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  1. So i tested, and if u put in a different order, they dont stack in your inventory, and if they dont stack in your inventory, they will also no stack in the water right? he will be a different pva???
  2. kowskie

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    Fish Species: Russian Sturgeon Water Body: Akhtuba Coordinates: 50 86 Clip: 15 Lures / Bait: mole cricket/river mussel/fish pieces Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : PVA = Rapeseeds, Dried Crustaceans, Zebra mussels, Chopped wrm, casters, crab n mussels. try to change the pva atractant after 30minutes.
  3. Does the order of the ingredients matter? like if i do - rapeseeds, chopped wrm, clay, dried crustaceans, zebra mussel, crayfish. its different from rapeseeds, clay, dried crustaceans, zebra mussel, chopped wrm, crayfish??
  4. Late question, does the pva/gb on the ground aply also to spin fishing, so for example, im going to spin fish for catfish, and i throw gb/pva in the spot im casting, is going to help the baitrate? ty
  5. I agree with him, i would like more posts about ingame mechnics that the player only have teories, so we can play a proper game!! ty for this one
  6. IGN: kowskie im in again!! going for the win
  7. Ign: Kowskie. I want to participate
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