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  1. Thanks Levo, now it is working o.k
  2. Crucian, yes, mouse over picture but nothing happens. Strange because my old account also on the website here, does show the little pencil and there I'm able to change my profile picture. So I think it is not a browser related error.
  3. Hi, I also want to change my profile picture. Tried with different browsers. I don't get the 'pencil' and 'cross' in the screen to switch the picture. (login account settings website) Please help. Thanks.
  4. HI, Fishing at Akthuba and 4 times on different rods the fish got away in half an hour time. Loop rig and deadly loop 2/0 and 3/0 hooks. Carp or Sturgeon hooked.. Is this just bad luck or an issue?
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