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  1. Hello anglers, On Sunday 11/09/22 3pm CEST/9am EST, xiix_Denise_xiix will host a Q&A stream with community manager Joe. Come visit and ask your questions: https://www.twitch.tv/xiix_denise_xiix Best regards, Your FishSoft Team
  2. On July 5th at 08:00 CEST / 02:00 EST time, the server will be restarted. Estimated working time is about two hours. Your RF4 Team
  3. until
  4. Levo_RF4


    Dear RF4 players, in light of the current world events, we would like to make a brief statement. The game accounts are of course safe. Should it become apparent that the data connection to Russia could be restricted, we will look for alternatives as soon as possible. We hope that there will be no downtime, but we cannot guarantee this. We ask you to refrain from any political topics related to the current situation on any of RF4's platform, as a video game chat is simply not the right place for a topic of this magnitude. We understand that this topic will certainly move many of you, just like us. Out of respect and consideration for the very real consequences of this development, we ask you to deal with this topic in private. Regards, Your RF4 team
  5. On February 22nd at 04:00 AM CET / 11:00 PM EST (21st Feb) , the server will be restarted. Estimated work time is ~2 hours. Best regards, Your RF4 Team P.S A fish migration will take place on all water bodies.
  6. On 28th December at 22:00 CET/4.00 PM EST the game server will be switched off due to technical maintenance. The technical work is aimed at increasing the stability of the game server. The downtime will last about 10 hours. The game client will be updated- combining grouped items (products, groundbait components) and optimizing access to in-game items. Your RF4 Team
  7. - From 12/25/2021 12:00 until 01/11/2022 12:00 MSK, the Happy Hour bonus will be valid for all players, and its validity period will be doubled for holders of premium subscription. - Corrected: In workshops, some calculations for the cost of replacement for reels and rods parts were incorrect. RF4 Team
  8. Levo_RF4


    Amber Lake 64.94 D7 Clips 35 Garlic and mussels 20 Pop-Up + Caviar 20 Pop-Up Classic Pop-Up ; Chod rig
  9. Levo_RF4


    Tunguska, 40.134 ,Clip 45, B5 Rhino
  10. Levo_RF4


    Achtuba / 130:80 / Clips 22 G6 / Red Krill 18 Pellet + Halibut 20
  11. Levo_RF4


    Amber lake 162.78 Clips 30, cast N, I8 Still active spot
  12. Levo_RF4


    Hello Gab It is 162.78 not 168 - I corrected it Regards Levo
  13. Levo_RF4


    Amber 162.72, clips 30, I8, Caviar 20 pop up + Oysters 16 pop up, Chod rig
  14. Levo_RF4


    Amber Lake 162.78 I8 clips 30 Red Caviar Corn + Yellow Caviar Corn
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