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  1. That's because of your health bar you need to eat some cream and healthy food to recover from your abusive poor quality alcool consumption
  2. esox251


    An other great fight on akhtuba 5 hours fight for a big fish . Spot 101.57 / 102.57 clip 25 m Set up : The fight : The fish : Wear on Equipment: Good luck everyone we need a trophy !!!!!!!!!!
  3. esox251

    Sura River

    28.76 clip 25m Sura is very hot this one came from the same spot ! (can't edit the hot spot post so i put it here good luck everyone all info here :
  4. esox251

    Hot Spots

    Fish Species: big head carp / silver carp / gibel/ common carp Water Body: Sura Coordinates: 28.76 / South west Clip: 25 m RIG: loop rig Bait: press cake, alguae PVA: sunflower seed, biscuit, cookies, nut mixture, pumpkin seed, fresh cut grass Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features) : Sunny day Spot: Equipment: Fishing Net:
  5. esox251

    Hot Spots

    Fish Species: small southern stickleback, white bream, naze, blue bream, zebra mussel, river mussel, big eye bream roach (all this species have been caugth as a trophy on this spot this Week) Water Body: Akthuba Coordinates: 63.133 Clip: cast between 10% and 15% Bait: caddys fly larva, blood worm, worm
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