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  1. The quivertip is the end of the rod and partially determines sensitivity. The lighter the tip, the more sensitive.
  2. Please try the troubleshooting steps here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2507-network-and-connection-problems/ If these do not help, then please contact china@rf4game.com for more support.
  3. This is not a bug. If you are getting incorrect password then something is being entered incorrectly. The two most common causes of this are: Caps-Lock Language settings. If you have more than one language set on a keyboard it can be switched to another language sometimes without realizing it.
  4. There were issues with Steam connectivity. They appear to have been resolved.
  5. I am unsure. It was sold at Christmas time and that is the only time you can see the rating. Perhaps another player can tell you.
  6. Keeping the line strength lower than the reel max drag (brake) is advice that keeps setups from breaking for new players. Experienced players will not use this rule. If you are experienced enough you already know the answer. If not - you may want to play it safe. 30 is not max drag it is LOCKED. When your brake is set at 30 the full force is applied to the reel. Do this at your own peril. Currently there is not much need to set the hook, except for float fishing - you are correct.
  7. There are many factors involved with the gaining of skill percentage points. Here are some tips: Get premium time - it provides a boost to the chance to get a skillup. Happy Hour - it doubles the premium time chance boost for an hour each day. Ensure you are using the latest skill in the tree that you have unlocked. If skillups are slow, switch between trees. For example if you find feeder fishing has dried up, move to float or spin fishing. If working on fishing skills ensure you are going after a variety of fish that you can catch very quickly. For example, fishing for baitfish on winding rivulet can help as the bite rate is good and you catch a variety of species However, please remember there is a certain amount of randomness in this as well, and some days you are simply unlucky. Dry spells do occur from time to time.
  8. Ok. The best way to fight the fish is to watch the tension bar. You want to keep it orange as much as possible. Not green as that is loose tension, and not red as that is high tension. Keep it in the orange as much as possible. Things to remember: Keeping the rod low uses less energy and generally reduces tension. Keeping the rod high burns more energy, but can increase tension. Keeping energy levels high helps when reeling in the fish. Attempting to reel in while the fish is taking line just burns up the brake faster. The way I do it is much like I do it in real life. If the fish is taking line I point the rod at them to reduce strain on the brake, when they are done I raise the rod and reel in until they run again. Also if I need to turn them I may raise the rod while they are running.
  9. I understand your frustration. We will ensure this does not happen like this in the future.
  10. @RagnarocekIn case you have not seen this: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2923-sura-forum-tournament-1402-1602-results/
  11. Ok - I am locking this topic. You are not looking for help, but looking to criticize. We do have a place for that and it is in the Criticism forum topic. Your opinions should be voiced there please. In the future if you need to provide feedback, please use the appropriate topics for that.
  12. For Ruffe, smaller hooks are best. Size 12 or smaller. While you can catch them on bigger hooks, your bite rate will be better with smaller hooks.
  13. As I stated before - Your friend will need to ask their question separately. As far as you go - have you tried the following? For Grass Carp: Check the weekly records to see what baits they are biting? Tried other vegetable baits like cabbage or algae? Tried a smaller hook size? I like size 4 myself when hunting grass carps. Tried using a loop rig? Did you use a groundbait? If not, try some. For the pike: Old burg is a lower level lake - while there are big pikes they are less frequent than on other bodies of water like Ladoga and Akhtuba. If you are catching pikes, but only small ones try increasing the size of your lure. For example, if you are using the tiny hunters, try the same color patter but bumped up one size. Top waters can be an effective bait for pike - if you have them unlocked give them a shot.
  14. Hello - This is a very broad question - it covers two lakes and two players. Could you please narrow down your request to what you experienced and provide your setup details and baits being used so that we might be able to make some suggestions? If your friend needs help, he can post a question here as well.
  15. Hello - that is correct it only affects that skill.
  16. Nevermind - I found your mail - I have responded to it again. Please note that it takes around 24 hours and can take as long as 72 to do the transfer.
  17. What email address did you use to contact transfer@rf4game.com and when did you contact us. Please PM this information to me in the forums.
  18. Hello - please try the steps here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2507-network-and-connection-problems/
  19. Hello, Please try the steps here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2507-network-and-connection-problems/
  20. Thank you for the report. You can either restart, or change lakes to get unstuck.
  21. Thank you for the information. As a note, Region does not matter as there is only one server. Should the problem occur again, please try the steps in the technical issues sub forum for network problems. If those don't work then follow the steps in this post: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2516-how-to-report-a-technical-issue/
  22. Steam is currently having some issues not related to RF4.
  23. Steam is currently having some issues not related to RF4. As far as the standalone client goes, you can can transfer your Steam account to the standalone client by emailing transfer@rf4game.com. Otherwise, you will be starting a fresh account.
  24. Hello, Are you using the Steam or Standalone client?
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