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  1. yes thats good idea for them lets buy smartphone for 50 000 silver to see cafe order uraaaaaaa next gind
  2. they dont care about community they care about your € only
  3. its just about grind more. wear more
  4. The_LYNX


    Hello. What about add buyable tent ? We all know that this game works like: restart every hour or your bite rate go to die. And if your spot is on other side of the map (ex. 122:27 for tuba / 168:81 for amber ) for me and i believe for many players its annoying to travel every hour with that quad . when i buy the tent. i can deploy it wherever i want. and then after restart the game i spawn on my tent and no need to travel P.S. yes i know. I am not a native english speaker but i know you all can understand
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