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  1. JunkyJuke

    Bear Lake

    It seems you had a pretty standard performance. That's what I can usually catch in a couple hours of fishing at Bear. Of course there are players who can do better. I hope some pro's will chime in with some good tricks.
  2. Hey guys I hope this can help. I found that during the day brown trout can bite on "surface" lures like the small funky minnows. Speed up and twitching retrieve methods work good and you will eventually catch big chub and nice graylings. Try to make the lures work both upstream and downstream at the start and and at the end of the deep hole. You will also find browns in the north 3m channel. Minnow-like lures work best there, because of the strong downstream current. Spoons will not JigStep properly: better to cast them upstream and find the best retrieve speed that will make them JigStep. Slow retrieve and twitching gave me best results on minnows. The only Taimen I cought was on Hunter 1 lure cast in the southern 3m hole, upstream, 30 retrieve speed on the Gold 80's reel. Also if you are up in feeder fishing then you can try the deep hole with a strong setup to catch catfish, burbot, sterlet and other goodies on nightcrawlers. Thank you @bart86pl for pointing at Warble flies to catch browns in the deep hole at night! Belaya is a mid level stream, so do not expect tons of trout and taimen. They are "bonus" catches, while the base fish population is the same low level stuff you can find everywhere in RF4 maps. Tight lines all. JJ
  3. JunkyJuke

    Casting Reels

    What does the test parameter of LP reels refer to? I'm planning to set up my UL gear.
  4. Of course I'm using wagglers only on my match rods. I drink some vodka as well... but at this point I think I'll go drunk 100% of the time
  5. My float fishing skill is stuck at 86% since many weeks now. I constantly fish with at least two match rods and I try to often switch the target fish: crucian/gibel, trench in Old Burg; carp of all specimens in Bear lake; vimba, bream (all specimens), perch, roach, ide in Volkhov; all the salmonids in Kuori; sichel, rudd, sterlet, burbot and cats in Sura; gurgeon, dace and bleak in Rivulet. The skill wont raise and I'm getting very frustrated about that. Any other advices I could use to unstuck it and finally unlock the livebait on float?
  6. JunkyJuke


    Good to know. Thank you Kache!
  7. JunkyJuke


    I was following the discussion about line color and a question came into my mind. If line color matters, will fluorocarbon leaders override line color and make it mandatory?
  8. Kuori is on flame today. This babe made me run from the Quay to the Camp. If you have not, give Medium Light rods a try they offer quite a challenge. The Inspiration spinning setup is my favourite for trout fishing. Back at the Quay a trophy Burbot was waiting for me on live bait Tight lines, have a good day.
  9. What a net! are you using carp rods in the 7m hole? I had to leave Sura after 2 hours of almost nothing in the 7,5m hole.
  10. I confirm that they share SP's. I'm testing harvesting a lot and I'm getting thousands of small worms (and still failing a lot) and a small bunch of reds and crawlers. At the moment I feel I wasted my precious skill point I earned by leveling up to 30.
  11. JunkyJuke


    Yes they are Cought on Model One spinning rod, Syberia Gold 80, 15kg braid, yellow provoker.
  12. When it goes flat I use to switch to small target fish in shallow water and in the small lake. It's not a good income, but keeps me busy amd engaged.
  13. Hello @Yoman2822 I just spent a couple of inGame days there and it was fun. Not a big money income from there but plenty of fun. If you walk to the left side of the lake, by following the pathway, you will come to a lily bed. The spot is amazingly full of trench, rudd, crucian and gibel, roach, frogs, chinese sleeper, perch, small common carp and occasionally you can catch eel. Also you can catch Pike on spinning or live bait. My favourite baits are: maggots and other larvae, fly and horse fly, worm, red worm (for trench), nightcrawlers (for eel at night). I usually fish that spot with simple telescopic rods for fun, but feeders work pretty well. I named that spot "Little Burg" because of the fish selection. It is a nice diversion when nothing else is working on the river, expecially during those hot mornings and noons. Tight lines
  14. This workaround partly solves the problem, but a fix of the clunky an unnatural character animation would be better.
  15. Hypnotic lures work a charm to target smaller salmonids and grayling. Just make sure to use small size lures as the 20g will attract big fish. Small minnow lures as the funky minnow will still catch occasional big trout and kuori char so be careful out there. The same applies to Hunter lure set: keep away from the hunter 0 and hunter 1 lures, again small size ones Will work very good.
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