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  1. maybe the new lake is ok to fish being a high lvl. What about low level players fishing volkhov? I can't get any silver and all I get are undersize fish and roaches.
  2. @greatfishing59 yep thats part of the patch, aswell as making us lose all the fish. Way to ruin the game that was fun to play with just one patch.
  3. Using 2 different baits top left showing only one
  4. The marker rod is completely useless. always getting stuck.
  5. Ejdmmm

    Bear Lake

    Thought I am doing something wrong. 2 hours in and i only caught 11 fish and all under 10kg. Wow
  6. The fishing with sandwich ability is required bug is still there. I can't use different methods even tho i have bottom fishing skill maxed out. Please fix this.
  7. Huh I thought I am doing something wrong not getting any fish whatsoever for past days. it seems it's so for everyone
  8. I just got this map unlocked. Can someone recommend me some spot where I can get a decent farm and dodge big fish?
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