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  1. until

    Could i ask what model vexilar and Armada CST rods, will be in prize?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I ve been talking to many ppl about what is better +points in rig or +% botton fishing or spin fishing. For me, dosent matter if im using a sage or legacy ti for sturgeon, seems the 10% or 5% dont make any diference(for me), since i got 3 troff in sage and none in legacy ( EXACTLY same setup) , i 100% agree that bait, spot, groundbait, hook size are more important then what we discusing here, but i feel that FOR ME works better + in rigs , then extra Anyways i want to say that i aprecciate you guys again, for awsering my questions and helping me be better player. Thanks you all.
  3. So following this rules, do i have higher chance to get better fish having 80% skill then 30% skill? sorry but little no sense for me. this is the reason i trade my Royal picker rods for the picker +2 in rigs (forgot the name now)
  4. I have one question, about all this thing under bots, hacking systems and itens trading. If they can make a bot that can fish, sell fish, repair stuff, now probably they have one that can harvest MOLE CRICKET and RHINOCEOURS LARVAE easy, this baits can still be tradeable, so what will stop them to keep doing this? the main reason i understood was that they were selling itens for real money. So now they can sell bait for real money, then the buyier only need to fish and farm the money ( maybe whit bots again) , this is my question about it? Shouldnt you guys block gold bait trading also? Please anwser my question, i feel a lot of players have the same question. I love the game and i understend the changes come for both devs and player to make even better game. i just want to understend and make sure i can keep spending my hours in game that i have suport from the devs and mods...
  5. Hello, thanks for your help always. Today my question is about, Eggs in PVA. before the dry mix we could put eggs in PVA. Now it seems i cant do it. Is there any way or isnt possible anymore? Thanks
  6. Levo thanks for your answer, but what about my case. I did put 100days premium, and i dont feel its still worthed for me whit this changes.( no i dont do any thing wrong, but i used to trade old stuff). Can i change this for gold coin? or can i get my money back? I dont want to be rude, i tried to send a message in private but i wasnt able. Hope you guys understend my situation.
  7. The bigest benefict of Premium for low lvl is for Faster lvling XP and SKILL For high lvl players, is so much fun that you can buy a Ultima rod for catfish, use it, get your troffy and then trade it for a vexiliar 40,5KG for trout fishing in ladoga and get some gold baits plus for it. This makes me sad, as it seems that you guys are punishing all players for the mistake of just a few.( ppl who sell for real curency) Anyways for me Premium wont make a lot of diference now. But in the last promo i added 100 days ( THINKING there wont be any change of this) but, you guys know whats best for the game... just please explain us why this is happening , and if is there no other way for giveaways, and itens trading ( bought in hard working of the game as you guys know its not easy ) Thanks, and like always im sorry if my coments seems offensive, i just want to understend.
  8. @Levo_RF4 thanks for your answer. I did understend it. Good end of the year for you, and for everybody.
  9. Hello everyone, my question is. Some rods give extra points in certain rig. (like vexliar +3 to texas rig), some otheres gives extra bonus like Legacy rod gives +10%botton fish skill. When you already have 100% botton skill does this extra 10% affects something ? or would be better to look for a rod which gives direct points to a rig? like vexilar rod X ultima rod fishing whit texas rig. One rod gives +3 to textas rig the other gives +10 to spin fishing. Which one is better for people who already have 100% in sppining fishing skill ? sorry for my english i should train more. Thanks for your answer. Ps i love the game
  10. Thanks for your awnser, i realy appreciate your help. I ll give a try today on the caspian trout... will try one bait regular, one whit best possible hook same size, and one whit feathered hooks same size also. If i notice something i ll post here!
  11. By the way, should i change hooks or not? if yes for bigger os smaller size?
  12. Im trying to log in by steam. Not working, am i doing anything wrong?
  13. Im not complaining about this, or nothing! i enjoy the game the way it is. Im just asking for some help or advice in good spots or fish spicies. today i ll try the easter bream today.
  14. Hello my friends, ive beed fishing in aktuba for the past days! already cought a big cat fish 90KG. but i still need help in the map. As its the last map i was thinking more xp and more money, but i still make a lot more money and xp in volkvov troling for salmon and asp. can someone help me? fishes, spots, any help would be great!! thanks
  15. The easy way is to fish for trofys, in my opinion under 70% any troffy will give you at least 0,1...go for mosquito, try NC as bait! use lattest rig... and keep doing GB or coocking while fishing!
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