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  1. Hello, not all stores stock at the same rates. Once you hit level 20 you will have access to the Volkhov store and should be able to find the things you need.
  2. Please download the version from the RU website. www.rf4game.ru
  3. Your problem may not be the same as his. Please follow the directions and send the diagnostics to support@rf4game.com.
  4. Official Social Media Platforms Junior Tournament - Schedule Registration Start: Monday 5/09 12:00 PM EDT / 5/09 18:00 CEST Start: Saturday 10/09 08:00 AM EDT / 10/09 14:00 CEST End: Sunday 11/09 08:00 AM EDT / 11/09 14:00 CEST Junior Tournament - Details: Catch the 3 largest Crucian Carp on Mosquito Lake. Only players using a standalone client can participate. Level span: 1 to 25 Waterbody: Mosquito Lake Baits that can be used: Worm, Redworm, Maggot, Bread Dough, Sweet Dough Target Fish: Crucian Carp - maximum weight of 3 biggest catches Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2812-rf4-standaloneclient-forum-tournaments/ How to transfer to standalone: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4331-steam-to-standalone-transfer/ Suggestions / Questions for tournaments can be made here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/236-tournament-feedback/ Junior Tournament - Prizes: Prizes: 1st place: Medal + Syberia Sabre 60s reel + 10 days of Premium 2nd - 5th place: Syberia Sabre 60s reel + 5 days of Premium 6th - 10th place: 500 Silver + 5 days of Premium Your FishSoft Team
  5. Official Social Media Platforms Team Tournament - Scheduling: The tournament will take place in the following regions: All EU regions Registration Start: Friday 05/09 12:00 PM EDT / 05/09 18:00 CEST Start: Friday 16/09 02:00 AM EDT / 16/09 08:00 CEST End: Sunday 18/09 04:00 PM EDT / 18/09 18:00 CEST Team Tournament - Details: The objective of this tournament is, as a team, to catch as many fish species as possible on Volkhov River. There is no weight limitation for this tournament. Condition: Waterbody: Volkhov River All Fish Species will be counted for the evaluation The winning team will be determined in the following order: 1. According to the number of fish species caught. 2. The sum of the points from the maximum weight of each fish caught in the competition. To calculate the points for each type of fish caught by the teams of the tournament, the maximum weight is determined, which is set at 10,000 points. Points weighted based on max size caught, not max weight of species. Example for one species: Team 1 Pike 10 kg, 10000 points (Largest Caught in this Tournament) Team 2 Pike 9 kg, 9000 points Team 3 Pike 8 kg, 8000 points The Tournament will take place in all regions except: RU & CN Read the guide "Teams and Team Tournaments Guide" before participating: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27641-teams-and-team-tournaments-guide/ How to transfer to standalone: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4331-steam-to-standalone-transfer/ Suggestions / Questions for tournaments can be made here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/236-tournament-feedback/ Team Tournament - Prizes: IMPORTANT !!! - Every team member has to catch at least one fish of the selected fish species for the prizes to be paid out. Prizes: 1. Place: 12 Gold Coins, 6000 Silver Coins, 2x 7-day Premium coupon, Dream Fish coupon 2. Place: 10 Gold Coins, 4000 Silver Coins, 1x 7-day + 1x 3-day Premium coupon, Kala Vodka Box 3. Place: 8 Gold Coins, 4000 Silver Coins, 1x 7-day Premium coupon May the best squad win. Your FishSoft Team
  6. Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On July 27th at 11:00 PM CEST / 5:00 PM EST, the RF4 server will be restarted. Estimated working time is about 3 hours. Best regards, Your FishSoft Team
  7. Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On July 12th at 08:00 CEST / 02:00 EST time, the server will be restarted. Estimated working time is about 3 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  8. Hello - please try installing an older version of your graphics driver.
  9. Official Social Media Platforms Team Tournament System Dear RF4 anglers, With this update we are implementing a team tournament system. You will be able to create your own team and even register separate squads from the same team for the tournaments. Please note that this team tournament system works through the RF4 website and therefore is available for standalone players only. You can find detailed information here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/27641-teams-and-team-tournaments-guide/ Best Regards, RF4 Team
  10. Official Social Media Platforms Patchnotes 21/06/22: The amount of RAM required to load Kuori Lake has been reduced. Corrected: It was impossible to make the Smoked Salmon recipe using Ladoga Salmon. Corrected: After unlocking the "Use Cobra" skill of the "Float Fishing" skill tree, it was impossible to use the cobra without unlocking the "Using Classic Hair Rig" skill of the "Bottom Fishing" skill tree.
  11. Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On June 21 at 08:00 CEST / 02:00 EST time, the server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Estimated working time is about four hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  12. This is the way the game has been designed from the beginning for game balance reasons.
  13. @Zed895Please watch your tone, as for nonsense, catfish have an abrasive plate on their jaws that can indeed grind through line, and skin. In the US you'll want gloves to handle large catfish to avoid scraping your hands up.
  14. Many fish can bite through leaders, but pike are the best at that particular skill. I would say catfish are the second best at this particular skill. I have lost several of them in the past due to them biting through a lighter leader.
  15. Thank you for the report.
  16. Official Social Media Platforms Collectible Cards Dear anglers, New collectible cards will be added to the game. When catching a trophy, players will have a chance to get one of many collectible cards that make up various thematic collections. The collections will be available for viewing by other players. Best regards, Your RF4 Team Samples!
  17. Official Social Media Platforms Message to the Players Dear anglers, Recently we talked about some of your more complicated questions to the game designer in depth. During this conversation we sadly found out that some details were lost in translation and some incorrect information was delivered. When translating complex game mechanics to many different languages, these errors are sometimes difficult to avoid. Specifically we have to correct 3 pieces of information: - Different feed mixes do not overwrite each other but instead create a combined feeding spot. - The feeding area created this way affects all three rods if used at the same spot. - The categories for particle sizes were wrong. We apologize for the inconvenience, Your RF4 Team Q and A! 1.Will there be "official in game tournaments" (not forum tournaments) in the game? There are no immediate plans for this yet. 2. Will there be more visible fish activity comparable to the jumping fish to provide more “life” to the water bodies as well as indicate where certain fish are? Displaying signs of fish activity on the water bodies is planned. The presence of such activity will certainly add "life" to those reservoirs. Jumping fish and schools of fish on Kuori are steps toward more developed life in the body of water. 3. Are there any plans (similar to what have been done with Mosquito, Rivulet and Kuori lake) to update other water bodies? Yes, we plan to update the other bodies of water in the game taking into account the accumulated experience. This work will be done systematically and in parallel with the development of new reservoirs. 4. Will there be further customization in the game? Example: - Change colors of reels, rod blanks, etc. Example: - When we quick-change baits, we need different categories (wobblers, poppers, etc.) Example: - Opportunity to buy a grill, to reduce traveling to camps. We would like to provide as many opportunities for customization of game items as possible. The first step in this direction was made with the update of the workshop, where there is an opportunity to change the oil and internal components of reels. The request for the possibility of changing the colors of reels and rods is coming up frequently, we are in the process of finding the technical possibility for such customization. 5. Will the ability to make notes on the map be introduced? The ability to put notes on the map is planned. 6. This question is about overfishing a spot and finding fish. Right now, almost any fish will bite for about an hour at a particular spot, after which the frequency goes down to virtually zero. Are there recommendations on how to give a spot a “rest” and are there plans to change this behavior? Taking into account also the mechanics of overfeeding and different fish behavior, experimenting feels less effective and rewarding than just copying spots from known sources like VK. Are there plans to change or modernize this in the future? Many players are using ready-made templates / instructions of other players instead of developing their own strategies to search for fish. Granted, such established patterns work, but it can be very beneficial to try to "break the pattern". The game provides opportunities for this. We are not going to stay with the existing model of fishing and will continue to develop it. 7. Are there plans to introduce daily and weekly quests (with rewards) to the game? In the near future the introduction of quests / tasks is not planned, but we are working on this. 8. After introducing the archipelago and increasing the trophy weight of Baltic sturgeon up to 200 kg, does it make sense to try to catch it on Ladoga Lake? Yes, but there are larger Baltic sturgeon in the Ladoga Archipelago. 9. An official answer states that the feed area is a diameter of 5 meters (2.5m radius), and all feeding methods (balls, feeders and PVA) will affect the same range. Reading the User's Manual, I paid attention to the description of the feed rockets: - SPOMB - a fully closed rocket feeder. Can fly at a long distance; opens when hitting the water; provides for compact small-spot groundbait delivery. Efficient when using large-fractioned groundbaits - SPOD - an open-type rocket feeder. Leaves a groundbait trail. Efficient to create large feeding spots of small-fractioned groundbaits. This begs the question - what size is this “compact small-spot" and "groundbait trail"? At the moment, the size of obtained feed spots from different rockets in the game is the same, regardless of the description. Perhaps we will complicate the feeding model in the future, and the size of the spot will become variable. Also please specify what size defines large and small? On some forums it says that the large sizes only include boilies and pellets more than 16 mm, and only 3 pieces of additives of the same size. Will using fine additives with a SPOMB rocked be effective at all? As for the effect of the feed, as rightly pointed out, the size of the additives is important, depending on the type of rocket. The effectiveness of SPOMB rocket feeding is reduced when using small additives, similarly when using SPOD rockets in combination with large additives. In this case, the description is correct. In the context of rockets, additives up to 4 mm are small, from 12 mm upwards are considered coarse. 10. Describe the basic mechanics of the interaction of different types of feed presentations - spod, pva, balls, stringers, slingshot/cobra. Which of these work simultaneously, and which replace each other. Is there even a "replacement" when two rockets with completely different compositions hit the same spot, or do they all add up? On the EU forums there are a lot of discussions and guides on this topic, including from the administrators of the forum, such as the recommendation to use the spod-rod + boilie-stringer + slingshot together. First, combining different feeding methods, as mentioned above, will affect the efficiency of feeding. Secondly, feeding charges delivered by different ways work either from the surface or directly on the bottom. This may be important if there is a current. In any case, the feed spot is formed when the charge is triggered. When hitting the same spot, the next feed affects the already existing spot. There is no "replacement" of one type of feed mix by another one, feed mix components start to work in combination. 11.There is a Spomb-rocket and there is a Spod-rocket. Spomb-rockets open on impact, so it can be retrieved immediately after throwing. Is it necessary to immediately retrieve the Spod-rocket or is it advised to leave it on the bottom after casting to wash out the bait? Rockets are emptied on the surface the moment they hit the water. After hitting the water, the rocket can be retrieved immediately. 12. Is it possible to overfeed a spot? If so, which amount of feed mix will cause this? The amount of feed mix influences different types of fish differently. We do not want to give more details on this. 13. A few questions about the crusher: - Is there any difference in the effect of crushing different sizes of boilies? - Is there a difference when adding pop up or sinking boilies as crushed components? - Is there a difference between sinking and popup boilies of the same flavour, or does the game consider them the same once crushed? The crusher produces additives of the same size regardless of the original size of the boilie. The only determining factor is the flavor. 14. If you use three identical carp rods and cast them at the same spot but with different bait and PVA feed mix, will all rods work separately or will the PVA mix in this spot? Or is it recommended to use the same flavors of baits and PVA on all rods? Also, how do you match the weight of PVA to the fish, since there are 10, 20 and 50 grams? If you cast all rods to the same spot with different feed mix, they will form a combined feed spot, which will include all the feed you throw. Such a spot will affect each of the rods. 15. Everyone knows the expression "give the spot a rest". Question: What determines if a spot is overfished, the time the fisherman spent on it or the number of fish caught? To be clearer - if I spent 3 game days on a spot but I caught 2 fish, is it overfished? Another question: Does the spot recover only when the player is online? The player's time on the spot is not relevant, only the number of fish caught. The spot resets independent of the player being online. 16. Are there plans to add licenses for some species of fish? (Beluga, starred sturgeon, etc.). Licenses for fish are not planned right now.
  18. Topic locked - the OP has been answered many times. Up to the OP to accept the answer and apply it.
  19. Please email support@rf4game.com.
  20. Hello, The problem here is they are using very heavy braid. No stretch will cause the force to be immediately transferred to the reel with no chance to adjust the brake. For a light reel I suggest a mono line between 5 and 6 kilos and to start with the brake around 16 or 17 and gradually increase as needed.
  21. Official Social Media Platforms Technical Work On June 1st at 08:00 AM CEST / 02:00 AM EST the server will be restarted. Working time is about 2 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  22. All comp winners have been awarded prizes!
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