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  1. Please do not spam multiple sources for support. Locking this thread, please continue talking to support@rf4game.com
  2. Official Social Media Platforms Ladoga Archipelago! We are pleased to inform you about the imminent release of a new reservoir. This water body will feel quite a bit different from the existing ones. The map presents a group of islands located in the northern part of Lake Ladoga. The surrounding waters are inhabited by more than forty species of fish. The difficult bottom topography, great depths and unpredictable weather conditions make fishing here especially interesting. Experience the new Ladoga Archipelago! Coming soon... Images
  3. Please email transfer@rf4game.com
  4. No these are bugs in the geometry that need to be resolved. There is an achievement but it's because it was so prevalent when the game released. We get these fixed whenever they are identified.
  5. Hello, There are several spots where if you touch the water you will get teleported to town. If you know the location, please travel there and take a screenshot.
  6. Hello, Can you send a screenshot please.
  7. Early Access Status Dear RF4 Community, We are happy to share another milestone in the development of Russian Fishing 4 with you. The game is now leaving the Early Access status. Your loyal support and your constructive feedback over the past few years have made a great contribution to this and we are very grateful for that! The development of RF4 is of course not over, but the game now has the necessary scope and stability to leave the Early Access behind. Like every online game, we will not be immune to technical difficulties and bugs in the future either. Please continue to let us know immediately if something is not working as usual so that we can help quickly. We look forward to the next few years and hope to continue to present you with exciting new content. Tight lines and full nets! Your RF4 team
  8. Official Social Media Platforms Server Maintenance On November 17th, from 9 AM CET (3 AM EST) to 4 PM CET (10 AM EST), technical work will be carried out at the data center. During the specified period, access to the game servers, the site and the forums will be limited. For players who had a valid premium subscription on either November 11th or November 17th, two days of premium will be added. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  9. There are no in game standings. You can see results after the tournament is over.
  10. In the future please read the thread.
  11. Unfortunately your machine does not meet our minimum requirements. Your CPU does not meet the requirements for the game. There is a big difference between an i5 and an AMD FX processor because of chip architecture. Please try further reducing the graphics settings from the login screen and see if that helps.
  12. Follow the directions here:
  13. Thank you for the report
  14. Hello - there is a background process running to consolidate the inventory for certain types of items. If this does not resolve in 3 days please respond to this thread and let us know.
  15. Hello - the two corn rig would work if corn is not excluded. In the current competition only boilies are allowed so the corn will not work.
  16. Dear players, Sadly today's update has caused a slightly bigger issue. We are currently trying to fix it but it might take longer than we originally expected. We hope the servers will be back up around 5 PM CET. We apologize for the inconvenience. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  17. Official Social Media Platforms Patchnotes 11/11/21: The storage of food and drinks in the backpack and other storage areas has been changed. All food and drink items with the same name now only take up one slot in the inventory. In the menu; skills, tables and lists can now be navigated with keyboard keys. Implemented alternative to the mouse wheel control of the brake setting as well as the retrieval speed of the reel. The casting distance of the slingshot and the cobras can also be adjusted. The keyboard shortcuts Alt + Plus / Alt + Minus can be used to control the brake setting. To set the retrieval speed, use the key combinations R + Plus / R + Minus. Use the plus / minus buttons to set the casting distance of the slingshot or the cobra. The Tungus Vodka Box and the KALA Vodka Box are now only available for gold coins. Fixed: Some objects were not illuminated by the flashlight. Fixed: In previous updates, the volume of some tackle action sounds was incorrectly changed. Fixed: When connected to the internet with some providers, no usernames were displayed in the game chat and there was no access to other public information. Fixed: Under certain conditions, telescopic rods withstood loads that significantly exceeded their specified load-bearing capacity. Fixed: With certain menu scaling it was difficult to place an object in the quick slot selection. Fixed: When using a leader with a length of more than 40 cm on a Carolina rig, the accessories were displayed incorrectly. Hotfix In order to improve the convenience of navigation in item storages and to speed up the loading of the player profile we changed the way the food and drinks are stored in the backpack and other storages. Due to the high load on the servers after the update, we had to disable the automatic merging of items that existed at the time of the update. Some player’s items will continue to occupy several slots in storage. Merging such items into one will be done in the background. New items will continue to automatically merge into one or merge with one of the existing items. Fixed. In the previous update, an error was made that led to a decrease in the load-bearing capacity of the rods.
  18. Please email transfer@rf4game.com
  19. We are aware of the bug - posting more pictures is not helpful. What we need are step by step list of actions that cause the bug to occur. That way we can attempt to replicate it.
  20. Hello - please email admin@rf4game.com
  21. Official Social Media Platforms Server Maintenance On October 28st at 8:00 AM CEST / 02:00 AM EST the game server will be shut down for maintenance. Estimated down time is 2 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  22. Hello - can you describe the actions that you did to cause this to occur? Is it repeatable? Can you make it happen with a series of steps? Thank you for the report.
  23. Halloween Stream Event! Greetings Anglers! On Saturday the 30th of October we are having a Halloween stream event. This event will run from 6am EST to 3 PM EST / 12PM CEST to 9PM CEST. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team When and Where! This event will run from 6am EST to 3 PM EST / 12PM CEST to 9PM CEST. https://www.twitch.tv/redrockpanda 6AM EST to 9AM EST / 12PM CEST to 3PM CEST https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix 9AM EST to 12PM EST / 3PM CEST to 6PM CEST https://www.twitch.tv/squeekit 12PM EST to 3PM EST / 6PM CEST to 9PM CEST Activities! There will be 3 competitions. One per streamer. The winners of these competitions will get gold / silver / premium prizes. Additionally, there will be goals to achieve within the competitions with a chance to choose from some trick or treat bags for a prize. In order to win you must be present in the streams. Prizes! The goals will be announced at the start of each competition. The top 3 from each competition will win the following: 1st: 10 gold, 4000 silver, 7 days premium 2nd: 5 gold, 2000 silver, 3 days premium 3rd: 3 gold, 1000 silver, 1 day premium Prizes will be reduced by 50% if there are less than 50 participants.
  24. Hello, if you are having trouble with the game please email support@rf4game.com. This being said, 98% of the time the players who are having trouble on Kuori lake have machines that do not meet the minimum specifications for the game. Please follow the instructions here and send the results to support: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4322-forum-section-rules/ Finally, making baseless statements can result in posting privileges being removed. Try being less aggressive when asking for help.
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