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  1. The game is in early access. We do not have an ETA on optimization.
  2. Yes - a few of the graphics functions like moving grass are known resource hogs.
  3. RF4 is not fully optimized yet. Because of this it can hit the CPU hard at times. You CPU is around the minimum specifications which is causing the difficulty. Try turning off Moving Grass only and see if that helps your FPS. If you need more of a boost. Turning off shadows is a good performance booster as well.
  4. We cannot tell you anything about any investigation we perform. Also if you sent the email this weekend, we take a break on the weekends - you should get a thank you for your report email. But that is all you will get on the matter.
  5. Ragnarocek is correct. This behavior when caught will lead to disciplinary actions, the least of which is a large sentence in the penalty pond and the worst a permanent block from the game.
  6. Elwoodiath2

    Hot Spots

    Did you check here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2939-akhtuba-river/ ?
  7. Please send an email to transfer@rf4game.com with your in game name, and the region you want to transfer to.
  8. Use Vengas - please remember these fish are huge. I cannot give you exact numbers but I will tell you that one of your fish was 250kg+ and the other was 300kg+
  9. Hello - so your machine should be able to run the game, but I am seeing two bits of weirdness. First off your systems is reporting two different graphics cards and the both seem to be using the same shared memory. Try disabling the on board Vega 8 graphics. If you cannot do that, try this article https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/dh-017 and see if that helps. What I am seeing is that your video driver is crashing. The cards may be conflicting with each other.
  10. So the clip behaves just like it does in RL, if you set a clip on a real life rod and then YOLO the cast, your liable to get smacked in the face by the sinker. And there certainly is a way to experiment and get it right, it just takes a little practice and effort. Yes, the game is complex, but if you make small changes to your rig and test each of them out you will eventually figure out a good combination. Just remember to change one thing at a time, and then see if it helps. If you are looking on how to try and eliminate some variables and do some serious testing, I recommend reading my guides in the guide section. I explain all my logic and how I analyze my data in them.
  11. The game using fairly accurate physics, so your clip of 35 meters may not be 35 meters horizontal, just 35 meters total. You should experiment with adding to your clip to get GB placed correctly. Also, do not full cast with a clip - instead try to figure out what power you need to cast just a bit further than your clip to prevent excessive snap-back.
  12. Please contact china@rf4game.com for support.
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