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  1. Official Social Media Platforms Patchnotes 18/05/22: On the reservoirs of Old Burg, Bear Lake and Amber Lake there are automatic machines for mixing bait mixtures. To make bait in such a machine, you do not need a special skill, and any bait components are always in stock. On the reservoirs of Lake Kuori, Akhtuba River and Tunguska River, there are shops called "Homemade Lures", in which you can buy handmade lures. Implemented the ability to make a lure without using hooks. The UI for moving to another body of water has been redesigned. Implemented the ability to purchase perpetual unlimited access to a reservoir. The purchase of such access removes the level limit and cancels the fee for moving to the reservoir. Restored the ability to communicate in all public chat channels. A new home region has been added to the game - Italy. Implemented localization of the game into Italian. Dear players, With this recent update we are reacting directly to a common feedback, that a lot of RF4's content is very hard to reach for players that have limited time to play. As often, when trying to make balancing decisions in a game with a very diverse audience, some of these changes are compromises. The option to buy access to higher level water bodies will offer players with little time more things to explore, but also bears the risk of being under leveled. Please use this function with caution. Targeting heavy fish with low level equipment can lead to frustrating experiences or even breakage of rods and reels. At the same time we do not want future water bodies to be locked behind a level wall that some players will never be able to overcome. A natural progression through the game will always be the best option, as you gather experience that will help you on more demanding water bodies. If you are short on time and decide to visit a water body early, make sure to use our official platforms or the many helpful communities out there to gather some tips and tricks. Tight Lines! Your RF4 Team
  2. Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On May 18 at 8:00 AM CEST / 2:00 AM EST, the server will be restarted and the game client will be updated. Estimated work time is about 4 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  3. Try a different spot on the list. Fish do move.
  4. Hello, Email support@rf4game.com after following these instructions:
  5. Here are the three major causes: Chat menu is open. Other application has taken focus. Sticky keys has inadvertently been activated. For #1 use q to close. For 2 and 3 you will need to use Alt+Tab to find the offending application. Running RF4 as administrator can reduce the occurrence of #2.
  6. Elwoodiath2

    New Store!

    Official Social Media Platforms New Store! Need a handmade lure or a special groundbait, but don't have the necessary skill? No problem! Very soon, a shop for handmade lures and a machine for mixing groundbait mixtures will appear in the game. Best regards, Your RF4 Team Teasers!
  7. @KungFu BananaPlease email support@rf4game.com. The posts from Sunday were related to a server issue that has been resolved.
  8. Thank you for the report.
  9. Official Social Media Platforms Patchnotes 23/03/22: Restored the ability to send private messages and chat in player-created chat channels. The player name of the owner of a chat channel is now displayed. Implemented the ability for chat channel owners to delete a channel and exclude players from it. In the game settings, on the Sound tab, the Spatial Sound section has been added. Improved display of text when game interface scaling differs from 1x. Implemented the mode of automatically determining the most suitable scale of the game interface. Moved the sharpening post effect control to game settings. Fixed: Recordings and ratings were not displayed for players in some regions. Fixed: When starting the game, the game interface language selected by the player could be reset. This issue has been observed among users of the Steam version of the game. Dear players, We were now able to restore the private chats and private messages in the game. We also improved the functionality of private chats. Now, not only will players be able to create private group chats but we also implemented the ability for chat channel owners to delete a channel and exclude players from it. The player name of the owner of a chat channel is now displayed. These functions were suggested by many players and we are very happy to announce that your suggestion is now implemented in the game. Please also note that if a chat owner has someone on their black list, this player won’t be able to join the chat created by this chat owner. Regards, Your RF4 Team
  10. Official Social Media Platforms Server Restart On Wednesday, March 23 at 4:00 AM CET / Tuesday March 22 11:00 PM EST, the game server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Approximate time of work is about 4 hours. Best Regards, Your RF4 Team
  11. It may be possible to copy over the folders stored in appdata and restore the files, but if the game versions are different it may cause problems.
  12. Official Social Media Platforms Russian Fishing 4 Dear RF4 players, During these difficult political times we are reminded why we created Russian Fishing and what it stands for. It symbolizes our shared passion for this wonderful hobby, that brought us together as kids and continues to do so until this day. Our games are being developed by people from Russia and Ukraine for many years. We are colleagues and friends, united by a shared vision. These friendships will not be be harmed by political agendas. If anything, we will work even harder on strengthening them now. We are proud and thankful to share our vision with a global audience that transcends heritage. Russian Fishing stands for international friendship and peace! Sincerely, Your RF4 team
  13. Hello, He was not kidding. The first thing that we check are specifications. Please go to this post , and follow the directions there to run diagnostics. Then please send them to support@rf4game.com.
  14. Hello, Please follow the directions here:
  15. Official Social Media Platforms Internet Connectivity Dear players, In recent days there has been some speculation about the possibility of disconnecting Russia from the global internet. RF4 is a global project that involves people from many countries around the world and has a wide global audience. In the event of the disconnection from the global Internet, which we believe is unlikely, we will operate a back-up plan to deploy game servers at a new site to ensure that the game is available to all our players regardless of the country of location. Such deployment of servers may take some time, but we want to assure you that your data (progress of game profiles, items, etc.) will not be lost. Regards, RF4 team
  16. Elwoodiath2

    In Game Chat

    Dear RF4 players, The ingame chat and private messages on all servers will be temporarily unavailable. We will inform you when we continue the service. We apologize for the inconvenience. Regards, Your RF4 team
  17. There was your answer. This is not a bug.
  18. Hello, Please email admin@rf4game.de.
  19. Hello, Usernames on Steam are accounts. When you make a forum account it is a full game account. We do not allow duplicate names. You could transfer from Steam to standalone to have the same name in game and on the forum. If interested email transfer@rf4game.com.
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