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  1. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @darkneonThank you for the report.
  2. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Premium Comp Lure Rig, Akhtuba, Elwoodiath2 04/17/19
  3. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @Cpt.HookNone that we are aware of. Please go to the first post in this thread and try the troubleshooting steps there. https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-technical-issues/ If the problem persists, follow the steps in the 'contacting support' section of that post and provide all requested information.
  4. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @Andy55This is a known bug. Thank you for the report.
  5. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @TenzenIt's been reported. There is no need to contact support at this time.
  6. Elwoodiath2


    @HookerYour name remains the same. Moving these posts to others.
  7. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    Gold/prem Comp, Spinning - Lure, Kuori, Elwoodiath2, 4/15/2019
  8. Elwoodiath2


    @Hooker Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, there are no plans to allow connecting a Standard account to steam. When we first launched to Steam this was the default that you could use your standard or your Steam account. Sadly, this caused many user experience problems which resulted in the client being split into Steam and Launcher clients. Due to this there are currently no plans to connect RF4 accounts to Steam accounts.
  9. Elwoodiath2

    Technical Issues

    @Norin At this time we do not have an ETA on when the game will be considered out of Open Beta.
  10. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @TenzenThank you for the information.
  11. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @TenzenThank you for the report. Please let us know if you find any other locations like that. Could you provide the clip and casting direction you were using at those spots?
  12. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @TenzenIs this in any body of water or only at certain spots that you see this behavior?
  13. Elwoodiath2

    Competition Announcements

    RF4 Gold/Prem Telescopic, Ladoga, Elwoodiath2 4/12/2019
  14. Elwoodiath2

    Report a Bug

    @Swaide83 Generally this is due to latency or a system bottleneck of some type. Please go to the first post in this thread https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/31-technical-issues/ and try the troubleshooting steps for network latency. Please be sure to read the entire post as there is some other important information in there. If the problem persists, then please follow the directions in the 'contacting support' section of that post. Failure to provide the requested information can cause the support process to take longer.
  15. Elwoodiath2

    Mosquito Lake

    @LoneWulvssIt matters because it can be misleading to other players. Please pay closer attention.
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