could be wrong.
  5. Sorry I do not fish at Akhtuba very often, but perhaps I should go and visit to try out what you say. Regards Cod.
  6. Just remembered In some of the waterways that I fished, fish responded well to feed introduced by a spod, while at some of the waterways the use of a spod would actually deter fish from feeding. Just a thought
  7. And just to complicate things ... How do know fish at that area of Akhtuba will respond to feed introduced by in rocket feeder? How do you know that the feed is not washed away from the area by the flow of water/stream? Personally I would carry on fishing, it is not fishing in real life, just a very good game.
  8. Thought I would go and give this low price/level spinning tackle a try out at Belaya. Rod: Express Fishing Corona S60L, price - 18.50 silver. Reel: Express Fishing Spark 2000S, price - 8.50 silver. Line: Express Fishing Super Line - 5lb (2.3 kg), price - 4 silver. No leader. 2 spinners: I x USSR Old spinner lure, available for free at Cottage Pond, (rusty hook changed). 1 x Express Fishing Furry T01 spinner, price - 1.8 silver, (hook changed). 2 Treble Hooks: (low price), but I would normally use hooks of a lot higher price/quality. 1 x Happy Three TPL - 10F S6, 9.70 silver. 1 x Happy Three TPL - 10F S8, 9.90 silver. Bought at Mosquito Lake or Winding Rivulet, total cost: 52.40. I do not fish at Belaya very often and did no research or know of any hot spots, I just moved around trying random areas. And if and when I do travel back to Belaya, I am sure I could do a lot better with the same tackle and lures used in this test. Caught in (32 minutes) just over half a game day.
  9. Cod Eyes


    Sura River Volga Zander 46:36 (C8) Clip: 25 m.
  10. To me, the sun does not seem to be a large problem in this game, it can create water surface glare for a very short period of game time, but no where is it long enough to disrupt comfort or fishing methods.
  11. There are camp sites on all the maps, so I do not see how or why that would that be a great benefit game?
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