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  1. How is this still a thing after a month of being in game? Honestly just feels like no one on the development team cares about the future of this game at all at this point.
  2. I see you modified your post after I quoted it. I appreciate you adding the last sentence in and are willing to look further into the concern. It is not a game breaking issue for me but just more of an annoyance. I understand if it takes a bit to get any answers on it.
  3. We are beating on a dead horse here. I already said in the original post that I had it turn off, or set to hide. That is not fixing the issue. If my settings would save while ingame, I am sure that would work. But since nothing will save locally on my PC when ingame, it will also not save that I looked at the popups.
  4. Although I knew that wouldn't help, I tried it anyway. No change. The widgets are what is shown on your hud when you play, aka compass, player level, etc. To be more specific, the Tip Widget removes the text you see in the top left of your screen when you are playing. It removes the 3 lines of text that show you to press esc for control panel, F1 for quick help and Q for chat. I do not believe it has anything to do with the popups in the menu screens. I have already asked support about this, aka Elwood, and he said the same things you have. This isn't the way to fix the issue. This is the technical issues part of the forum and needed to post here. Please have someone look into this and get back to me when you can.
  5. The Tip widget is on 'Hide'. It have been that way since I started playing in 2018. That is not fixing my issue.
  6. I also said I turned that off. I called it hints on accident. Even if that setting has something to do with the popups, it wont save to the file that I looked at them because it does not save anything while ingame.
  7. Yes. That was literally the second sentence I wrote. My issue is not so much the settings, it is the popups that won't register that I have viewed them and I need to deal with them every time I log in. The two issues have to be connected.
  8. My settings will not save ingame. The settings will only stick when I change them on the login screen. I have had this issue for around 8 months but it had never really bothered me because it is rare that a setting needs to be changed. Being that I am recently trying to fix the the disconnect issue, I have reinstalled the game several times. Now that I have reinstalled the game, it has reset all my popup tooltips that show whenever I open any menu. I assume because my settings will not save ingame, that the tooltip popups are also linked and effected by this. It is fairly annoying to have to deal with these popups, on every single window I open, whenever I log into the game. I have tried many methods to try and correct this but none work. Things I have tried: - Deleted the appdata files and anything related to RF4 during reinstalls. - Run as administrator - Reinstall OS - Move install to different drives - Remove 'read-only' on all files and folders related to game. - Turned off 'Hints' in options. (this is not the cause btw, this only removes the text in the top left of the screen when playing) When I try to remove the read-only option on the files and folders, it will automatically put them back on. I believe this is the issue I am experiencing with not being able to save once I have logged into the game. I also believe the files being read-only is what is not letting me save. I also believe that is what is causing me an issue with the menu popups. Due to the constant disconnects I am dealing with over the past month, it is causing me to relog at least 2-10 times a day. Each time I relog to fix the disconnect, I now have to deal with all the popups each time.
  9. I realize that. The whole issue here is that the RF4 team will not publicly take any of this responsibility upon themselves. I have only seen mods making support posts for players to check their routers, or players to send in information from their network. Now it is being blamed on nodes around the world. I have not changed my hardware, software, ISP, or anything since I first installed this game over a year and a half ago. I am sure something was modified or changed on your end to cause these issues. Perhaps you changed your server provider or something of that nature. I understand this game is in beta, but we are not talking about a groundbait bug or something that people can work around. We are talking about the game virtually being unplayable for many people due to this disconnect issue. I disconnect more times in one day than I did in the previous 1.5 years combined. If you look at the steam stats page for you game, you can see you have lost about 40-50% of you playerbase since February due to various reasons, mostly lack of new content. I understand that there is a separate standalone launcher as well, but people are people and the numbers have to be about the same for that as well. Now we have a disconnect issue that has persisted for around 4 weeks now with no solution. Each time there is a patch to try and address it, it has just made it worse for a lot of people. In the 20 years I have been online gaming, I have never seen an issue of this nature persist for more than a few days before it was fixed by the development team. The community just wants to see the game succeed and that is a big reason why it has become such a point of frustration for many people. We want to play this game, we want to support its development, we want to work beside the dev team to see this game grow. When you look at it from our point of view, it always feels as if changes and direction of this game only are to benefit the company and we as players are very rarely ever shown much compassion. One perfect example was when the dead livebait bug was fixed but the groundbait bug was not. The one that effected the dev team profits was addressed, while the one that effects players still lingers for over 2 years. You put up posters and advertisement for new content in game, eg reels, boat motors etc, and then 6+ months goes by without even an word from RF4 on it. When your new team came on and took over, you had made a post about how things were going to different and better. Right out of the gate there was nerfs to bleak. Still no new content. No bug fixes. Now a game breaking issue in the disconnects that have persisted for around a month and the only feedback we get it is not RF4's fault but "nodes" around the world. I don't know what it will take to remedy this disconnect issue, as I am not technically trained to do so. I do however know as a consumer like myself, and others, we deserve better than waiting so long for such a serious issue to be resolved. Many people, including me, have thousands of hours and hundreds/thousands of dollars invested into the game and deserve a better product/service than what has been provided to us during this 2019 year. I am not trying to start an fight or anything here. As you can see, I have only posted on the forums 3 times in the 1.5+ years I have played this game. I have been very understanding with the dev team and kept to myself in regards to all the issues that have caused me grief over the time I played. I have got to a point now where the disconnects are so blatantly ruining my experience with the game that I felt something needed to be said. I hope you recognize how detrimental the current state of the game is to the future of RF4, eg disconnects, bugs, massive spans of time with no content, and put all your efforts into finding solutions in a timely fashion. Priority obviously falls on a solution for the disconnects currently. I want to continue to play this game, see it succeed and do great things, and I know other people I play with do as well. What I feel the playerbase needs from the dev team at this moment is more honest communication, a roadmap on the future of this game with dates, and much quicker response times to the bugs and glitches. This is what we need from you to regain our trust and hopefully see some of our fallen comrades return to a game they once loved. I will not make any further posts in regards to how I feel about the current state of the game as I feel this sums it up fairly well. I hope you take what I said to heart as I do love this game and know the people I play with do as well. Even through these issues I have listed today, we still stand by your side and log on to play everyday. It says a lot about the support we have shown RF4 over the years and all we ask if to be reciprocated back some of that effort and dedication we have put forth on our end. Mic off.
  10. Sounds like a lot of fluff. I disconnect 6-10 times a day and live no were near Germany. This should have been fixed weeks ago.
  11. Whatever you guys did to the protocol did not fix it. If anything, it is worse than before. Yes I am on the RTCP. I got the spinning circle 4 times in the first hour I played today. I think you seriously need to get on top of the bugs, issues and lack of content updates in this game. Players are dropping off like flies out here and not returning.
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