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  1. Hello everybody. With these quick teaser videos we are trying to let you be part of the development process. We can not show everything in these teasers but we will provide you with much more detailed information as soon as the update is released, especially about the content that is not that well known outside Europe. Please also keep in mind that we are producing these videos for all regions. Sometimes the translation from Russian takes a while. That is why our Russian colleagues can show you a bit more content at this point. Check out this video if you are interested: Regards, Denis
  2. Dear community, Tomorrow, on October 11th at 0:00 am EST / 6:00 AM CEST, a technical restart will be carried out. The downtime will be approximately one hour. Regards, RF4 Team
  3. Dear players, on Sunday at 8 pm CEST /2 pm EST we are inviting you to visit our second stream about Amber Lake. During the stream, we will provide more details and insights into the incoming update. Join us at https://www.twitch.tv/rf4admin Your RF4 - Team
  4. Denis RF4

    Autumn sale

    RF 4 Autumn Sale. From 23/09/2019 at 11:00 AM CEST/5.00 AM EST until September 30, 2019 at 11:00 CEST/5.00 AM EST. Your RF4 team
  5. Not far from the Baltic Sea coast lies the picturesque Amber Lake. According to a local legend, this lake got its name from the numerous carps living in it and their scales glittering in the sun like amber. Therefore, the Amber Lake is also very popular with fans of carp fishing. However, it is not known only for its carp. According to stories of the locals, it is inhabited by a true monster. It is rumored that strange noises can sometimes be heard from the water at night, and some eyewitnesses even swear that they saw a shiny black shadow in the moonlight. Legend has it that the monster is the spirit of a nobleman who lived by the lake and was killed by bandits. That is why they call it the "Black Baron". Many have tried to capture this legendary monster, but so far everyone has failed. In this update, we present you not just another new body of water. We have also significantly improved carp fishing to make it even more exciting and detailed. New rigs, new fishing techniques, new carp species and many more innovations are waiting for you. But that does not mean that the Amber Lake will only be interesting for carp anglers. However, we have also not forgotten the friends of other fishing methods such as spinning and float fishing. The refinement of the carp fishing is only the first step in further improving all fishing methods. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBTmMGQEFHstWJ7Gwchgtvg?view_as=subscriber Your RF4 - Team
  6. Dear community, on Saturday, September 21th we invite you to take a first sneak peak at the new lake with us. Join us at 3.30 pm live on Twitch at twitch.tv/rf4admin Regards, Denis
  7. Dear community, Tomorrow, on September 19th at 1 am EST, a technical restart will be carried out. The downtime will be approximately one hour. Regards, RF4 Team
  8. Dear all We would like to thank you all for taking part in the Marathon Weekend. Once again you showed us that you are a huge part of this community and you are willing to give your time to help RF4 community grow and to have fun. We hope you all enjoyed this event and we will plan something like this again in the future. Once more big thanks for your time, support and commitment. Denis
  9. Denis RF4

    New lake

    Dear players, The work on the new content never stopped. Today we would like to share with you the first view of the new lake. It is a larger water body, that much we can tell you already. For fish species and fishing methods you will have to be patient a bit longer. But we will soon reveal all the secrets... Your RF4 team
  10. Denis RF4

    Bonus premium

    Dear community, Please give us some time to set up the new security systems. We want to rule out further issues while the premium is activated. The preliminary activation date for the Premium services is Friday, September 13th. Thank you for your patience and understanding. kind regards Denis
  11. Dear RF4 community, I am sure many of you have noticed some changes happening with our support infrastructure at the moment. Russian Fishing 4 was not originally intended to be a global project. It was a passion project for a Russian community that really enjoyed RF3 and was longing for a 3D environment to fish in. To our surprise and delight, soon many passionate fisherman and gamers around the world noticed our game and started playing it, even though it was entirely in Russian. Being highly motivated by this passion, we started translating the game to many different languages and building up a support structure in different regions. Sadly, we have been set back a bit lately, due to technical issues that demanded all of our attention. Providing you a stable gaming experience is our primary goal and we hope that we are finally making significant advancements towards that goal. We know that the last couple of weeks were a frustrating experience for many of you and we are very thankful for and even touched by your patience, feedback and the willingness to continue to play the game. You are a rare and amazing community! As Russian Fishing 4 grows, we continuing to try to improve our support for the game. We are in the process of establishing a more global and united support system to be able to provide you with more information, news and guides and answer your questions faster. Let me assure you, that Russian Fishing 4 is far from being finished and will continue to receive new and exciting content in the near future. Please continue to send us your ideas and suggestions on the game, to help us make RF4 an even more realistic, diverse and fun virtual fishing experience. Denis Diener General Manager RF4
  12. This is the thread where communities can organize their tournaments.
  13. Dear Community, The big forum team tournaments are starting! Here are some insights on how these tournaments will work and how to win: Duration: A team tournament usually takes place over the course of one week. In special cases it might have a different duration which will be announced in the tournament conditions. Teams: Teams of five members each (including the captain) compete against each other. Each team is led and organized by the captain. You can choose substitutes, but before each tournament the captain has to register five players competing in the tournament. Only these five players enter the rating. Preparations: Each participant must be registered on the forums. The forum name must match the ingame name. Tasks of the captain: The captain must organize his team both in terms of time and content. f.e.: When do the members have time and which strategy do we use in the tournament? Who has his strengths in which area? This organization is completely up to you. Further tasks: - The captain registers the team for the tournament with team name and member names. - The names must be entered correctly. - The captain records the best results (with the member name that had the best score) of all team members and sends the final result to tournament@rf4game.com Prizes: The prizes will be announced in the respective tournament description. Important!: For organizational reasons, only standalone players of the English language version can participate in the forum tournaments. If you are interested in a transfer, you will find the instructions here: Are there any questions left? Do not hesitate to ask us here. Tight lines RF4-Team
  14. Here you can register for our forum tournaments. These tournaments have detailed goals, a longer runtime and are evaluated by hand. Therefore, only Standalone players can participate here. If you are interested in transfering from Steam to Standalone Version, you can find a manual here: Results of the tournaments are submitted to tournament@rf4game.com
  15. In case you experience problems with payment or premium services in RF4, please contact the following address providing your ingame name, payment method and transaction code: admin@rf4game.com
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