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  6. Thanks it does seem that does solve peoples problems, but we can not recommend it as it is out of the scope of what we offer for support. That being said, we have had many reports of players solving their installation problems by reinstalling windows when all the other remedies fail.
  7. Thanks. If you've already done a clean uninstall and reinstall I am unsure of where to go next. Have you had any problems installing/updating any other software?
  8. @GoregrinderHave you tried reinstalling windows? Not a suggestion - just gathering information at this point.
  9. @Zed895Nice catch. I will get with the author and see if they can fix it.
  10. @volarkoPlease start a new topic. This post is related to graphical corruption more than fish got away.
  11. Hello - please provide the information requested in the 'contacting support' section of that post so we can dig deeper.
  12. @callzekePlease try updating your grpahics drivers, and if that does not resolve the problem - reinstalling the game using the instructions in this post for a clean reinstall https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-trouble-shooting-steps/. Please let us know if either solves the problem. Also, what video card do you have?
  13. @henrichsmithPlease go to this post:https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-trouble-shooting-steps/ and work through the steps for Fish do not register, disconnects, long load times, or other network instability and then Problems with Game Installation, Updates, or Instability after a patch. If the problem is not resolved then please follow the directions under contacting support in that post and provide all requested information. This information is for us to be able to dig deeper into your problem.
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