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  1. 44-150, clipped at 110 (max) - pizza fish on bleaks
  2. In this method of fishing, the float is used as a bite indicator, instead of the bells or alarms. The float method is actually a lot more sensitive to some bites than if you are using a standard rig with weight and bell. For example, when a carp takes the bait and lifts it straight up off the floor. With standard rig, you wont get the alarm going off, and if lucky, you may see the line going slack. With a carp match float rig, the carp does the same take, and the float lifts and then lays flat on the water. Hope that helps.
  3. As you may have noticed, float fishing for carps with the match rods now works differently with certain setups. Float Carp Hair Rig Carp Pop Up Rig Depth and why it matters I am fishing Amber Lake at 64:94 and I know that there are fish 30m to 40m out from the peg. I set my casting clip to 35m. From the use of the marker rod, I know that the depth at that spot is 2.05m, so i set the line fishing depth to 2.25m These two setups have the sinker sitting on the bottom, with the leader and baits trailing from it, either lying on the bottom, or floating just above. You can think of it as bottom fishing, using the float as a bite indicator. Cast out your tackle, and reel in slightly until the float tip is showing. If your depth is set to deep, the float will lie on the surface. The float presentation is slightly different than you may be used to, with just the tip showing on most float choices. When the fish takes the bait, a few things can happen with the float. If the fish takes the bait and lifts the sinker off the bottom, then the float will start to rise in the water, and may even lay flat. If the fish is taking the bait away or at an angle, the float may dance a while then sink. The bite is also different. Unless the fish takes the bait and swims directly away from you, it will usually not hook itself like it can when bottom fishing with carp rods. The fish may play with the bait for quite a while before finally taking it. Choose the time for hookset carefully.
  4. Dear Fellow Anglers, This post is to answer questions about and clarify the differences between skill bonuses and ability bonuses that occur on much of the gear in the game. Basically, we differentiate between bonuses on skills (the main areas, such as Bottom Fishing, Bait Harvesting etc, everything that is calculated with %) and abilities (the specializations within the skills such as Fishing with Feeder Rod, Using Paternoster, Worms in Bait Harvesting, etc.) In the fishing shop, there are several pieces of equipment that give bonuses, such as on abilities: on skills: and on experience: The following rules apply: 1. Bonuses are only active when fishing with the rod. If the rod is just in your inventory, bonuses are not applied 2. Each rod stands by itself. Example: You have already scored 3 points in Using Bolognese Rig and are fishing with 3 Rods with +1 bonus each on Bolognese Rig, You have the skill 4 (3+ 1) on each rod. 3. On abilities, it is possible to increase skills beyond the skill tree. Example: You have already leveled the skill "Using Bolognese Rig" with 3 points and your current rod gives you another +1 bonus, it counts as +4. 4. Skill bonuses allow you to fish at a higher percentage skill level. Example: I have an ability value of 81% in Bottom Fishing, but would like to fish with Method Feeder. Fortunately, I have a + 10% rod for Bottom Fishing, so I can fish with Method using with this rod. 5. Bonuses on abilities that bring the value above 100% will stack. For example, a 10% bonus on top of 100% would achieve a skill of 110%. 6. Experience bonuses apply to the fish caught using this rod. Example: If you fish with an Ultralight rod with + 100% xp and use either feeder or float rod, only fish that got caught with the Ultralight will get the bonus. Greetings and Happy Fishing Your RF4 team
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