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  1. This tournament ended over 4 days ago. Any chance you might post the results sometime soon? Thanks in advance.
  2. Team Name: The Wicked Turtles Team Captain: Swamp_donkie Team Members: chacha_kazo MindGameZ PreparedKing SteelHead
  3. This is the email i sent for our team: Team: The Wicked Turtles Team Captain: Swamp_donkie chacha_kazo: 4.950kg Chub + 302g*15 = 4.530kg Dace + 4.973kg Tench PreparedKing: 5.685kg Chub + 276g*15 = 4.140kg Dace + 5.012kg Tench Swamp_donkie: 4.692kg Chub + 334g*15 = 5.010kg Dace + 5.860kg Tench Total: 44.852kg
  4. Team Name: The Wicked Turtles Team Captain : Swamp_donkie Team members: chacha_kazo MindGameZ PreparedKing SteelHead
  5. Wow, these fish species are amazing. Should be great fun pursuing these wonderful fish. Great choices for the finals especially.
  6. I am on steam, USA and cant login since last night, my fish are dying! I have over 60 in my net. Please help. IGN= Dark_Horse
  7. This is another kick in the stomach to the faithful player base. I dont need RF4 to protect me from cheaters or scammers. Especially, when all it does is punish me and others for following the rules. I really wish RF4 would rethink this decision. Its completely and totally unnecessary. Lets look at this for what it appears to be: 1- If i buy good rods, reels, and accessories with GOLD, i can send it. 2- If i buy good rods, reels, and accessories with my hard earned silver, I cant. Hmm, this decision appears to be about Money and not protection. Just my thoughts from a high lvl player.
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