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  1. Thanks Joe. I'll resend my entry.
  2. WizzardNZ


    Hi RF4. In the description in the store of the bait "CORN" it has listed that it catches a fish called "Taran" . Is this fish in the game or in by a different name?
  3. Ok thanks for clearing that up
  4. Hi just a GB question. Q1- If im at a lake say Cottage Pond fishing for frogs with my Telesticks. I throw out a batch of GB. When i leave cottage and travel to Mosquito ( because i have locked up my character because i moved between my hotkeyed rods to quick), When i return again to Cottage Pond will my GB that i threw out earlier still be in effect? or does it stop working when i leave the pond? Q2 - Also does the ground bait only work for fish or does it work for all species in game? Eg.. does it work for frogs or mussels or crayfish? Thanks.
  5. Its in the tackle store under ground baits. It is not the maggots in the bait section.
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