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  1. Hello Anglers, this year we start the annual global RF4 cup 2020 involving all EU/US regions. This cup, as the name suggests, will take place every year now. This is the qualification table for the tournament: Qualification round Sep 18. - Sep 20. 2020 | The best 50 players qualify Semi-final: Sep 26. - Sep 27. 2020 | The best 20 players qualify Final: Oct 02. - Oct 04. 2020 | High end prizes for top 10 These regions will take part in the tournament: 1. Other(ENG) + US 2. Poland 3. France 4. Germany ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Registration: Only standalone players can register for the tournament through the official website -> My Russian Fishing -> Standalone tournaments. Qualification round: All players of the standalone version that meet the requirements of the competition can register. Semi-final: Players who were not in the top 50 of the qualifying round will not be included in the evaluation. Final: Players who were not in the top 20 of the semi-final will not be included in the evaluation. Qualification round ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Semi final ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tournament is only accessible for players of the standalone version of RF4. If you are interested in transfering from Steam to Standalone, you will find a tutorial here:
  2. Hi @lliggy, no values of the current equipment have been changed. Some values for rods are displayed more precise now. Any major changes to equipment will be documented in the patchnotes.
  3. Hey @mqg, thank you for asking as the patchnotes could not provide enough detail and context for this change and are not designed for that purpose. The average amount of silver the players generate in game has increased significantly from the time the original prices were designed. In order to preserve the progression blancing we intend RF4 to have, these prices needed to be updated. This increase is bound to the level of the items, as high level players earn exponencially more silver than low to mid level players. So the intention behind a decision like this is to preserve the ingame economy that plays a big part in RF4. If the intention was to just produce more income, there would surely be smarter and more effective ways to do it. We also decreased the gold prices for items as them beeing too high was a prominent feedback from the community. Service games that keep developing alongside the community playing it, need to try to strike a balance between unpopular decisions that are nescessary to preserve the vision of the game, while also trying to incorporate as many wishes by the playerbase as possible. This is not easy because these things often clash. There will most defenetely be more unpopular but nesceccary rebalancings in the future. We will try our best to explain our decisions as transparent and open as possible.
  4. Fair enough guys. Many of the current gameplay decisions were influenced by the the massive abuse. Getting rid of this, even by a radical solution seems worth it to us. It opens up a lot of possibilities. And for the stuff honest players lost we will find a workaround.
  5. @redbeard420, getting rid of a large number of cheaters might actually give us some more room when it comes to balancing.
  6. @Pettos, same answer really. We will look for ways to make that available again for community events or content creators.
  7. @mazza27, I can not tell you atm. We had to make a decision we knew people would hate. We got that over with. Now it is time to find ways to bring back the positives within this new system. You know we love gifting a newbie a rod. We will look for ways.
  8. Selling high level equipment, illegally farmed by a bot account, for lower prices puts honst players at a serious disadvantage. Imagine how long you would need to farm a venga reel legit in comparisson to somebody willing to abuse fraud. They get the good Equip way earlier and therefore have an impact on leaderboards and weeklys.
  9. Hi @mazza27, we knew before that this was a horribly unpopular descision. We also know that it makes the premium service less attractive. The dilemma is, that there is an already huge, ever growing number of players commiting fraud on a level that is not just impacting us financially, but also committing fraud against any player who takes his / her posotion in the leaderboard serious. We can not allow that. We are probably too late with this decision but that is because it was not an easy one. Joe
  10. Hey, Rods, reels, tools and assesories bought with silver can not be send any longer. Regards
  11. Registration: The registration is only possible for RF4 standalone players exclusive on our official homepage, at: https://www.rf4game.com/account/ "My Russian Fishing" and then clicking the card: "Standalone Tournaments". Registration will open on Satuday 15.00 CET ( 3 am EST) and you can register until 14.00 CET on Sunday ( 02.00 EST) - Tournaments Rules: Weight of three targeted fish are specified in the competition terms (the terms will be announced 3 hours before the start of the tournament). A player must catch a fish from each of the three species specified in the conditions, with the weight closest to the specified weight for each species. Grayling: 1,8 kg Brown Trout: 1,2 kg Chub: 1,5 kg - Calculation of results: 1. Each species of fish is calculated by the taking the closest fish to the target weight for that species and then calculating the absolute difference of the weight in grams. 2. All three species must be caught 3. These absolute differences are added up and the lowest number wins. 4. If there is a tie the first tie-breaker is the minimum difference on the first species. 5. If there is still a tie, the second tie-breakers is the number of catches for the third species during the tournament time frame. -Prizes: The first 5 places will get 5 days premium each. If there are questions about the Tournament please use the comment function or use "Our Question" (Link from the guideline) Russian Fishing 4https://www.rf4game.com/ GUIDE about forum tournaments :
  12. Hi @colaquente_rf4, sry for the late answer. 1. Just regarding the time of releasing the content, they are all the same. 2. There are feeders better suited for rivers and it says so in the describtions. Every feeder can be used in rivers though. 3. They are not better for some species, but for some conditions like type of water body or longer casting. 4. The star rating influences a lot of things. The higher the rating: - the less visible the feeder is to fish - the better aerodynamics it has got (longer casting) - the longer and more intensive it will attract fish to the spot - the less tear it causes on the line
  13. Good morning @Pettos, you can find detailed instructions on how to transfer here: Regards, Joe
  14. Dear players, tomorrow, on December 3 at 4:30 am CEST (December 2, 10.30 pm EST) the game server will be restarted and the client will be updated. Best regards, Your RF4 Team
  15. Results evaluation: The heaviest Bream caught within the timeframe is evaluated. Evaluation: The highest weight for Bream wins the tournament. In case two players catch a fish of the same weight, the player who caught the fish earlier wins. Submission of results: The results are submitted to tournament@rf4game.com including ingame name and the weight of the fish in text form. Wrong player names, wrong results or different data formats (.rar, .zip) will not be evaluated. Deadline: The results must be submitted before Oct. 15.2019, 6 PM CEST, 12 PM EST. Results submitted after this deadline will not be evaluated. Registration for the tournament can be submitted on the forums exclusively by standalone players who are registered on the EN forums. Prizes
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