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  1. Here you can post all bugs and errors that occur ingame.
  2. Dear community, In order to solve your problems as fast as possible, we need a detailed description of your error/problem (What exactly happened, when, how often, what have you already done to find or fix the bug?) In all cases, we need log files from your last session. First, please save the following tool ReportErrorV5.bat to your Rf4 folder and run it as administrator after you closed RF4 (or it crashed) and before you start the game again. The tool takes up to 15 minutes, depending on your system, to collect all the necessary data. Do not start the game while the tool is still running. After the tool has finished collecting the information from your system, it will create a log file in an explorer window. The log-file (i.E. OutputLog_Monster-Machine_20190426210623.txt) created by the tool and the log.txt should be send to support@rf4game.com. In addition we need the Output_Log.txt and in case of a crash, everything that can be found in the crashes folder. In case of a crash, you will be guided directly to the files by a pop-up if you click on YES. You can find these files in "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Russian Fishing LLC\Russian Fishing 4\" and they should look like this: In some cases, the AppData folder is hidden. To make it visible, in Windows 8 and 10 open „My files“, click on "View" at the top and check the box "Hidden elements" Windows 7 1. Click the "Start" button, then Control Panel> Appearance and customization 2. Select "Folder Options" and then the "View" tab. 3. In "Advanced Settings", select "Show hidden files, folders and drives", and then OK. Now you can access the log files Tight lines, Your RF4-Team
  3. Dear community, Recently we received some complaints regarding excessive spamming and asking for items in the in game chat. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate how best to deal with these problems and how to help us, so that we can work on the problem cases together as quickly as possible. If a player in public in-game chat is intrusively asking for game objects, or spamming otherwise, please use the option to report the player on the "Report Misconduct" feature by left-clicking on the player name and selecting Report Misconduct. We will then get in touch and can deal with these cases. Please do not feed trolls and do not let them provoke you. If the player does not stop harassing you, you can add him to the blacklist. If someone is spamming in private in-game chat, please take additional screenshots and send them to admin@rf4game.com Please refrain from writing to the administrators or moderators via in-game chat or the forum regarding individual complaints. Also we would like to ask you not to open topics in the forum for specific and individual cases; especially it is not allowed to denounce individuals publicly (e.g. forum). Please also refrain from discussing individual complaints and the corresponding penalties in public or with other players. You can be absolutely sure that we handle every complaint and that we act as promptly as possible. Basically, we are convinced that every user deserves a second chance. In some cases, an admonitory word - or a stay on the penalty lake - helps more than the immediate ban hammer. So if a user begs for items a second time, it does not mean that he did not receive the appropriate response from us after the first time. Some users may want to take advantage of this philosophy - but we also have an answer for that. Tight Lines! RF4-Team
  4. Transfer from Steam to Standalone-Version of Russian Fishing 4 To transfer your account from the Steam version to the Standalone version, please write an email to: transfer@rf4game.com The complete game progress as well as gold and premium are transferred over to the Standalone. Please check your spam folder in case you did not recieve an answer. Your email should include the following data: - Subject: Transfer to Standalone - Text: I would like to transfer my account from Steam to Standalone. - Username in game (Steam) - Preferred Email address !!Under no circumstances send your sensitive data like password etc.!! You will receive an answer with a few steps to verify your account. After this verification we will send you your new login data. Again check your spam folder please. You do not need a separate account for the transfer. Do not create one, this will slow down the process. Download the Standalone version at: http://rf4game.com/download/ What are the advantages of a transfer ? Quick support reaction time Different forum-only events e.g.: Tournaments, Team-Tournaments Direct contact to the RF4 Team Tight Lines! RF4 Team
  5. Dear community This error occurs mostly on 32-bit systems. You need a 64-bit system for RF4 to work properly. If you own a 64-bit system and still get the message to update your game, pleas try the following steps: 1. End the game 2. Go to the directory C:\User\Username\AppData\Local\ 3. Delete folder: "RF4Launcher" 4. Restart the game. Now the update should work properly. On some systems the directory "AppData" is hidden. To make it visible, in Windows 8 and 10 go to your personal files, click on "view" and choose "Hidden Elements" In Windows 7 it works differently: 1. Click on „Start“, then Settings, > "Apperance and Personalization" 2. Choose "Folderoptions" then "view". 3. In "Advances Settings" choose "Show hidden files, folder and devices" and click after that "OK" Tight lines RF4-Team
  6. Dear community, sometimes numbers are shown in chat instead of names. This can happen due to poor routing with significant packet loss. That means the name-trigger packages are simply lost somewhere on the way, but sometimes there are also anti-virus or malware programs that block these packages. So if you are using programs like Malwarebytes, deactivate them and restart RF4. If this does not work, sometimes a router reset can help, a "ipconfig /flushdns" in your command line in Windows may help as well. If this does not help to resolve the problem, please contact us at support@rf4game.com Tight lines RF4-Team
  7. Dear community, if your RF4 game does not start, please try the following steps: - Start the game with administrator authorization (Right click on game icon -> start as administrator) If this does not work, please follow these steps: - End the game - Delete file: RF4Launcher.conf in your game directory - Start RF4 again A repair function will start to fix your issue. Tight lines Rf4 -Team
  8. Please check the spam folder in your mail client. Sometimes the filter might set the wrong flag. If you do not recieve a mail within one hour, please register again.
  9. Dear Community, If you own one of the following graphic cards: AMD Radeon™ R5 235X, Radeon™ R5 235, Radeon R5™ 230, Radeon™ R5 220 Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 8470, Radeon™ HD 8350, Radeon™ HD 8000 (D/G variants) Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 – HD 7600 (including A/D/G/M variants) Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 (including A/D/G/M variants) Series Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 5000 (including M variant) Series Graphics then you will probably have following issues: - low performance - disconnection - game freezes We must tell you that AMD has declared the above mentioned cards as out of date and stopped support and update drivers in 2015. To play Russian Fishing 4, AMD recommends switching to a modern graphic card. Nonetheless, our programmers are trying to fix this problem. Tight lines RF4-Team
  10. Dear Community, Summer is near, so again heat problems will occur. We've collected some information and tips on how to avoid your system becoming overheated. First, here are some basics about temperature and operating conditions: Each component in a computer has different limits and thus tolerates more or less heat. Here are some guideline values: - The processor (CPU) should not exceed 50 ° Celsius during normal operation. - The graphics card processor (GPU) can get some more heat, but should not exceed 80 ° C even in demanding games - The motherboard, on the other hand, likes to be cooler and should not exceed 40 ° C. - Hard disks feel comfortable up to 50 Celsius. Higher temperature can lead to data loss because the hard disks can degauss at high temperatures and thus can no longer hold the data in the intended order. So how can I keep the system cool? The first thing you should be aware of is that the system must not be placed or squeezed into a corner. An open space with at least 50 cm distance to the wall or wide table legs is an advantage, so that the heat can be well dissipated and does not jam behind the system. Also, the front and the sides should have distance to wall if ventilation slots are inside. A cluttered PC cannot "breathe", the air circulation is disturbed, and the heat collapse is certain. Pay attention to the functionality of the fans A faulty fan that is not displayed by the BIOS or monitoring tool will inevitably lead to overheating Increase fan speed This is possible with some BIOS variants and with the help of some tools. Disadvantage: The system gets louder, consumes more power and more dust is drawn into the system, so you need to clean it more often. Clean your system regularly Over time, dust and dirt accumulate inside the system, settling on the components and clogging ventilation ducts. Therefore, please check it regularly. You can clean it quite well with compressed air spray from the retailer. Do not use vacuum cleaner, as it firstly scratches and thus malfunction on the components (such as the motherboard) can appear, but secondly jumpers can be sucked. Keep the case closed The smallest gap can lead to interruptions in the air circulation, which in turn leads to increased temperature in the computer. Also we strongly advise against the old custom: "Open the case, put a big ventilator in front of…". There is only more dirt blown into the system, which nests again in the niches. Clean up the inside of the case Nothing is worse than having cables inside a PC look like dumping a can of spaghetti. Clean cable routing is crucial to allow air to circulate without being blocked by a spaghetti barb. If necessary, you can replace old wide cables with newer round cables, and run along the edge of the system. Many of today's housings have cable ducts that are perfectly suitable for this purpose. Builds components airily and optimally If possible, leave space between the individual drives, hard disks and plug-in cards. For PCI slots, make sure that their highly heat-generating components (such as the graphics card) are not sandwiched between two other cards, but rather with air in between as far as possible from the other cards. Save electricity Shut down the PC even during small breaks and activate power save mode. It does not only save electricity, but also it has the side effect that the computer has time to cool down again. What else can I do? If you want to protect your PC even better (and have some money left), ypu may also install additional chassis fans, mount special HDD fans between each HDD or passive heatsink sideways, replace its fans and power supplies with branded models with better performance, or even resort to water cooling. For all tips: If you are unsure or do not know how to implement the tips, ask someone who is able to, or contact an expert. We hope that these tips will help you during the hot times in summer and wish you much fun with RF4. Tight lines Rf4-Team
  11. If you are unable to connect to the game or experience exceptionally high latencies or repeated disconnects during the game, please try the following steps to solve the problem: At first please check the forum for announcements before completing the following steps. If the service is not available, try again later. If you do not find any official messages, continue troubleshooting. If you experience frequent disconnects, open the game settings, click on the Network tab in the top right corner, change the protocol from TCP to UDP and restart the game for the changes to take effect. If that does not help, please follow these steps: Basic troubleshooting: Reset your network devices to ensure that a memory overflow is not the reason for your problems. Renew your IP-address and clear the DNS-Cache of your system to resolve network problems. Update the driver of your system components to avoid compatibility problems. If you use a WLAN connection, optimize your connection or use a LAN cable to exclude connection problems. Stop running programs in the background to resolve potential conflicts. Advanced troubleshooting: An outdated operating system can cause connection losses. Update it please. Problems with the network card which is responsible for your internet connection often lead to connection errors. Check the settings of your network adapter. Disable all proxy server that could interfere with the login module. Temporarily disable or uninstall all security programs, because they could identify our login window as a potential security risk by mistake. An old version of the router and modem firmware, along with outdated NIC drivers, can cause problems if your network needs to handle complex game connections. The hardware manufacturer´s website usually provides firmware and drivers for download,as well as instructions on how to install them. Tight lines RF4-Team
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