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  1. @Joe so will the premium be looked at like adding reels to be repair while offline or giving us something other then 1 hr happy hour now that the new change is coming in as premium is not cheap as you are aware .
  2. hi @Levo_RF4 what benefits do we get for having premium now that the new system is coming in as i bough 6 months premium to send my friends things and i have always bought it . now i think rf4 will lose out on money as people wont buy the premium, i think the premium needs looking at in my eyes. like reel been able to be repaired while offline etc . and as for the auction house that was spoken about 2 years ago and still nothing . its like the new colour vengas we can only buy for gold only no one will ever pay the money for one . u can buy real reels in irl for less then u pay for the one in game bad move by rf4 again. and then the news we got for new year IE from dennis '' There are just a few days left in the current year. On New Year's Eve, each of us makes a wish to become a better person in the coming year. May all of you have the strength and good luck to see all your wishes come true. The Russian Fishing Team will also do its best to live up to your expectations. Happy 2020! We wish you and your loved ones much happiness!'' now the community feels let down as we can see in the discord.
  3. Team the pub is rdy for ELO Team comp Contact in game: mazza_27 or keiron998
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