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  1. I have been using braid leaders on the new rigs since the map came out. Only recently I have experiemented with flouro. I did not notice much a difference on bite rate between the two. All you can really do is try one rod with braid, one with nylon and one with flouro. Use the same baits and rig type and see if one excels. It is a hard thing to really test as the bite rate fluctuates throughout the hours. Being that Amber is not a clear lake, I think that is why it is hard to test and I am not seeing much of a variation and probably makes little difference on material used for leader. If you go to a map like Kuori, where the water is clear, I would assume that it would be something you could see more differences in.
  2. I honestly feel they all work about the same. I put points into a sinking boilie rig, a popup boilie rig and maggot rig and feel that covers all my basis and gives me the ability to use all the types of baits. The only difference I do on my rigs is think about my leader length. So on rigs where you are using a cage, ie paternoster, loop, method feeder, I will use a short 10cm leader to keep the cage near my baits and have attractant localized to the bait itself. The sinker in the picture will be substituted for a cage if you choose to use a cage. In the picture, I have 60cm leaders attached. For all other rigs, or if I am using a sinker and pva instead of a cage on the previous rigs I mentioned, I will use a 60cm leader to keep the bait and attractant away from the sinker to reduce the cautious levels the sinker may cause. It is all theory I have adapted from researching real life fishing and am not sure if it applies in a video game, but always best to do what you can to help your chances. The leader length will have no effect on how high a popup boilie will float in the water. It will popup the same height regardless of leader length. It only determines how far away the hook and pva will sit away from the sinker. I attached a picture that shows what I mean. The 60cm leader is the distance from the sinker and the hair that the baits sit on is always the same length no matter which leader you use.
  3. I find that you can over saturate an area with gb and cause negative effects, but it takes a lot, like over 50. I usually just spod once a day, so a shot of 10. Sometimes I do not spod at all if I have gb/pva already on each of my rods. I always spod when I use match rigs. Most drymix/pva/gb will last between 16-27 hours ingame, depending on which ingredients you use. It will say on the mix itself how long it should last. Generally I will spod at around 5am to get ready for the morning bite an then it it will run out around midnight on the mixes I use.
  4. You use drymix in the spod and cast it out to where your hooks are.
  5. Click on the players tab at the top of chat. Type their name in bottom bar and then hit Global Search button.
  6. You still came on the forums with a second account to complain about someone using a second account. Just stop.
  7. And btw, I checked out your profile ingame and you were level 12. You seem to know a lot about the gold bait economy for someone who just unlocked Old Burg. So I assume you used one of your second or third accounts to log onto these forums to gripe about a streamer in a upcoming patch thread. Guessing you didn't have the guts to use your main. Just a hunch, but tell me I am wrong. The irony was strong with this one.
  8. Two accounts being played has never been an issue. There was streamers in the past that did it as well. The issue was never trading gold baits and why we are still able to do it after this update. The issue was botters playing 24 hours a day, while afk, buying gear with silver and selling it for gold baits. It became to much of a strain on the economy from the companies viewpoint. This update is to solve that problem.
  9. So you are wondering if a f2p game would be okay if you paid for 3 accounts of premium per month to send gold bait to yourself? My guess is, they won't mind.
  10. This is not so much about the upcoming change as more my thoughts in general on the evolution of this game over the years. I do not think people are as concerned about trading tackle with one another as we are constantly feeling kicked when we are already down. I think that if the changes in the game were not generally geared towards hindering our money generation or reducing/eliminating an aspect of the game we enjoyed over the years, the situation would not have snowballed into what is currently happening. In 2018 we waited almost the entire year for new maps. Then in 2019 we waited another year for the next map. We stayed with the game after multiple livebait nerfs, rod test adjustments, 3 months of disconnects, trophy size changes, loss of repairing rod blanks, the list goes on and on. In that same time we have hardly received any quality of life improvements. Things that come to mind are the ability to see weather on a map without paying to travel there. Seeing our player on the map. Having the ability to hover over an icon in store to see how many of that item we have in our backpack. There may be a couple more that I cant remember but they are such minor improvements and things that should have been implemented long before 2-3 years after release. We were expected to appreciate these improvements but mostly just felt it was basic stuff that should have already been there. If we do get a quality of life improvement, we know that we have to wait through 5 more changes that negatively effect us before we see something that barely improves the game for us again. It is a hard pill to swallow as a player in a game that is already fairly punishing and time consuming. There is a disconnect between the devs and the players that is felt hard by the majority of the community, and at this point we do not feel respected or even acknowledged. Our voices are just not heard. I feel this is where the problem is rooted. Regardless of what this current change was they are implementing, the reaction would be the same. We have our backs so far up against the wall at this point that there is no more room to cower and take it. Just like in the animal kingdom, when you eventually get pushed into a corner, there is no where else to go except on the attack. If we had received a proper balance of nerfs vs improvements over the years, then I am sure that it would be easier for the playerbase to accept that drastic measures needs to be taken to combat the current financial situation the company is in. The more support we get, the more we would give back. At the end of the day, no one wants to see the game shutdown. There was a time in this game that players were on the developers side and were more understanding of their choices. When I started playing this game in the beginning of 2018, there was more of a team feeling between the players and the developers. Over time, this feeling has changed and it now just feels like a war. Emotions are running high because we want to play this game. We want to see it become better. We are paying with our time and money to test your unfinished product. We are the ones helping feed your families. We just want a better experience from something that we invest so much time and money into. We want to be treated as fairly as you treat yourselves. I think we deserve that for the support we have shown. But when you make us feel not important, not heard, and not involved, an angry and disgruntled mob is all you will see back in return. Until the company changes its approach to the community, shows us more respect on game balancing and better returns for our time spent playing, things will only continue to get worse. Small problems will always blow up into big problems based on the frustration levels we have.
  11. Don't get confused. They are doing this because it is losing them money. People are buying gear from botters with gold baits at a reduced price compared to them having to buy the item itself. They realize these people are buying gold to buy gear, but they just want them to buy the gear at full price from them. It has nothing to do with them caring about our records on the leaderboards. So because they can not control the botters, we all pay the price in functionality of the game.
  12. Find a way to monitor your logs better. Watch who does excessive trading and examine if they could be a bot. Do something else than making us players ALWAYS pay for your shortcomings. I have been playing this game over 2 years now and I have only ever seen these bandaid fixes that really only seem to benefit the developers and crash down on the playerbase. I don't know how many bots are in this game, ruining your "economy", but I so tired of the 99% of us paying for the 1%'s sins. You guys take and take and never seem to give back. You will fix bugs that effect your "financial situation", but things that effect us go untouched for years. It is ridiculous at this point. You should really be ashamed of yourselves.
  13. I'll dabble in this. IGN BigDrock aka Swanson aka Giant Killer aka Sir Handsome
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