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  1. One more question that popped up about ground baits. Would casting a 10/10 PVA on a rod, after that a rod with 9/10(or less) pva in the same radius, would that cancel the 10/10 or still be a boost for the shared radius?
  2. Sorry and apologize. I didn't want to be rude and I didn't know @ZedMcJack used to be staff.
  3. Sorry but I don't want to sound rude but I just want a fact here and not a believe or tinfoil hat theorie.
  4. Then why does the forum say he's a member and not staff, admin or moderator?
  5. RF4 staff responses only please, thanks for your appreciation
  6. Does having any light on effect fish bite rate? Like flashlight or a lantern?
  7. Hello RF4, long time player Belly is getting an multiple FGA every single day and we just cant find why he's this unlucky. We tried different hooks, leaders, he sets the hook with CTRL+RMB, doesn't stress the line,... So we're wondering if you have a way to see if something is wrong or being done wrong by Belly to get so many FGA every day while others in our chat hardly ever get FGA fishing for the same fish. I play nearly 15 hours every day and I can go for multiple IRL days without getting a single FGA.
  8. Trying to find the silver carps... they're wining... Anyone know the weather conditions they need?
  9. occasionally when you craft 9/10 or 10/10 quality lure it will look like 01/10 Is it going to perform like 01/10 or 10/10 ? Example #2: Left 9/10 quality, right 10/10, the 9/10 looking to be less quality then 9/10
  10. Fished got hooked on a bottom rig , picked up rod and, stress meter jumps to orange/yellow and then the fullscreen went black. Could not go to menu, switching apps worked as normal. Going back to rf4 app, still black screen no sounds, no menu
  11. I have noticed that only 10 ground baits will be rendered at any given time, is correct to assume that in this case there can only be 10 pva/GB active at any time then? or 10 + 10 + spot is possible?
  12. Would it be possible to make café orders visible before traveling to a map? Maybe in game or on the website?
  13. When changing setup config pva gets unequipped in the list for when casting the rod it's still equipped. Many times PVA is also shows on the UI, but in the rod setup ui, it's not equipped, you need to equip a random pva to be able to remove it from the rod.
  14. I just completed Rank 6 requirements to be ready once I finally get rank 5 done. But now that I completed Rank 6 and Rank 5 is still far from complete, I still did get awarded rank 5 ?!
  15. Yeah I guess it's more like that for reels but for rods the first applies
  16. Actually it does see this post:
  17. I think wear on all equipment is displayed wrong in the info tab. It only shows the wear on the main part and not in overall giving the angler a wrong idea of the state and actual capacity of his gear. Since the wear on every single part lowers the capacity or strength of gear, I believe it would be best to show the total wear %. As you can see in pictures below one of my rods would have 4.7% but in reality it has 22.2% and therefor it's down to about 30kg capacity and not 37kg! The same for reels! Below you can see my Tagara 6000 at 9.1% but in reality it has 23.9% wear! Losing not 1kg strength but 4.44kg!
  18. This game is one big grind and it will never change to less. If you don't like grinding for progress I'm sure there are other games for your taste. But I can assure you that with the multitude of skills to unlock these days even a lvl 42+ can have many hard times getting trophy X or Qualifications It all boils down to, lots of hard work and pure luck
  19. Not all shops can carry out every repair or replacement, try another shop. Beluga shop in Ladoga can repair all parts of all Beluga reels.
  20. Got it. So using any boilie size to crush doesn't make any difference? Since we still get a sized item after crushed strawberry 16 and 22 for example but to make any of those crushed boilies there will always be 25 boilies consumed, no matter what size they are. That's another part that doesn't really make sense since we always end up with the same amount or weight of crushed boilies.
  21. How often are these stocks resupplied ?
  22. yes I get that but people have to buy nearly everything one at a time... pressing buy 10 times or more For grocery items it would be nice to have buttons for 25, 50, 100 with 1 button click For boilies and baits this is often already in place
  23. Okay so if I understand this correctly: Crushed boilies to attract more fish, any size complete boilies to raise chance of getting target size fish + any size
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