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  1. I don't really agree with the way the lakes are spread out, it's a weird system that makes you have to go from level 20 to level 24 before getting to see anthing new. Even if a player gets to a new lake they still have to get the gear to fish, so it's not like anyone is gonna get a real big advantage if we change the required levels. I think we should change the system to : Oldburg - Lvl12 > Belaya - Lvl14 > Kuori - Lvl16 > Bear Lake - Lvl18 > Volkhov - Lvl20 > Sura - Lvl22 > Ladoga - Lvl24 > Akhtuba - Lvl26 This way we have a new place to explore every 2 levels, and is a lot cleaner of a system. Also with being considered a *high level* for competition standards at lvl23. It'd make sense to have sura unlocked.
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