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  1. Hi We will do it in the next 48 hrs. Thank you for your patience. Regards Levo
  2. Hi Thanks for your report. Regards Levo
  3. Hi Please remember to "give a spot a rest" - if spot is not producing for you as it did before, please switch spots or even maps for few hours. It should really help. Regards Levo
  4. Akhtuba 76.49 Clip 25 Crab and Mussels 18
  5. Achtuba 101.57 Clip 25 Crab and Mussels 18
  6. Hi In case of a ban, be it ingame, on the forums or on Discord, every player has a chance to state his/her case at admin@rf4game.com. Please send us an email Thank you Regards Levo
  7. Sura 28.76 Press cake Clip 28
  8. Levo_RF4


    Hi Geldour Some fish species will don't mind the steel leader - pike, catfish, perch and others will also bite but less often than for example when you will use 9kg fluorocarbon leader instead. For some fish species you will me much more successful if you use fluorocarbon leader. Please have a look on setups that other players are using and catching fish successfully. You can find examples her eon forum in topics for each water body, hotspots, guides etc. Regards Levo
  9. 10/9/2019 at 2:00 PM CEST / 8 AM EST Bear Lake
  10. Hi Try to use the last unlocked method. Go to fish for carps for 1-2 hrs (method rig) then go again for breams on loop for 1-2 hrs. Use the HH as much as you can. Regards Levo
  11. Achtuba 54.86 Lynns Huge Minnow 120-008
  12. Hi Try now Xtro. Regards Levo
  13. Levo_RF4

    Bear Lake

    Hi Guys Try : - Bear Lake 58:62 - Clip 35, - Depth 2,70/2,80 - Strawberry 20 Banana 20 , ´╗┐Juicy lemon 18 Good luck Levo
  14. Hi Please send all the details to admin@rf4game.com Regards Levo
  15. Hi Thanks for the report Regards Levo
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