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  1. Elwoodiath2

    Groundbait Q&A

    @vsmbenettEach component of the groundbait does have it's own attractiveness to the fish. Some will also repel fish of different species. Using groundbait with similar flavors to your bait can help it may or may not increase bite rate. Some days they just don't want what you are offering.
  2. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @TenchyYou could try reinstalling. But I would contact your ISP. The third hop is probably owned by them and it dropped 1 of 3 packets sent to it. Also rebooting your router might help as well.
  3. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @TenchyUnfortunately the problem appears to be upstream from us. There is some packet loss occurring at hop 3, and instability in response times at hops 7 and 8. These issues are what are causing your disconnects. Additionally, there is a big jump in latency between hop 6 and 7. You may be able to contact your ISP for help, especially with hop 3 which is probably owned by your ISP. Finally your video card may be part of the issue - it is part of the Radeon HD 7000 series of cards which we do not support. See the excerpt below from our first post. For users who are faced with the problem of low game performance, frequent "freezes", "disconnects" or "hangs", whose computers are equipped with the following listed video cards: AMD Radeon R5 235X, Radeon R5 235, Radeon R5 230, Radeon R5 220 Series Graphics AMD Radeon ™ HD 8470, Radeon ™ HD 8350, Radeon ™ HD 8000 (D / G variants) Series Graphics AMD Radeon ™ HD 7000 (including A / D / G / M variants) Series Graphics AMD Radeon ™ HD 6000 (including A / D / G / M variants) Series Graphics AMD Radeon ™ HD 5000 (including M variant) Series Graphics We are forced to report that AMD has declared the video card data obsolete. Update drivers for these video cards was suspended in 2015 and today they are no longer supported. Users who are keen on computer games, AMD advises to switch to the use of more modern video cards. The developers of RF4, for their part, will make efforts and try to eliminate the problems arising in the game due to the incorrect operation of the listed video cards.
  4. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @markosrbija83If it happens again, run the pathping command immediately and send us the results. Also, I noticed your CPU does not meet our minimum specifications. You may want to ensure all applications other than RF4 are closed when running rf4
  5. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @enigmaaHe did not let the putaway animation complete. We are aware of this bug, in the meantime the best thing you can do to avoid triggering it is to ensure your animations are complete, and to not double click when doing things like digging.
  6. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @enigmaaWere you performing any other actions when this happened? Like digging for worms? Sometimes if you do not let an animation finish you can get an error or not be able to perform normal actions.
  7. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @markosrbija83Your results look good. Are you using the Steam or standard client?
  8. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @GoregrinderThis is a known bug. No ETA on a fix. You can also reel the line back in, but this can take a while depending on the amount of line on the spool.
  9. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @ScatterBrain It is indeed possible for a catfish to 'cut with teeth'. It is rare, but it does happen.
  10. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gear/Prem Comp, Mosquito, Any, Elwoodiath 10.12.18 1.zzuggummi - Bottom 2.3jlou - unknown 3.Barcardi - bottom
  11. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    Hello, I need the full results of that command. It might take two screenshots.
  12. Elwoodiath2

    Problems with payments

    @toto9808.ek You will need to contact Steam support to get a refund as the payment was made through their platform.
  13. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @WinzallThis is due to your health being damaged. Stop drinking alcohol until health is healed. Eat and drink healthy items to heal. Dairy, good food, etc... It will take some time. It will not happen instantly. After getting healed, do not over indulge in unhealthy foods and alcohol.
  14. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @markosrbija83You need to run it in a command window.
  15. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @Grigny_91_zerThe load capacities have not been reduced. Wear on the rod can reduce effective load capacity.
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