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  1. hello. from what I read about it. Fluorocarbon works well with salmonid species (salmon, trout, etc.) and directly affects the bit rate. For carp and some other species I think that braided is more effective for setting the hook on the fish. that´s only my opinion. Regards.
  2. Hello, If i´m not mistaken there´s an opcion for glowing on the Settings Menu... i think.
  3. What a nice fish!!! come on there's bigger fish there!!! let´s go for it!!!! Good Luck all!!!
  4. Good Luck man. can u show you're 2nd set up? look's good.
  5. Agree . This is going great. More expensive Equipment. fish went to another game. i wonder what´s comming soon. I always follow the fish.... so... we will see.
  6. Can you put a Happy Hour CountDown on Screen? Thanks
  7. Can you put happy Hour contdown on screen?
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