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  1. Norwegian Sea competition for Electro Raptor 40 hosted by Red Rock Panda on Saturday October 14th, 12.30 CEST/6.30 AM EST https://www.twitch.tv/redrockpanda Stream will start at 11.30 CEST/5.30 AM EST. Registration for the competition will start at 12.00 CEST/6.00 AM EST. Competition will start at 12.30 CEST/ 6.30 AM EST. Norwegian Sea - Atlantic Wolffish, Atlantic Cod, Common ling Competition duration - 36hrs in game hrs. Rewards: 1st place: Electro Raptor 40 2nd place: 5000 silver coins 3rd place: 4000 silver coins Rewards will be payout within 5 days of the end of the competition. Twitch RedRockPanda - Twitch
  2. Map: Bear Lake Location 55:32 Bait: Old Pal Cocos & Cream Pellets 18 & Old Pal Coco & Cream 16 Pop-Up + Old Pal Cream Dip ING: RedRockPanda
  3. Map : Yama River Coords : 142:205 Lure/Bait : Spiker #2 010 In game name : redrockpanda
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    The idea with seasons in the game would give players something different to focus on every 4 days to keep the game fresh and interesting. Also to focus efforts on certain species they wish to trophy for personal, trophy location cards and now qualifications. For me personally I'm still yet to get a Frog, Ide & Perch for my Mosquito trophy card. If there were seasons I could focus on a certain species that has been alluding me for some time. I could chase the missing Ide during Summer for example. Fishing seasons Seasonal fish species get an additional 10% chance of bite rate & 10% increased chance of a trophy. (along the same lines as a 10% bonus you get with certain fishing rods) 3 month season = 90 days = 90 IRL (In Real Life) hours = 4 days 4 days = 1 Season IRL Days 0-4 - December, January and February are WINTER IRL Days 5-9 - March, April, May are SPRING IRL Days 10-14 - June, July and August are SUMMER IRL Days 15-19 - September, October, November are AUTUMN The offset approach not only falls inline with with 24 game hours = 1 IRL hour. It also allows the game seasons to be staggered with real life. So those of us who cannot play this game everyday and may miss out on a season they were focusing on, will get the opportunity again in another 2 weeks time. For example: Spring - Atlantic Salmon Summer - Pink Salmon Autumn - Taimen Trout Winter - Pike In addition to this the weather should reflect the season patterns: The wetter season lasts 5.9 months, from 14 May to 11 November, with a greater than 25% chance of a given day being a wet day. The chance of a wet day peaks at 35% on 21 June. The drier season lasts 6.1 months, from 11 November to 14 May. The smallest chance of a wet day is 16% on 20 March. With the addition of more focused weather patterns could also give players the ability to target certain species. Certain fish species do better in rain while others in full sunshine. *** Forgive any inaccuracies with data. I'm relying on Google for Russian seasonal information. But hopefully you get the general idea.
  5. My only suggestion would be. If a named fish is caught again by someone else, if they click "keep" rather than release, they are prompted with "are you sure?". I quite often go into autopilot and press keep rather than release. It would be a shame if someone accidently kept it.
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