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  1. Hi,in recent update , a new interesting element of the famous inhabitants was added. I have a question here. If the rare trophy named by me is caught by someone else and he don't release it. Is that mean this famous inhabitant will disappear?
  2. I transfered to the Standalone Client recently and find some Graphics Distortion yesterday. And my friend also has this problem. Even though I was using the high-quality setup, some of the items didn't look good. Please see the hook as follows. This situation becomes worse when I get a fish. The profile of the fish looks very strange. Sorry, I didn't save the picture. Is the anything wrong with the Graphics in the game? or just become of my setup or the net lag? Hope for your reply! Thx!
  3. Hi,I want to ask a question about using the spod or spomb rocket. When I throw a rocket to some certain spot, should I reel back the line immediately after the rocket hits the water? Or should I just leave the spod rod there and wait for the dry mixture to expire and then reel it back for a new one? Hope for your reply! Thx!
  4. There are 2 errors in the translation of the Chinese version. One is the name of Beloribitsa Whitefish shown in the chat window. A redundant "。" was added. Another is the last sentence of the detailed description of the "Black-spined Herring". The right description should be "重量超过400克"。“千克”means kilogram in Chinese.
  5. Hi, I have a question about fishing with different baits at the same time. If i use the same pva and 3 different popup baits. For example, let's suppose that carps' favor to bait 1 is 1 when using independently, carps' favor to bait 2 is 2 independently , and bait 3 is 3. And my question is if I use the 3 baits in the same time at the same place, is the favor to them is still 1,2 and 3? Will the baits affect each other? Best wishes! Hope for your reply.
  6. Hi,I have seen that someone tested the Venga 10000 wheel and found that the maximum pull has been increased.I'd like to confirm if there Is any changes in this wheel recently? Best wishes!Hope for your reply!
  7. 1. For example, suppose you want to buy sth from bots. There are 2 ways. One is that you can still use your own account and get some equipment. Another is that you need to buy a new account with preloaded equipment. Apparently the first one is more attactive. You have your friends in your own account and you have lots of other games in your account. If you cannot use your own account to play this game, you will mainly not buy these equipment. We can never get rid of those "bots", what we can do is to cut down their profit. And this is a way to do this. Then these bots become fewer and fewer because they make less and less money. 2. The Auction House will do good to fight against bots. If the illegal bots use Plug to get silver and equipment. They will be easily detected and banned. So how will they get the equipment? Mainly from players who have enough money or have lots of retired equipment by a lower price. For them, if their retired equiment could become some real money, that will be a good thing. The Auction House is put forward to reduce the retired equipment to run into the bots. As mentioned above, it is a way to cut down their profits as getting equipment becomes harder. Another important thing needed to notice is that the auction house will be good for high level players. They have a way to deal with the retired equiment. And that will help them save silver.
  8. I'm a little confused why so many guys are complaining about this decision. In my opinion, this is a good step to deal with cheaters and people who selling equipment for real money , though not perfect. Maybe the Auction House or some other decision need to be done at the same time for players to deal with their retired equipment. At least, players know now what items they can transfer and do not need to worry about being punished because sending rods or reels to friends. There is indeed a little cut short on Premium players, but in the long run, this decision will be good for the development of this game.(Maybe U can give the Premium players some compensation) As far as i'm concerned, the cheaters and illegal traders will do the most harm to this game and the quality of this game will be the core to win more players. So, I think this is a step forward.
  9. Thanks for your reply! Now I understand how it works. By the way, this is really a nice game.
  10. Hello Levo, What's the difference between 100% and 110% on skill? Could 110% bring me more fish bites? Best wishes.
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