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  1. Cod Eyes


    Amber Lake. 132:147, (G4). Clip 30.
  2. Cod Eyes


    Old Burg 43:32 (F7) Clip 15
  3. Map - Akhtuba River Spot - 101:138 Bait - fly Challenge Fish
  4. Your question has been asked before, the answer was: "No, lights do not effect bite rate".
  5. This explains and makes sense to me
  6. Cod Eyes


    Volkhov Three trophies from one spot. (100:93). Today, under 2 hours (two days game time). Gibel Carp on bottom rod Bleak and Frog on telescopic pole.
  7. Map: Volkhov River Spot: 100:93 Bait: fly
  8. Answers as above reply, change your bottom fishing methods, go to other maps/waterways and fish for other species/types of fish, it will help to improve/raise fishing skills.
  9. Cod Eyes


    As above, same spot, bait and tackle. Must be on a run
  10. Cod Eyes


    Akhtuba 120:119 Clip 16, towards N/E After midnight (raining).
  11. Yes, you was clipping at 30 meters
  12. This lighter setup, also worked without problem.
  13. I have used this setup without any problems, not sure how much it affects things, but my float fishing skill is 97%.
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