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    Amber Lake 64.94 D7 Clips 35 Garlic and mussels 20 Pop-Up + Caviar 20 Pop-Up Classic Pop-Up ; Chod rig
  2. Levo_RF4


    Tunguska, 40.134 ,Clip 45, B5 Rhino
  3. Levo_RF4


    Achtuba / 130:80 / Clips 22 G6 / Red Krill 18 Pellet + Halibut 20
  4. Levo_RF4


    Amber lake 162.78 Clips 30, cast N, I8 Still active spot
  5. Levo_RF4


    Hello Gab It is 162.78 not 168 - I corrected it Regards Levo
  6. Levo_RF4


    Amber 162.72, clips 30, I8, Caviar 20 pop up + Oysters 16 pop up, Chod rig
  7. Levo_RF4


    Amber Lake 162.78 I8 clips 30 Red Caviar Corn + Yellow Caviar Corn
  8. Hi. Yes, it will be done today. Regards Levo
  9. Levo_RF4


    Mosquito Lake 52.83 C4 Clips 15
  10. Hi Thanks for report, we are aware. Regards Levo
  11. Hello @AlternativeEgo @JaggedRiz Fixed: In some cases the fish were attracted to spinning lures that were only propelled by the force of the water flow. - You are still able to catch fish while drifting with current on the boat. - You are still able to catch fish when doing for example "Stop and Go" and all others rig patterns. Regards Levo
  12. Thank you for report. It is unlocked now. Regards Levo
  13. Server restart On Thursday, November 26th at 1am EST/ 7 am CET, the server will be restarted and the client updated. The process can take up to 4 hours. Regards RF4 Team
  14. Levo_RF4


    Amber 45.83 Clips 50 C7 Garlic and mussels 16 pop + Caviar 20 pop
  15. Hello anglers, we are getting a lot of questions from players on different platforms. Once again, we invite all of you to post any questions you have here on forum - this way other players from the community can see the answers as well. It will also help us - by not answering this same questions over and over again we will have more time to support you all and answer to new questions that might arise. We collected a few questions that continued to come up in last 2-3 weeks and will provide the answers. We hope this will be useful for some of you. Q1. Is the game finished ? - No, the game is still not finished, we will still have a lot of new, fun features added to the game in the future ( and here I don't mean only new fish species or water bodies). Q2. Why are conventional reels so expensive ? - Some of the strongest conventional reels are expensive but those will be mainly used on higher level water bodies and have a very big impact. As said many times before, the game is still not finished and not all water bodies and fish species are added to the game. Our players will definitely see more potential for those conventional reels in the near future and they will be needed for some of the things still to come. - Please also note that conventional reels have 2 gear ratios. The lower ratio has more force, and the higher gear ratio has more speed. The higher ratio is used for lure presentation and fighting active fish. The lower gear ratio is used for fighting larger slow moving fish, or finishing the fight on large active fish when their stamina is depleted. Q3. Where i can find some information about in game equipment/gear : Q4. Where I can find information about different bottom fishing methods : https://rf4game.com/userguide/#bottom_equipment These User Guides are a very good tool that players can use to get knowledge about the RF4 game. On the right side you will see different topics and players can find answers for a lot of questions there. https://rf4game.com/userguide/ Q5. Snags - How to realise snags ? Q6. Does the bonus from rods stack above 100% in the skill tree ? - Bonuses on abilities that bring the value above 100% will stack. For example, a 10% bonus on top of 100% would achieve a skill of 110%. Q7. Why are you revising old water bodies instead of creating new ones? Our programmers have learned a lot about level design over the years. We are now achieving much better performance, even on larger bodies of water. The Mosquito Lake no longer met this quality standard. We have also made some changes to the lake for it to feel fresh again. Regards Levo
  16. We are happy to announce the opening of a new region in RF4 to finally provide an official Forum, Discord and native language support to our Portuguese language friends. You can contact us at rf4game.es/forum and admin@rf4game.es Temos o prazer em anunciar a abertura de uma nova região no RF4 para finalmente fornecer um Fórum oficial, Discord e suporte em língua nativa para nossos amigos de língua portuguesa. Você pode nos contatar em rf4game.es/forum e admin@rf4game.es
  17. Description: The tournament will take place in the following regions: EN (Other Region), US, PL, DE, FR and ES The required species will be available on the website three days before the tournament starts. Registration Start: Tuesday 09/29 15:00 EST / 09/29 21:00 CEST Start: Friday 10/02 12:00 EST / 10/02 18:00 CEST End: Sunday 10/04 12:00 EST / 10/04 18:00 CEST Result calculation: Catch the specified fish within the tournament timeframe. The combined minimal difference is evaluated. The required fish species will be available on the website 3 days before the start of the competition. Min participant required: 30 Read the guide "RF4 standalone/client forum tournaments." before participating. https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2812-rf4-standaloneclient-forum-tournaments/ Questions about the standalone tournaments can be asked here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/forum/109-gameplay-support/ Suggestions for tournaments can be made here: https://rf4game.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3296-tournament-suggestions/ Prizes: 1st place: 4500 silver + 12 gold coins + 10 days premium 2nd place: 4000 silver + 10 gold coins + 8 days premium 3rd place: 3500 silver + 8 gold coins + 8 days premium 4th place: 3000 silver + 6 gold coins + 8 days premium 5th place: 2500 silver + 4 gold coins + 7 days premium 6th place: 2000 silver + 3 gold coins + 6 days premium 7th place: 1500 silver + 3 gold coins + 6 days premium 8th - 10th place: 1000 silver + 2 gold coins + 5 days premium
  18. Levo_RF4

    RF4 Annual Cup 2020

    Hi Thanks for suggestion. We announce all tournaments and competitions on the RF4 forum, discord and our social media. Please follow them. Regards Levo
  19. Levo_RF4


    Patchnotes 08/09/2020 - The option to place food and drinks in quick selection slots has been implemented. - For Premium subscribers, the number of available quick selection slots has been increased to seven. - Improved compatibility with older graphics cards for the water shaders used on the Tunguska River. - The name of the workshop in which it is being repaired is now displayed in the item details. - The region in which the account is registered is now displayed. - The entry fee in the form of gold coins is now only available for running regional competitions. - The shipment of items in the "Russia and CIS countries" region is only possible for players who are registered in the same region. - For players registered in the "Russia and the CIS countries" region, only the Russian language is available in the game. - A new version of the game's graphics engine has been implemented. - Another region for registration has been added - Spain. - Fixed: When using a throwing pipe or a sling to deliver bait, the bait output was not displayed on the game screen. RF4 Team
  20. Levo_RF4

    RF4 Spanish region

    Dear players, We are pleased to announce that RF4 is opening another region - Spanish. Our existing and new Spanish speaking players will get their own forum, discord, separate Spanish RF4 client and support in their own language. We hope that after this changes our contact with Spanish speaking RF4 community will be even better and we will be able to offer even better support to our existing but also new Spanish speaking players. Some important links: RF4 Spanish Forum -https://rf4game.es/forum/ RF4 Spanish DC - https://discord.gg/nWcssNu RF4 Spanish admin and support email -admin@rf4game.es ; soporte@rf4game.es RF4 Spanish FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/rf4game.es Your RF4 Team
  21. The server will be restarted and client updated on Tuesday 08/09 at 8:00 a.m CEST/2:00 a.m. EST. The process can take up to 4 hours. Your RF4 team
  22. until
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  24. Server is online now. Have fun Levo
  25. Technical break will take a bit longer today. Please be patient. Thank you Regards Levo
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