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  1. Elwoodiath2

    Problems with payments

    @rex9999There is no case of misleading, it is a case of a simple error. Please keep in mind our game is in early access and bugs and errors are bound to happen. There will not be a compensation for this.
  2. Elwoodiath2

    Cooking Q&A

    @Emil EbThe length of the effect is up to the player to discover. The bonus does stack up to 10x. Different quality alcohols vary in duration. Also, be very careful, Alcohol damages your health. If you damage it too much you will need to eat healthy for a while to recover, or spend a lot of silver on the alcohol cure. While your health is damaged, your energy level will stay much lower than normal.
  3. Elwoodiath2

    Problems with payments

    @rex9999We apologize for you not getting a response. It was investigated and we do have word from the team that it was a typo. It should be resolved in the next client update.
  4. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @SetTheHookIf this is a constant problem for you, please go to this thread and try the troubleshooting steps in the first post. https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-technical-issues/
  5. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @brckosavaThis is a known bug. Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on the fix at this time, but rest assured the development team is working on this and other bugs.
  6. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium, Bear, Float - Slider, Elwoodiath2, 2/15/2019 - Apologies for the screen capture from the stream. Thought I had hit F12 and took the picture.
  7. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @darkneonThe game is still in open beta. Not all optimizations, features, bug fixes, and content are complete at this point. Some players may experience problems when playing the game. You can go to the first post in Technical Issues, and try some of the troubleshooting steps listed there to see if they help you with your framerate challenges.
  8. Elwoodiath2


    @Siegfried67This game is meant to reflect real life. The tensile strength listed on the package is the reliable test strength of the line being sold. It does not mean that the line isn't capable of holding a bit more. It really is not as much an 'improvement in performance' as it it is more of it will last a bit longer in the red than a lower quality line. However, that is what gets some people into trouble. You see, while it is enduring that enhanced strain - the entire setup is enduring that. So for example if you were using high quality line very close to the capacity of a telestick and the telestick was lower quality there is the chance that enough force would be applied to the rod to break it before the line broke. Also different types of line behave differently. Braid does not have any 'stretch' in it, whereas mono is quite 'stretchy', and flouro has a little stretch. Part of the game design is exploration. There are many things that are not shown explicitly to the player as the player is meant to explore and experiment. Here is a good article on the real life applications of the various line types: http://guide.sportsmansguide.com/tips/braid-vs-fluorocarbon-vs-monofilament/ It is a North American focused article, but should get you started.
  9. Elwoodiath2


    @Siegfried67This is not a bug. This is the expected mechanic. The higher the quality of the line, the more 'stress'/'stretch' it can take before it breaks. Quality doesn't just effect diameter, it also effects performance.
  10. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium, Akhtuba, Spinning - Lure, Elwoodiath2, 2/14/2019
  11. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @DrCulocaneThis is not a bug. While steel leaders do offer much greater protection to loss due to fish teeth, they do not offer complete protection. It is still possible for a fish to bite through a steel leader, just a lot less likely.
  12. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium, Volkhov, Bottom - Loop, Elwoodiath2, 2/11/2019
  13. Elwoodiath2

    Red Char

    @2890604Soft plastics, in particular texas rigged soft plastics seem to be best for these. As for fishing spots, the 18m and 11m holes, along with the 9m hump in between those holes seem to be where most people find them. Colors that have worked well for me in the past include yellows, greens, and blacks.
  14. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    Ok. One thing you can try is to use a higher quality hook on the rig and see if it changes that. The hook you are using is the lowest quality one available. It might be causing the problem. If you still get the problem after trying a different hook, please post some screenshots again.
  15. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium, Ludoga, Spinning - wacky rig 2/8/2019 Elwo
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