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  1. Recently, we have received a lot of complaints from players regarding excessive asking for in-game chat items. However, these complaints do not only apply to new players who spam chat requests for equipment, but also those who have been maliciously responding to such messages maliciously and inappropriately. We understand that such behaviors as requests for novice players can make many of you nervous. If a new player posts messages that bother you: requests for help, lures or anything else, all you need to do is place a player on the black list and you will not see any more messages from that person. Let's not forget, however, that each of us started one day and everybody had many questions at the beginning. It is harder for some to start, especially for those who have not been fishing before or had little contact with fishing. If a new player asks for help, it is worth suggesting or advise, although of course it is not a duty. If the player does it repeatedly, repeatedly asks for items, spamming and harassing these other players' chat questions - this behavior is not welcome and you can report them by left-clicking on the player's name and selecting the option "Report inappropriate behavior". After reporting, we will be able to take care of the matter. Please, remember, however, that as we do not welcome repeated requests for items in the game chat, we can not tolerate malicious, boorish or vulgar behavior towards new players. If someone reacts to messages from novice players in an inappropriate way and with their behavior discourages new players to the game, such a person should reckon with the fact that the consequences can also be derived from it. If somebody disturbs you, add it to the blacklist or submit it. Do not let yourself be provoked, because you can also be punished for inappropriate behavior. Your RF4 Team
  2. General warning, we are cracking down on all 3rd party software used to gain illegal advantage in a game, as well as accounts that directly benefit from those activities. And everyone who gets caught buying or selling things for real money. Players participating in those activities will be blocked without warning. This includes: Bots Cheat software Macros Any modification to the game files.
  3. I just read your letter, and I wanted to reply to you. 1st I love this game very much- you can see by the hrs I play. I just want to pass along some info that I hope will help RF4 with players. I pray that I will not be punished for this message. 1st many of us live n fear that our accounts will be nerfed so we catch little to nothing- this is a rumor out there.- and it is believed by many. We can not chat freely even on steam, because there are those who copy and paste it to RF4. So we feel like we are being spied on, this has happened- I saw it myself. Speaking for myself- the comps are no longer anything I am interested in, to many cheaters, and seems nothing is being done about it- if something is- share it with us- so we feel like the game is being taken care of. I am telling you this not to complain- I want to share with you what is being said and felt by players. The game is just becoming less enjoyable to play as a whole, and that is sad, we love this game. We log on to catch fish, and enjoy our selves, spending 1-2 hrs and not catch is not fun. I love this game, and I wanted to try and help RF4 with this message, I hope it is taken in the context I wrote it in. well that is all, take care, and thanks for reading my message.
  4. RF4mod


    Patch note 03/28/2019 - Fixed: After a failed attempt at crafting baits, the items used for this were not removed from the backpack. - Fixed: In some cases competition players had difficulty connecting to the game server. - Fixed: In the team competition, the readiness was reset after changing teams.
  5. RF4mod


    - Seasonal fairs are opened. - Seasonal fairs are offering tackle from new manufacturers “Pomor” and “Chernomorets” (floats, lures, feeders, rods and reels). - Added. TL (telescopic rods) records table is implemented. - Changed. Amount of points for UL records have been changed. - The images of medals for the first places in the UL weekly record table have been updated. - A new type of boat has been introduced into the game - the high-speed rubber boat Kostroma. - Implemented. Speed of character movement depends on the power of the line tension. - Addition fish market has been introduced to Akhtuba river. Located down the river. - Fish Mid-size weight at Belaya river has been increased. - Exp points for Kessler's Herring has been lowered. - Kessler's Herring price has been lowered by 10%. - Pike price has been increased by 25%. - New fight behavior patterns are introduced to species such as Taimen, Beluga, and all sturgeons. - Fixed. Sometimes crafted leaders didn’t stack. Attention!!! Last update description was inaccurate about the reference to the fish getting off the hook chance. The chance of the fish getting off the hook goes down to 0 only when the tension of the line is always on. If a player lets the tension of the line go to slack, the chance that the fish gets off the line increases to its original value.
  6. RF4mod


    Patch Notes: - Implemented: An alternative experimental communication protocol with the Game Server (UDP). We recommend switching to this communication protocol for players who experience a lot of connectivity issues with the game server. The protocol is selected in the game settings under the "Network" tab. After changing the protocol, please restart the game. - When the network connection with the server is broken, and the player has landed the fish prior to the disconnect, it will automatically go into the keepnet. - The probability of losing a fish after a long drill, has been reduced to zero.. - Kuori Lake has been reworked, improving the activity of fish specifically for spin fishing. Fish at Kuori lake may change their habitat and/or bait priorities. - For Lake Trout, the trophy weight, the average catch weight and its sell price were increased. - For Arctic Char, the trophy weight, the average catch weight and the population were increased, the sell price was reduced. - For Blue Bream, the trophy weight has been increased. - For Sevan Trout, the sell price has been increased. - For Kessler's Herring, the sell price has been reduced. - If a player is put at the Penalty Pond, the keepnet is no longer emptied. However, only the fish caught at the Penalty Pond count towards the assigned penalty weight. - Added Korean translation. - Increased likelihood of harvesting bait with a shovel. - Fixed. When moving to the spawning point of the water body after the character falls into the water, the fish that was on the line at this moment was counted as caught and placed in the keepnet.
  7. RF4mod


    - Fixed. Fully spooled line wasn’t registering with the mechanics of a reel. - Fixed: In some cases, when the fish was caught, there was a long delay before “catch” interface was displayed.
  8. RF4mod


    The wait is almost over… The upcoming update is just around the corner and we have more news about it. Introducing the new rod manufacturer from Russia - Kama. "Kama" rods differ in low price and optimal price/quality ratio. The series, represented by this manufacturer, include all types of rods. We’ve started working on the grouping of items in the interactive windows, which simplifies the process of searching and selecting items, as well as food and drinks in the quick access window (“T”) We are continuing working on the update. Follow the announcements!
  9. RF4mod


    Why would you want us to say something that we didn't implement? Just because that's the way you feel?
  10. RF4mod

    Old Patch 10/31/2018

    New rods. Lures. Revamped reels. With the release of Akhtuba river fans of Russian fishing 4 will be introduced to the new line of rods from Zeiman manufacturer. As many of you know, Zeiman products are one of the top on the market and have excellent quality and reliability. Expanded assortment of Volkoff and Kiruuna lures. We have re-visited some goods that for one reason or another have not been in demand. As such, many reels will be revamped with the next update and their parameters altered.
  11. RF4mod


    PvP and group competitions Starting from the next update all players will have an ability to participate in group competitions by dividing into two teams. Maximum participants in competition - 2 teams of 25 players each. Fans of another type of competitions - Duels - will be able to play in 1vs1 competitions and participate in monthly ratings with prizes.
  12. RF4mod


    Where we are going next … Having caught all the unique fish of Ladoga Lake, every avid fisherman may want to change the cool and austere beauty of the northern reservoir for the warm waters of the southern rivers. Russian Fishing 4 will give you this opportunity. The next water body - the Akhtuba River - is one of the left tributaries of the Volga and is famous for its excellent fishing.
  13. RF4mod


    Patch note: It is difficult to say for sure what was the true cause of minor illnesses, seriously complicating the lives of some characters. Perhaps, it may have been their first time trying the butter, or the butter itself was too potent. Whatever it was, the crisis has been contained and all the ill will get better soon to return to their normal state of health. At this time, we had to temporarily remove this unexpectedly dangerous product from use. - Trophy sizes of Burbot, Char and Red Char have been increased. - The work of all 10000 reels have been fixed.
  14. RF4mod


    Update - Ladoga lake - New skill “Cooking” and its related recipes have been added to the game. - New achievements related to cooking added to the game. - Many new food items are added to the game. - New interactive objects are added to water bodies, such as smoker, fish dry rack and brazier. - Number of portions for some items in grocery stores are increased (tea, coffee, salt, etc). Prices for these products are also increased. - New rods are introduced to the game – Spod rods. Spod rods are design for delivering groundbait and can be used as a fourth rod. - A fourth slot has been added to the game, to switch faster between the selected items from the inventory. - For spinning reels, the fixation of the line has been implemented, called Clipping. To use hold left control plus - +. - Fishing with the Sbirolino rig is now also available in spin fishing skill. - The restocking times of repair parts of the Workshop has been increased. - The ‘Store’ tab in the Workshops has been removed. Instead there are now separate Hardware shops on the water bodies, with the exception Bear Lake. - The current setting of float depth will now be saved when you go offline. - Implemented: the ability to name selfmade groundbait. - The bottom of Bear Lake has been adjusted. Carp species may have changed their locations. - Implemented: a Snag indicator has been added to user interface. - Implemented: An unread message indicator has been added to the user interface - The properties of groundbait have been adjusted, it’s effectiveness has been increased. - Implemented: New water body - Ladoga Lake. The water body unlocks at level 28. - Implemented: New fish species - they can be found in Lake Ladoga. - Implemented: New baitfish (whitefish) - Implemented: New fishing reels from the manufacturer Beluga. This reel series includes several spinning reels and baitcasting reel models. - Implemented: Updated reels of the brands Trident and Zeiman. - Implemented: There are new fishing rods of the brand Kingfisher - Implemented: There are new artificial lures from the brand Volkhoff - Implemented: The assortiment of sinkers from the Simmons brand has been expanded - Implemented: The assortment of hooks for Berserk Hooks and Simmons manufacturers have been expanded. - The experience points for Grayling have been increased. - The following languages have been added to the game: French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian). - Implemented: the notification in chat of the game message about torn leaders. - Implemented: 3-day Premium Membership - Due to bug fixes in the user settings, the hot keys settings have been reset to default. - Fixed: in some cases, after the groundbait was produced, the “Discard” button did not appear in the dialog box.
  15. RF4mod


    Cooking Every seasoned angler knows not only how to catch a fish but also how to make it taste good. Friends, Today we would like to present to you a new skill - Cooking. With this skill players will be able to taste a juicy shish kebab right off of the skewer, enjoy the greatest fish soup made on the campfire and even indulge themselves with caviar made by their own hands. This is just a short list of the many other new possibilities available to players through the new Cooking skill. Tight lines and…. bon appetit!
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