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  1. Probably they dont know... just watch wild carp... or its to much or its to less... never balanced
  2. unfortunatly most of this wont be used because of game balance.... while there is a lot of stuff that in my opinion is not balanced and dont get changed!
  3. Very nice lesson. I used to have to put everything on 60Fps... now i can do this only in RF4 .. Thank you so much!
  4. I agree, fishing for bottom is easier, take less effords, and you can stay Afk. float fishing or spin is way harder, and less efective for troffys. But in my opinion this is what makes more fun to me...
  5. Hello all , happy new year. I hope 2021 is better for everybody. As i ve been playing this game for a good time, reached 100% all skills, bought almost all the gear and a lot of diferents trofys... My sugetion here, is about the catch rate of spinning fishing. I agree that most of spin fishes are predatorry so for sure there will be less individuals then botton fishes. But its frustatin to see for more then 6months , all players catching tons of wild carp troff. while i saw 10 or less Caspian Brown Trout and most of them were caught lucky fishing for catfish... im not complaining about the game, i thinks this is the best game i ve ever played before... im just trying to show apoint which is MUCH harder to fish for spin troffys then for botton ( sure there are a lot botton hard ones). There is a lot of fish i think ppl would enjoy fishing( like trolling in aktuba, Ladoga also for a high lvl map its pretty hard to make good silver there in spin, but im not sure the way to fix it. maybe its just the wild carp that is a bit OP. Thanks all for the time, and patience to read! Best regrads and sorry for my english!
  6. until

    Could i ask what model vexilar and Armada CST rods, will be in prize?
  7. Hello levo, thanks for your topic. I would like to make a question, if its possible. About Rods , 1 -What the % wear of guide lines makes diference in gameplay? 2- About rod again, but the body, what diference bettwen 3% wear and 30% wear in practice? Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello Levo, thanks for this post. Very instructive. I would like to ask something about repairs, indeed about grease. Is there any diference in grease quality from map to map? Thanks you all!!
  9. Im trying to log in by steam. Not working, am i doing anything wrong?
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