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  1. Hello you need to try again, we have no record from the email associated with this account. If you sent it from a different email, you need to let me know. As far as I can tell ALL emails have been responded to. Typically responses are made in 24 hours. Actual solutions may take longer.
  2. You need to transfer to the client if you wish to use your Steam name. Please contact china@rf4game.com for transfer support.
  3. Hello - we have no update at this time.
  4. Please contact support@rf4game.com. Include your in game name and restate the problem when contacting them.
  5. It affects the effectiveness of the lure. It is a small amount though.
  6. Just send an email to support@rf4game.com and provide your in game name and let us know if you are on the Steam or the Standalone client.
  7. Hello - please contact support@rf4game.com we cannot discuss financial information on the forums. You should get a response within 24 hours. Be sure to provide your in game name and if you are using Steam or the client.
  8. Hello - for all but Sturgeon yes. Nightcrawlers will catch all three species, but fish pieces are more effective for Burbot and Catfish. For Sturgeon certain insect and larvae baits work best.
  9. Hello - this game is still in early access. Full optimization is not complete. Some maps may cause more usage than others.
  10. Please check now. If this did not work, there is nothing else we can do.
  11. This is not the case when you break your gear. When you break your gear you cannot land the fish.
  12. Could you elaborate on the fix, it might help explain the bug you are reporting.
  13. Hello - this is not a bug. The Caspian Brown Trout is one faster runners with alot of stamina in the game. When they run, they run.
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