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  1. Umm...just a hunch...wouldnt this involve the youtuber first broadcasting his password to begin with? A comp holder does have the ability to kick a player from a comp. Personally i dont see the problem, why would a youtuber wish to limit his exposure by alienating potential followers or minimizing a potential comp payout?


    Just jokes RF4 rainintro.mp4
  3. Well thats one way to get me to spend time at OB Still had fun. On to the next one.


    This isn't a topic i wanted to talk about, for several reasons. What the heck is up with my RNG? Allow me to put this into perspective,pls. I streamed the other night for 15 hours. In that time, i averaged out at a whooping $150 silver an hr, give or take. Small fish after small fish. Okay, Chalk it up to whatever. But this has continued on & on & on. Tonight, 7 hours,real time fishing Ladoga,solely for char. The entire evening i managed 1 char over 2kg, and 1 red char over 2 kg. Thats it. 2 chars over 2 kg. I dont want to be that guy b*tching about the game,especially on stream, its no fun for me or anyone else, but it honestly feels like im getting the middle finger here. I get we all go through the struggles once in a while, but lately its ALL been a giant struggle. years of playing this game and currently, id get schooled by a lvl 16 player. What gives? It's like someone is sitting back in there chair deciding who has rng and who doesn't. I've only given 2 examples, but those in charge can see what i am and am not catching. This isn't fun anymore. I certainly dont expect trophy's on the daily, but i do expect more than i keep getting. 7 real hours guys, of catching 1kg char... Ive changed maps, changed species, changed setups, changed baits....same sub-par results, over & over & over. Tonight i think i managed around or just under $150 silver an hr, again. at lvl 40. RNGEESUS SAVE ME. If i were carp fishing, id expect the normal subpar results, Ive never had rng in that dept. But now spin fishing too? C'mon man....you're killing me.
  5. Team Name: LicensedHookers Team Captain: Badfish1 Team members: Sir Bon Packrat31306 sale zoom Azin90 please delete my post prior to this. (world doesnt need to know i cant count)
  6. Yes. i agree. i too need more than a measly100 sbiten and tea.
  7. Okay. thank you for getting back with me. Have a Merry Christmas. Cheers.
  8. that makes sense. hopefullly once things calm down they change that. i need muh tea & Sbiten thx goregrinder.
  9. hmmm. not sure if thats the case. my friend bought more than that. she said she got 1000 cup of tea. i got 200, i think, cant remember how many i bought. weird Maybe ur right.
  10. Christmas event wont allow me to purchase cups of tea nor Sbiten. When i try it say inventory is full, but i can still purchase everything else from the event. Ive relogged and nothing changed. My inventory has 5705 items. Thx for you help. BADFISH1
  11. I love that theres been a huge effort on part of the community and strimmers in creating season tournaments. Its something that has been desired by the community for a long time. And has been tried previously before dwindling, I imagine this has more to do with it takes a great deal of time and effort, its a daunting task to say the least. So my question is , Why hasn't RF4 already implemented this style of game play? Personally speaking, I play the game these days more as a time waster than anything else, while the qualifications do give us something new to do, its really, well kind of pointless, perhaps a better way of putting it is, unrewarding, to a certain degree. But nice. Why doesn't RF4 create its own season tournaments? In terms of aiding game longevity and more interest, wouldn't this be a good thing in the long run? You'd still have streamers headlining the events, but it would certainly generate more interest and numbers of players. I remember back in the day RF4 had its issues, and finally asked the community for suggestions, etc...you received a ton of suggestions. Including mine, which was make it possible to lower the boat motor volume. Which of those suggestions did RF4 implement? If any? It seems each update we're greeted with surprises, but they have tended to be things no one asked for. Not bashing rf4, rather confused after all these years why some easy implementations / suggestions have largely been ignored to this day.
  12. Christmas sale: Eggnog - 5000 silver
  13. RESOLVED.....I'm leaving my descriptive post for anyone else that has an AMD RX 5700XT GPU. Make sure that you have V-SYNC enabled in game and on the GPU. Unbelievable solution that makes zero sense. But it reduced my GPU usage to normal rates, as well as VRAM and FPS to 144 (still higher than i have set) I think this is a matter of coding within the game it self. And possibly with AMD's coding as well. They apparently dont play well together. Sorry to bother you Elwood.
  14. Correction : it is running the game between 340 - 350 FPS. maxed out GPU, on 'fastest' setting ingame. Im not even sure 350 fps is possible. During load in screen it runs the GPU at 66% with 4200 fps. lol. If i cant fix this i think im going to just uninstall the game and move on. My GPU is UNDERCLOCKED, not overclocked. Slightly, which is normal for this particular GPU.
  15. Elwood, bad news. I made all the adjustment in the GPU to limit the frame rate. All the way down to 30fps, which is the lowest setting i have. In game i have set all the settings to their lowest setting, as well as turning off anything not required, like fog, etc. None of these things made a bit of difference. My GPU is still pegged at 100% the moment i look at the water. I have turned off every single option on the GPU as well, its literally running this game with no demand whatsoever. Ive even put it on power saver mode. Nothing makes a difference. The FPS ingame is still well over 100fps, in many cases its well over 200 fps, with the settings limited it still exceeds it. Ive no idea what is going on, the card tests out to be fine, and i only have this issue with RF4. My rendering/compositing software, Blender, rarely ever hits 100% under the heaviest of loads. What am i missing? I understand in video game water is usually the more taxing part of an environment, in most games, but even still i dont have this issue with other games that involve water. I am beyond confused. I havent been able to play this RF4 due to this issue. Is it an optimization issue with RF4? I have heard other players having similar issues. Not pointing any fingers but at this point, unless im totally overlooking something, it sorta looks like a lack of optimization. Any thoughts? Ideas? Thanks again. EDIT: Per your previous advice the temps were reduced, but that appears to be the only positive. I am baffled why the FPS is soo high with the settings set at the minimum. It's almost like the GPU doesn't care. RF4 in of itself isn't an intensive game. I ran this on my othercomputer with a GPU so old and out of date without an issue.
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