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  1. A good question! Would also like to know the answer to this...
  2. There is something wrong with the calculations from the mosquito tournament. Competitive conditions: Catch the specified fish species within the tournament timeframe. The heaviest fish is evaluated. The heaviest fish should be evaluated, not the amount. Please look into that. I was finally happy to win something, but now calculations are in the wrong table. Regards, Xtro
  3. You want to get more people to the forum instead of the discord server ... and if a question is asked here, it won't be answered. So again. Why does an account suddenly have to be level 20 to send things. I have a 2nd low-level account where I bought 50 gold a while ago, I have now bought premium for a few days and suddenly see that you have to be level 20 also to send stuff? That wasn't at first. Where was that announced?
  4. I thought there was only a need of premium to send items from one account to another, but you need also to be level 20? why haven't I read that anywhere, where is that info?
  5. Thanks for this tournament. Where can we find the weights?
  6. Just a quick observation about the last standalone whitefish tournament. No offence, but the rule stated that you have to catch both species of fish. This isn't the case for position 3. Just want to know for future participate. Thanks.
  7. Had the same problem. Came also from Steam to standalone a little time ago. The Admin can fix this for you.
  8. Pindobinha thanks! I will try that the next time.
  9. I have a question about the gameplay and buoys.. I was fishing in Ladoga tonight. Position 61:33. I got a run and the fish pulled 300m from my reel to the East. And there are the buoys .. Is there no physical limit at the buoys? It kept going and going.. I had to leave the game super fast to save things.
  10. Thanks Levo, now it is working o.k
  11. Crucian, yes, mouse over picture but nothing happens. Strange because my old account also on the website here, does show the little pencil and there I'm able to change my profile picture. So I think it is not a browser related error.
  12. Hi, I also want to change my profile picture. Tried with different browsers. I don't get the 'pencil' and 'cross' in the screen to switch the picture. (login account settings website) Please help. Thanks.
  13. HI, Fishing at Akthuba and 4 times on different rods the fish got away in half an hour time. Loop rig and deadly loop 2/0 and 3/0 hooks. Carp or Sturgeon hooked.. Is this just bad luck or an issue?
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