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  1. I'm in, nice tournament formula this week! Player Name: KaOsITA
  2. Hello, when will be announced winners for "Bream on Old Burg" tournament?
  3. Hello guys, i'm looking for a team, if with italian members is better for speak on Discord, i'm just level 30 (almost 31) but i think i'm pretty good
  4. KaOsITA

    Forum Structure

    Hi guys, would be nice to have a place for players who are looking for a Team
  5. KaOsITA


    @Vascodamm29 Try to use a 17Kg leader, i have increased a lot the bite rate in this way, hook size 4 Ultra or Bloody, Freshwater Krill or Black Pepper and Fish small size are working well for me. Anyway Buffalo isn't an easy fish to target as there are many carp species in the same spot and Grass/Bighead dont give you the time to wait for Buffalo So for each Buffalo you get 7-8 carps (even big ones). I'm experimenting method rig in one rod and seems to have less carps and same Buffalo, but i'm not yet totally sure
  6. KaOsITA


    Thanks for the hints @Crucian, didn't had luck on 138:99, but got the same some Buffalo on 131:121 using smaller hook (from 2 to 4) and using a smaller leader (17Kg)... Now is time to catch a trophy
  7. KaOsITA


    Guys i'm targeting this fish for the first time, some hint? At the moment i'm trying at the pond in Tuba, as seems to be the best spot for the fish habits, but nothing, i got some Black Buffalo, lot of Common Carps, Wild Carp, Grass Carps but ZERO Buffalo. I'm fishing with Loop Rig and In-Line Rig using 22Kg leaders and hooks from 2 to 1/0. Baits: Freshwater Krill 14 and 18, Tuna 16, Halibut 14, Spice Mix, etc. Someone can point me in the right direction please?
  8. Disclamer: I know many player would not like something like this, but a simulation is a simulation. So... I think simulation wise would be nice to have a limited inventory. Lets say we can store everything we have at the Cottage but when we go for fishing somewhere we can bring with us limited stuff like in RL. I dont know, Max 5 rods+reels, 5-6 baits, 10 feeders/sinkers, 20 lures, etc. Or maybe implement different rod bags and backpacks, like base rod case can carry 3 rods, top rod case can carry 8, same with lures and accessories backpacks. But... In exchange of this would be nice if cafe orders could be extended to all the lakes, so people would travel to Volkhov for catch what is needed in a Belaya order for example. This will make the research more fun, expecially cause you will have to travel more and dont stay the whole day in a single spot.
  9. KaOsITA

    Bear Lake

    First of all many thanks to "3" for the awesome post, most detailed guide i ever saw Usually i prefer spinning spots, i like spinning, tried sometime for carps at Bear Lake but always with bad results. Reading the post i wanted to try again at Bear Lake following the guide but... The same, with feeder rod still have deludent results, have to wait like 15-20 minutes for a single bite. Tried with different rigs, bait, hooks, leaders but nothing to do. But noticed this: if i use the same line, leader, hook and bait on a bolognese rod (i never fish with float so dont have match unlocked) i have to wait 30 seconds and get a bite... But this is strange, feeder should be better for carps... Anyway at the moment i think i have to pump up my float skills and go back to bear with match rod if wanna have profit from fishing there.
  10. I'm in, even if i dont know how to catch a golden tench IGN: KaOsITA
  11. If you fall in this point you are stuck, can not move at all and have to relog
  12. KaOsITA


    At 63:133 i got a few randomly while was fishing at wacky rig for black-spined herring. Changed rig to normal lure rig with small akkila spinner and got some other one. All around a couple of Kg so i dont know if there is even trophy in there.
  13. KaOsITA

    Hot Spots

    Fish Species: Eastern Bream, White Bream, Common Roach Water Body: Ahktuba Coordinates: 80:126 Clip: 14-15 Lures / Bait: Garlic Dough Groundbait: Bream Mix Additional Information (Time, Weather, special features): The spot is really more active during the night, during the day time (11AM - 20PM) the bite rate go down. Map: Spot: Gear: Fishing Net:
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