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  1. Registration: The registration is only possible for RF4 standalone players exclusive on our official homepage, at: https://www.rf4game.com/account/ "My Russian Fishing" and then clicking the card: "Standalone Tournaments". Registration will open on Satuday 15.00 CET ( 3 am EST) and you can register until 14.00 CET on Sunday ( 02.00 EST) - Tournaments Rules: Weight of three targeted fish are specified in the competition terms (the terms will be announced 3 hours before the start of the tournament). A player must catch a fish from each of the three species specified in the conditions, with the weight closest to the specified weight for each species. Grayling: 1,8 kg Brown Trout: 1,2 kg Chub: 1,5 kg - Calculation of results: 1. Each species of fish is calculated by the taking the closest fish to the target weight for that species and then calculating the absolute difference of the weight in grams. 2. All three species must be caught 3. These absolute differences are added up and the lowest number wins. 4. If there is a tie the first tie-breaker is the minimum difference on the first species. 5. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breakers is the number of catches for the third species during the tournament time frame. -Prizes: The first 5 places will get 5 days premium each. If there are questions about the Tournament please use the comment function or use "Our Question" (Link from the guideline) Russian Fishing 4https://www.rf4game.com/ GUIDE about forum tournaments :
  2. Dear players, tomorrow, on December 3 at 4:30 am CEST (December 2, 10.30 pm EST) the game server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Best regards, Your RF4 Team
  3. Results evaluation: The heaviest Bream caught within the timeframe is evaluated. Evaluation: The highest weight for Bream wins the tournament. In case two players catch a fish of the same weight, the player who caught the fish earlier wins. Submission of results: The results are submitted to tournament@rf4game.com including ingame name and the weight of the fish in text form. Wrong player names, wrong results or different data formats (.rar, .zip) will not be evaluated. Deadline: The results must be submitted before Oct. 15.2019, 6 PM CEST, 12 PM EST. Results submitted after this deadline will not be evaluated. Registration for the tournament can be submitted on the forums exclusively by standalone players who are registered on the EN forums. Prizes
  4. Full VOD with commentary is now available: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBTmMGQEFHstWJ7Gwchgtvg?view_as=subscriber
  5. Good morning @Darkje, since we are evaluating these tournaments by hand, it is very important that you just send a mail with your ingame name and the weight of your best fish in text form to tournament@rf4game.com. In the past we had some issues when players send pictures or even a .zip file containing pictures. We do not even need a screenshot since we will check the results in the log files anyway. Example: Tournament: Anaconda Ingame name: JohnDoe Result: Eel, 4,657 kg Regards, Joe
  6. Thank you for participating and best of luck to all of you!
  7. Dear RF4 players, You probably have a lot of questions when starting out in RF4 and are looking for information to get into the game quickly and successfully catch your first fish. First of all, we offer you a detailed manual that you can find here: http://rf4game.com/userguide/ Take your time and read it - many things will probably already become more accessible. Beyond that, we also encourage you to use this forum to post your questions or concerns. We offer different sectors and threads where you can interact with other players, moderators and administrators. You also find important contact addresses here: http://rf4game.com/contacts/ Your RF4 team
  8. Rules of conduct for the game "Russian Fishing 4" on rf4game.com (English version) We are glad that you want to play on our server. Like everyone else, you have to follow certain rules. There are rules for the behavior in the game as well as rules for the game-related behavior outside of the game. There is also a complaint procedure for inappropriate behavior of other players. All of this is regulated below: 1. Game behavior Be respectful and fair towards the other players and the team. 2. Prohibited behavior 2.1. Simple violations 2.1.1. Simple violations in particular: • The use of swear words and vulgar expressions (no matter in which language), • Insulting statements towards other players and / or the team, • Racist, pornographic, violent, harmful or otherwise illegal statements, • Entering three consecutive, identical or similar letters, words or messages, • Entering sentences or whole words in capital letters (activated shift key), • The use of incomprehensible characters, • Spamming, • Flooding the chat, • Harassing messages to other players, • A public discussion about the inability of the moderator / administrator • Actions that hamper our online servers and communication between players, • The posting of: false information or unlawful disclosure of other information (including the transfer of personal data) in relation to the moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the project «Russian Fishing 4», • Discussing methods for hacking, using manipulative computer programs and cheating in the game, • Posting of advertising messages, including Internet links. 2.1.2. Punishment for simple violations The moderators may penalize for simple violations at their sole discretion and depending on the severity of the offense: •Compulsory fishing on the penalty lake (according to section 3) and / or • Impose a ban on the interfering player for a period of between 1 to 30 days (for the period of the ban the player is suspended and can not participate in the game) and / or • In the case of prohibited statements to third parties or in the chat or on the forums the time-defined or time-indefinite premoderation or blocking of posts on the forums and / or the blocking of certain or all content for reading in the forums. 2.2. Serious violations 2.2.1. Serious violations in particular: • Using methods or third-party programs to manipulate the results in the game, • Serious violations of the terms of conduct and licensing for the use of the program «Russian Fishing 4», • Using usernames related to drugs, fascism, racism, or National Socialism, pornographic or violence glorifying references, or containing vulgar / obscene expressions, • The use of usernames corresponding to the names of the programmers of «Russian Fishing 4» and the use of the «Russian Fishing 4» logo without the permission of the copyright holder, • The creation of user names that contain links to web resources, • The use of profile images depicting cruelty, violence, erotic and pornographic content, as well as those containing obscene or vulgar expressions, • Posts about the sale and purchase of game items for ingame currency, real money or other currency, as well as announcing the sale or handover of a gaming profile, • The use of bugs and glitches in the game for personal benefit or to simplify the game, • Fraud or deception of a player to get items or otherwise manipulate the game, • The creation of a fake account. 2.2.2. Punishment for serious violations Moderators may, at their discretion and for the purposes of Section 2.2, penalize the measures referred to in 2.1.2. and additionally or instead impose a ban from 5 days to permanent blocking and deletion of the account. 3. Prison Lake For minor violations, the moderators can also issue a warning and send the player to the penalty lake. There he has to catch a given amount of fish before he can participate in the regular game again. 4. Forums A block in the game automatically leads to a block on the forums. For violations according to paragraph 2, which are committed in the forum, the moderators can impose a premoderation for forum posts and / or blocking the player on the forums. 5. Repeated rule violations / violation of several rules In case of repeated offense, penalties can be increased to the point of permanent suspension of the player. If several rules are violated, the penalties can add up (suspension time or amount of fish at the penalty lake). 6. Complaints against imposed penalties If you believe that a penalty imposed on you was improperly pronounced, you can e-mail admin@rf4game.com. The complaint should include the following information: •Username and account number, • Date and time when the sentence was pronounced, • E-mail address or other communication option, • Subject «Account complaint». 7. Game-related behavior of the player outside of the game 7.1. The following behavior on external media, platforms and websites (e.g., Twitch, Youtube, other forums, public chats) is prohibited: • Establishment and dissemination of untrue factual allegations concerning the game or moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the Russian Fishing 4 project; • Expressions of abuse (such as insults) relating to the game or moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the Russian Fishing 4 project; • Disseminate unwarranted factual allegations or legally prohibited abuse criticisms (such as insults) with respect to other players; •Simulating the identity of moderators, administrators, developers and other members of the Russian Fishing 4 project. 7.2. For violations of the obligations under section 7.1., sanctions may be imposed depending on the nature, severity, duration and frequency of the infringement, adopt the measures referred to in paragraphs 2.1.2. and 2.2.2. at the administrators discretion. We reserve the right to take further legal steps. 8. Complaints against other players 8.1. Players have the opportunity to report inappropriate behavior of other players in a complaint. The complaint can be submitted by pressing the button "Report Misconduct" next to a player name in the chat window. 8.2. The moderators and administrators will investigate the complaint without delay and, should the player in question violate the Code of Conduct, review and, if necessary, institute appropriate penalties. The complaining player is not entitled to any specific action against the offending player. 8.3. Complaints are only permissible if other players violate these rules of conduct. In case of repeated unjustified complaints, penalties according to section 2.1.2. may be imposed.
  9. Rules of conduct for the forums of the game "Russian Fishing 4" (English language version) on www.rf4game.com 1. Purpose of the forum 1.1. Russian Fishing USA LLC maintains a discussion forum at https://rf4game.com/forum/ for registered users of our website and players of the game "Russian Fishing 4 ". 1.2. The purpose of the forum is to exchange information about the game, to get to know each other and to provide gameplay and technical support for the game. 2. Content responsibility For contributions in the forums only the respective author is responsible and liable legally. They are not in any way the responsibility of the operator and do not reflect the opinion of the operator on any subject. We endeavor to promptly remove posts that violate these terms of conduct, but we can not guarantee an immediate reaction 24/7. 3. User conduct 3.1. The user has to stick to the usual etiquette. Even controversial discussions require respectful interaction with each other. Vulgar expressions are prohibited. Humor and irony are to be used in such a way that the affected person can understand them and is not offended. Please avoid cynicism and sarcasm in general for they do not translate well in written form. 3.2. The user of the forums is prohibited: 3.2.1. Posting or supporting content that is harmful to minors, insults (including and especially to moderators, administrators or other members of "Russian Fishing 4"), slander, violence, racist or sexist statements, political propaganda, xenophobic or pornographic content or otherwise violate existing law; 3.2.2. to post untrue factual allegations or forbidden personal allegations about third persons or the game "Russian Fishing 4"; 3.2.3. to divulge the intellectual property of third parties (such as images, contributions or trademarks) to the forums without their consent, to the extent that it infringes their rights (such as copyrights or personal rights). Quotations are to be marked accordingly and provided with a reference to the source; 3.2.4. to advertise any third party products and services; 3.2.5. To offer items for game currency, real currency or for trade; 3.2.6. Flooding threads with posts (spamming); 3.2.7. to publish personal data of third parties without their consent; 3.2.8. participate in the forum under multiple identities. 4. Consequences of violations of the conduct obligations In the case of violations of the conduct obligations according to section 3, depending on the type, severity, extent, duration and number, the administrators may decide to 4.1. delete, hide or comment on post and threads without providing a reason; 4.2. impose a premoderation on a user. This means that further contributions from the user must be authorized by an administrator before publication; 4.3. exclude users from using the forums temporarily or completely. 5. Rights of the administrators Administrators can 5.1. Impose punitive measures in accordance with section 4; 5.2. Remove all or part of the content that is unlawful or contrary to the rules of conduct in accordance with Section 3; 5.3. Check links to external websites and remove linked content or the links, if there is a violation of the rules of conduct according to section 3. 6. Other 6.1. The user is not entitled to use the forum. This applies in particular to users who have already been banned once. A re-login of a suspended user can be accepted by the moderators if the user credibly dissociates himself from the behavior that led to his suspension and then adheres to the forum rules. In case of repeated violations, users can be locked depending on the nature, intensity and frequency of the violation without warning. 6.2. The anonymous use of the forum (using a phantasy name) is allowed. If the user enters his name or his e-mail address, these are publicly visible. They can be registered by search engines and recorded by address dealers. 6.3. rf4game.com is an English language forum. The writing of contributions in English language is desired. 6.4. Violations of these rules of conduct can be reported to admin@rf4game.com. 6.5. Penalties in the game can lead to an exclusion from the forum. In addition, our rules of conduct in the game apply in addition.
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